Who Is Devin Booker Dating? Here’s Every Question Answered!


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Kendall Jenner is sluggishly getting more open about showing off her love with swain Devin Booker via Instagram throughout their two- time love. Are the model and NBA player still together moment? Scroll down for everything we know about their courting status.

 Are Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Still Together?

 Kendall and Devin faced bifurcation enterprise in June 2022 after a report from Entertainment Tonight claimed they called it quits. “ Kendall feels like they ’re on different paths, ” a source told the publication while adding that the two are “ not on the same runner. ”

 Their reps didn’t incontinently respond to Life & Style ‘s request for comment.

 Still, the NBA player left a kittenish comment about Kendall in October 2022. Kim Kardashian posted a print of the family while promoting a new occasion of The Kardashians. Devin wrote “ middle ” in the commentary, while pertaining to Kenny, who was frontal and center.

Did Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Go on a Tropical Holiday Together?

 On July 14, Kendall participated a carousel of Instagram prints and vids from what appeared to be a holiday in Hawaii with musketeers.

who is devin booker dating

She was seen getting out of the blue water in a gorgeous creek girdled by sanguine jewels in one of the vids. Exactly two weeks latterly on July 28, Devin posted an Instagram shot standing on a precipice overlooking what appeared to be the exact remote spot where Kendall frolicked in the ocean.

Does Kendall Still Show Support Towards Devin?

 The brunette beauty is still Devin’s biggest cheerleader. Despite their reported split, Kendall participated a print of the Phoenix Suns star’s NBA 2K cover when he was blazoned as the videotape game’s 2023 replication cover star on July 7, 2022, and indeed tagged Devin in her Instagram Story.

 Did Kendall and Devin Break Up?

Everything presently seems to be going great between the two, still, they faced a rough patch during summer 2022.

 Kendall participated a print via her Instagram Stories on June 18, 2022, with her confidante, model Fai Khadra, sitting at a regale table together. The following day, Kendall and Fai were spotted on a sand spin together in Malibu, according to prints attained by the Daily Mail. While she sounded to enjoy a weekend with her longtime friend, suckers were concerned because she had n’t posted anything with Devin for quite some time.

Not only that, but suckers also began to worry about trouble in paradise after the two failed to admit their alternate anniversary of dating on June 12, 2022, after making a veritably public display of it the time prior.

 The date came and went without any Instagram posts or dispatches about the corner. The time before, the brace participated paeans to one another with particular prints showing how crazy they were for each other.

Kendall posted a smiling print hugging the Phoenix Suns star from before, while he leaned in between her legs as she sat on a kitchen countertop. She also included a particular shot snuggled up in the Phoenix Suns star’s stage aboard a private aeroplane .

who is devin booker dating

Devin participated a series of prints that included the caption, “ 365. 52. 1, ” denoting their one- time anniversary. He showed a picture of the brace swimming in Utah’s Lake Powell, along with a evening shot including a romantic regale table while writing, “ I( heart emoji)@kendalljenner ” on it.

Fans also noticed that the NBA star had either deleted or archived a New Year’s Eve print from his runner showing himself and Kendall smiling and hugging each other tightly. Kendall had also posted it in a carousel of shots showing how she chimed in 2022, which she simply identified, “ My weekend. ”

When Was the Last Time Kendall and Devin Were Seen Together in Public?

 Kendall lately brought Devin as her date to family Kourtney Kardashian ‘s May 22 marriage to Travis Barker in Portofino, Italy.

 On July 17, Kendall attended a friend’s marriage in Napa where she stopped for a not- so-subtle glass selfie with who appeared to be Devin as her date. The teasy snap comes just days after eagle- eyed suckers noticed the NBA star swimming in the ocean in Hawaii in the background of one of the reality star’s bikini prints.

 Just two weeks latterly, Kendall putatively put those resolve rumors to rest formerly and for all as she participated a sweet woodsy clip of Devin throwing axes during the couple’s flight on July 31.

 More lately, Kendall and Devin attended the U.S. Open in New York City in September 2022. The brace pack on precious PDA while watching the tennis matches.

who is devin booker dating

 What Has Kendall Said About Dating Devin?

 While it is n’t frequently that Kendall expresses her “ love ” for Devin, she’s shown in other posts how much he means to her. Kenny made a pitch for suckers to bounce for Devin as a starter for the 2022 NBA All- Star Game with a January 7 Instagram Story, telling followers how to cast their ballots for her swain.

Devin intimately expressed his passions toward Kendall on her November 3, 2021, birthday. The athlete gushed that she was the “ utmost beautiful woman ” in an Instagram Story print showing the brace having a romantic regale during a tropical holiday .

Did Kendall and Devin Ever Get Engaged?

 “ They ’re so in love, ” a source preliminarily told Life & Style in January 2022. The bigwig said that while Kendall and Devin “ talk about getting wedded ” and their unborn together, they ’re not in a “ huge rush, ” to the balcony. still, the model’s notorious family is “ counting down the days ” until the athlete “ pops the question. ”

Do Kendall and Devin Have Kiddies?

 Kendall expressed how having a baby is starting to feel “ real ” to her during a June 9, 2022, occasion of The Kardashians. She went shopping for baby gifts for her also-pregnant stock Kylie Jenner and commended to family Khloé Kardashian, “ Oh my god, being in a baby store feels real for me these days. Just like the day is coming for me, you know? ”

August 27, 2022 Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker step out for a date night inL.A.

who is devin booker dating

 Jenner, who was all grins, clung to Booker as they left Catch Steak in West Hollywood, California. The reality star was dressed in a plunging crop top, black leather pants and pink heels. Booker looked casual in a graphic tee, jeans and baby blue discourse.


 While utmost of the Kardashian- Jenner family are used to having their connections play out in the public eye, Kendall Jenner has always preferred to take a more laid-aft approach to her love life.

 The supermodel was first linked to NBA All- Star and Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker in April 2020, but only verified the bruited love on Valentine’s Day 2021.

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