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Who is Don Morris? Everything About The Wealthiest Member of Bling Empire



Are you someone who is blessed with reality Tv shows? In recent times, a whole new set of reality Tv shows are coming on the OTT platform. Yes! The Tv shows have now shifted their interest to the OTT platform, which is turning out as a major platform for the streaming of these shows. If you are someone who watches Reality Tv shows then there is no doubt that you to skip Bling Empire. Reality tv show is one of the most popular series on the internet. Currently, the series is streaming on Netflix and has marked itself as one of the popular reality tv shows on the Streaming platform. 

While watching the show, the audience (including you) must have come across many new faces, which might be new to them. Bling Empire features the rich lives of these women living in Dubai. 

Coming back to the question, people are wondering about these people and their lifestyles. Since they are millionaires, the audience wants to know everything about their life, their sources of, income, and more. One of the most asked questions on the internet is regarding Don Morris. Who is Don Morris? If you don’t know, then Don Morris is one of the richest members of the Bling Empire.

Who is Don Morris?

After watching the episodes of Bling Empire, you must be wondering who Don Morris is, do you? Well, in this article, we’ll share everything about  Mimi Morris’s husband, Don.

The first season of Bling Empire was a smash hit and it allowed the audience to think about a possible season 2. After learning the about popularity of the series, Netflix instantly renewed the series. 

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In the second season, fans encountered some unknown faces which further increased the interest of the audience in the series. Similarly, the third season of Netflix’s hit reality tv show was released and the popularity of the reality Tv series can be guessed through the renewal of the season.

In the third season, fans encountered Don and Mimi Morris, who were back with their money and luxurious life. We also learn that these couples allow co-star Kevin Kreider to pitch his investment business. 

Along with this, the viewers saw some of the luxurious things about the reality Tv star. From Mimi’s giant wardrobe to her bag collection, everything was shining bright for the audience. All these things raised a single question, How much does this couple earn to spend so much money?

Well, the wealthiest family of the Bling Empire is here for you. Continue reading the article to find out their net worth. 

Don Morris Net Worth: Everything you Need to know

Don Morris started working early and saw his long-constructed career as the CEO of the company, whose estimated Net Worth is $800 million. This is the reason why he is the wealthiest member of the bling Empire. 

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Along with this, if you estimate the net worth of Mimi Morris, combinedly their net worth is $1 Billion. 

Mimi Morris Social Media Platform: Is She Uses Any Platform?

Mimi Morris is actively posting on Instagram. In recent times, the popularity of Instagram has significantly increased and it has also become a source of income for big celebrities. She constantly posts pictures of her with her husband. 

On Don Morris’s birthday, we saw Mimi posted a sweet picture of them with the caption, “Sometimes, someone comes to your life that changes everything. Raises the standards. Makes you laugh …makes you feel like you … there is something about them…. That you can’t even describe …. And you are so scared to lose them. Because you know.. that you won’t find anyone else..!! #love #happy birthday husband

Don Morris And Mimi Morris: Know More About the Couple!

Don Morris is the husband of Mimi Morris, the reality Tv star of Bling Empire. In the series, we learned that the couple has been together for more than 20 years. They had their marriage 10 years ago. 

In the show, we learned that Mimi is 53 years old while her husband is 70 said, “I think most people thought I was pushing Don to marry me but no, I didn’t want to marry him. I was already divorced once so I didn’t want to make that mistake one more time but I didn’t want it. He was asking ‘will you marry me?’ every day. So he finally convinced me to say yes.” 

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Mimi Morris was born and raised in Vietnam where she faced a lot of difficulty because of the Vietnam war. She later moved on to Los Angeles, where she started her journey and work in the business. She is currently living a luxurious life and has kids. But comparing her life with her childhood, she lives a quite opposite and miserable life. 

Bling Empire Official Trailer: Where Can You Watch it?

Bling Empire is one of the popular reality tv series on Netflix. The OTT platform has already renewed the show and released three seasons back to back. After the successful release of the third season, the fans are wondering about the future of the fourth season. Although there are enough reasons for the series to get renewed, some fans are still wondering about it. Netflix has remained consistent with the release of its popular shows. 

If you are one of those who have not watched the series, here is the official trailer for you. Watch the trailer and find out all the details regarding it. 

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