Colin MacRae Dating Another Woman! What happened to his relationship with Daisy?


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Colin MacRae is a Scottish rally driver who was born on August 5, 1968, in Lanark, Scotland. During the late 20th century, he became an icon in the world of rally racing. If you all have watched Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4, then surely you all have a lot of questions about whom Colin MacRae is dating now after his love triangle with Daisy.

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, Chief Engineer Colin Macrae, and First Officer Gary King had a love triangle in Season 4. Daisy, Colin, and Gary were first introduced in Season 2 and remained close friends for many years until their love triangle in Season 4. Daisy and Colin, who both had girlfriends in previous seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, began dating in Season 4.

During the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion, Colin disclosed that he had a new girlfriend, whom he was also seeing at the same time he was seeing Daisy. So, who is Colin MacRae’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht girlfriend?

In our blog post, we have covered all the information regarding Colin Macrae’s current relationship, to whom is he dating, and past relationships everything you need to know is covered in our article. To get all the information continue reading our article.

Colin MacRae Current Relationship

Colin Macrae is currently in a relationship with another woman, Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans believe that Colin is currently dating another girl named Brittany Amodeo, with whom Colin has posted several Instagram and Facebook videos and Stories.

According to the sources Brittany Amodeo is a creative content Videographer, editor, and an experienced sailor. According to Brittany

Colin MacRae

The world has always captivated and inspired my creative intellect. It has motivated me to explore beyond boundaries and challenge myself.

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Colin Previous Relationships

Colin previously has a relationship with the Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, but during the BDSY season 4 reunion, Daisy blames Colin for Cheating on her ex-girlfriend by kissing her during his date with ex-girlfriend Martina Alvarez. He also admitted that he slept with other women while dating Daisy.

Colin confessed during the reunion episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 that he had broken up with his second girlfriend, whom he dated while on the show. Daisy confessed on the BDSY season 4 reunion that Colin told her at the end of season 3 that he genuinely wanted to kiss her and had a crush on her, betraying yet another long-term lover. A few months later, in August, he returned to New Zealand. It was his first visit home in six years, and he was excited to meet his family and friends, as well as his newborn nephew for the first time.

Here’s what fans need to know about Colin’s previous three ex-girlfriends: Martina Alvarez, Silvia Latini, and Maria Gomez, the latter two of whom he dated during filming seasons 2 and 3. He dated Maria for a long time when he initially started his YouTube channel. We’ll also look at Colin’s new girlfriend Britts, whom he’s been sleeping with since before he and Daisy started something in Sardinia, Italy.

Colin MacRae

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Social Media Platforms

Colin MacRae

Daisy Kelliher

Colin MacRae Biography

Name Colin MacRae
Birthplace New Zealand
Age 30 Years
Height 5 feet 8 inch
Net Worth 1$-5$ million
Instagram @parlayrevival_colin
Profession Sailor, Reality television personality, and Youtuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Married No
Girlfriend Brittany Amodeo

Colin MacRae was born in the country of New Zealand. He is a season two cast member of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He has a long history of sailing and has worked as a Chief Engineer on Superyachts. He performed this for over 8 years before joining Parsifal III. Colin, with his charisma, has remained a beloved cast member since his appearance in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2.

He was also residing in Panama with his girlfriend Martina before joining this show. During his time on the show, which was taped in Croatia, his girlfriend relied on him. For the time being, he has been documenting his adventures on his YouTube channel, Sailing Parlay Revival. He has captured countless hearts and a naughty smile in the show’s second season. Follow Trending News Buzz for more interesting updates.