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Who Is Eden Polani, Teen Model Spotted With Leonardo DiCaprio? Are They Dating?

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Given his propensity for dating ladies no older than 25, Leonard DiCaprio’s appearance with a 19-year-old model at a party raised eyebrows.

At Detroit-born singer Ebony Riley’s new EP release party, the Titanic actor, 48, was seated next to French Israeli beauty Eden Polani.

After Eden shared a slew of mysterious Instagram photos and criticism started to build, insiders close to the Hollywood heavyweight promptly refuted any rumors of a connection between the two.

On Tuesday morning, Eden posted a snapshot to her Instagram Stories that appeared to be taken from a hotel in New York City. She tagged the post with the word “New York” and the phrase “Long time no see.”

However, a little over an hour after the picture was uploaded, Eden had inexplicably taken it down amid the raging online uproar about their alleged affair.

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Here, we look at Eden Polani’s persona, including her burgeoning fashion profession and her Instagram following:

Who Exactly Is Eden Polani?

who is eden polani teen model spotted with leonardo dicaprio are they dating

Eden was born in Paris to a French mother and an Israeli father. She is represented by a number of agencies, including Kult Models in Germany and IT Models, which specializes in boutique fashion.

According to Glamour Bulgaria, where she was a cover model, the young beauty was encouraged to pursue modelling for several years but never took it seriously until she was found by ITM Models.

According to the magazine, Eden is a fan of fashion who enjoys incorporating her personal sense of style into emerging trends.

She also participated in Tel Aviv Fashion Week in 2021 for Chen Bar Kalifa, who created a clothing collection based on the Israeli candy company Milky, at the event’s tenth anniversary. Kalifa attends Shenkar College, where fashion students’ creations have been displayed on the catwalk.

Eden used second-, third-, and fourth-year student designs as inspiration. To reinvigorate fashion in Israel, Motty Reif launched Tel Aviv Fashion Week in 2011.

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How Many People Follows Her On Instagram?

Eden has 218k followers on Instagram, making her a social media superstar.

She removed her social media page in the midst of the uproar.

The model has a glitzy website that is filled with pouty selfies, try-ons in the changing rooms, and her different excursions.

The fashionable teen works primarily in advertising, appearing in various perfume commercials and even appearing in one for the Fattal Botanica Hotel in Israel.

The young woman went towards that side of the screen with her companions in the well-known TikTok video, indicating she was into “older” men.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Eden Polani?

who is eden polani teen model spotted with leonardo dicaprio are they dating

Following intense reaction over his supposed romance with the 19-year-old French Israeli model when they were seen posing together at the party, 48-year-old lothario Leonardo has vehemently denied he is ‘dating’ her, according to sources close to him.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor wore his typical casual attire to the celebration, but he didn’t disguise himself like he sometimes does at public occasions.

He kept his head covered with a plain black baseball cap, donned a stylish black bomber jacket over a plain black shirt, and stuck with the black pants theme.

Eden, who is remarkably similar to Leo’s new love interest, looked stylish in a grey pinstripe suit that she dressed down with a straightforward white top.

She enhanced her appearance with a big gold chain around her neck, and her beautiful red hair fell to her shoulders.

Rumors abounded. The former Glamour cover girl and the Oscar winner were allegedly dating, but an insider has now told that they are not.

The source did not address whether there had ever been a romantic relationship between the two but stated that “They were sat next to each other at a music-listening gathering.” “A number of people attended that event,”

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Why Did The Image Of The Two Of Them Spark Such Controversy?

Despite the model’s constantly expanding portfolio, DiCaprio’s fans were quick to notice her young age, and Twitter went wild when they heard that the COVID-19 pandemic had cut short her high school career.

Due of their significant age difference, the actor faced criticism on social media.

Furthermore, she wasn’t even alive in 1997, more than 25 years ago, when Titanic was first published.

Who Is Leonardo Dating Now?

who is eden polani teen model spotted with leonardo dicaprio are they dating

Victoria Lamas, who is 23 years old and nearly half his age, is rumored to be Leo’s girlfriend. Victoria is 25 years younger than Leo.

The latest rumors about Leo’s romantic life come amid ongoing debate about his dating practices; the Titanic actor is notorious for only dating people under the age of 25, and he even broke up with his most recent significant relationship, Camila Morrone, just weeks after she reached the milestone birthday.

He was allegedly last spotted in public with the model back in late December, so it’s unknown if they are still together.

He has gone sailing with other women more lately, and he recently had a boys’ night out to watch the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lamas was in line with his previous partners, all but one of whom appeared to be 25 or younger, with the exception of the model Gigi Hadid, with whom he had a brief relationship in 2017.

His most recent run of brief relationships came after his four-year relationship with model-turned-actress Camila Morrone ended in August 2022.

When they were both at a party in New York City in September, Leonardo was seen getting close to Hadid.

With his partnerships, the actor has consistently made news. He notably dated model Gisele Bündchen for five years beginning when she was 20.

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