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Who Exactly Is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock, who is now 23 years old, is the American YouTuber who is regarded as the most popular and the most handsome. Therefore, it is only logical to wonder who Colby Brock is dating at this time. But before getting into the personal details of Colby’s life. People ought to be aware that he is more than simply someone’s lover since in addition to being a successful YouTube social media celebrity, he also has a wonderful comedy scene. He is well-known for the horror videos that he has made with his friend Sam. Therefore, we can argue that he has a fan following for frightening people, and yes, that does pay off. Colby Brock has a tremendously dedicated fan base with a following of approximately 22 million people. Sam and Colby’s first attempt at producing vines was a success. However, they eventually turned their focus to YouTube. Additionally, Coby posts hilariously short movies to Instagram.

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The connection between Sam and Colby is strong, and the closeness that they share is the cause for how much each of them have developed. Fans are left with a bad taste in their mouths since Colby does not discuss his private life. Fans are interested in learning who Colby Brock is dating, and when they were unable to locate information on this topic, they began associating his name with anybody and everyone he was seen with. Even considering Sam. Fans began to speculate that Colby is gay and that he has a romantic relationship with Sam. But the issue that needs to be asked here is… Could they be? There is no information that can be found concerning Colby’s previous relationships, and neither he nor anyone else in his family discusses them. At one point, he published a video on his channel with the heading meet my girlfriends.

Fans were quite thrilled to “Meet Colby’s Girlfriend” after reading the title of the video, but the film did not include anything that was related to Colby’s girlfriend in any way. It was revealed that Colby was making a joke regarding the sentence’s title. After that, he claimed that his friend had chosen the title of his video, and once again, viewers found it tough to learn about Colby’s romantic life.

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who is colby brock dating

Who Is Colby Brock Dating?

Fans are extremely interested in finding out who Colby Brock is seeing. They are beginning to make assumptions and draw connections between Colby and everyone he is seen with. One of these rumours suggests that Colby is romantically involved with another YouTuber named Amber Scholl. Amber, an American YouTuber, is 26 years old, and her name was related to Colby after she posted a video on her official Instagram Channel. Amber is known for her relationship with Colby. Colby serves as Aber’s makeup artist. As a result of the video becoming viral, followers of Amber and Colby are head over heels in love with each other. Because applying cosmetics to your girlfriend’s face is the modern equivalent of giving her flowers and chocolates. On the other hand, there is no evidence that they were ever physically intimate with one another or that they ever held hands.

Then, in another video that was uploaded on YouTube, Colby googled his own name and read several stories that were written about him. He made it clear in that video that he is not dating Amber, and that the two of them are just very good friends. Colby Brock does not appear to be involved with anyone romantically at this time, and he is available.

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Is Colby Brock a Gay?

Colby read stories that speculated he was gay in the same YouTube video in which he googled himself and found results on himself. He also took the time to read the rumours that claimed Colby was seeing Sam. Colby didn’t provide a direct response to the reports, but he did make fun of them, and he came up with the title “Colby Brock Coming Out” for the video as a practical joke. Fans, on the other hand, learned nothing about Colby’s personal relationships or sexual orientation; all they learned about was his cutting sarcasm. On the other hand, the YouTuber neither denied nor acknowledged the assertion that he is gay in his response to the question. Therefore, we find ourselves back at the centre of the assumption.


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In the same video, he read an article in which it was stated that Colby is not ready for a relationship since he is concentrating on his job and on improving himself. To which I said, “Yes, you’re right,” he said. However, with the release of that video, supporters now believe that Colby is gay. As he dispelled each and every rumour that had been circulating on the internet about him. Finished with the gay rumour. Fans of the show have speculated that Colby is secretly in love with Sam and that he just acts sarcastic to cover his true feelings. Others, though, believe that all he is doing is trying to keep his business to himself. In either case, we still don’t have any information on Colby’s romantic relationships.

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