Who Is Clare Crawley Boyfriend? Is Clare Crawley Engaged to Ryan Dawkins?


Saloni Singh

Clare Crawley is officially engaged! Read on to know about who is Clare Crawley Boyfriend?

 The former “ Bachelor ” star accepted a offer from swain Ryan Dawkins over the weekend in Las Vegas, she verified via Instagram on Monday.

“ He has held me in my darkness, loves me through my mending, and we now celebrate the light together, ” she identified a snap of her now- fiancé down on one knee. “ The easiest YES of my life ❤️. ”

Crawley, 41, Also Participated a Videotape of the Intimate Offer, Simply Entitling It, “ HIM ❤️. “

The stylist said she was “ over the moon ” with Dawkins ’ sweet surprise while drooling with People following the engagement.

 “ This was the last thing I anticipated right now, especially coming from where I was a time ago, ” she explained. “ It’s just been a serious trip, and Ryan has been by my side since the veritably morning. ”

Who is Clare Crawley Boyfriend? Is Clare Crawley Engaged to Ryan Dawkins?

Crawley went on to gush about her fiancé, saying, “ Really what he’s in it for is my heart, and he’s so harmonious and so oral about how much he loves me. It’s commodity I’ve noway endured. It’s been such a gift having him in my life. ”

He Is Been in a Relationship With Clare Crawley for at Least a Time

 Dawkins and Crawley publicized their love when they went Instagram functionary onSept. 6 this time, but that was not the morning of their relationship. On the Bachelor alum’s engagement post, one projected comment inferred she’s been in a relationship since 2021.

Eventually. A time latterly andy’ all are still so f — ing cute,” the comment read.

Clare Crawley Boyfriend Prefers To Keep a Low Profile

By the look of his private Instagram runner, it can be assumed that Crawley’s fiancé prefers to keep his particular life out of the limelight. But now that he and the former reality star have made their relationship functionary, we can anticipate to see further of Crawley’s hubby- to- be on her social media.

He Is a Father of Two Daughters

 Despite his private profile on Instagram, he discloses a many details in his bio — one being, his family background.

” Girl Dad,” his memoir reads — on with the emoji of a brace of people side by side, revealing that he’s a pater

 of two daughters.

Who is Clare Crawley Boyfriend? Is Clare Crawley Engaged to Ryan Dawkins?

He Is a Competitive Athlete

In addition to a bitsy note in his Instagram memoir intimating at his dégagé background, Dawkins details his athletic involvement on his LinkedIn. According to his professional profile, the” competitive athlete” has shared in several Ironman events.

 And he is not just competitive, he is successful His platoon of four placed second in the Race Across America from San Diego to Atlantic City.

Clare Crawley Boyfriend Has a Sports- Related Profession

 Following his passion for calisthenics, Dawkins created a sports- related career for himself when he was a 25- time-old graduate pupil at San Francisco State University. He was the chairman and author of Project Sport, a sports marketing and event product company with a focus on running and cycling.

 In 2014, the company was acquired by Raceforce, LCC. Since also, he is taken his chops to Mascot Sports where he serves as the company’s CEO. The adventure represents guests in backing strategy, existential marketing and athlete representation, per Dawkin’s LinkedIn.