Who Is Chris Stokes? Sentenced for a Life Imprisonment for Killing 5 Relatives!


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Previous record chief Chris Stokes‘ name have surfaced online in the midst of a renewed reaction against Marques Houston over his critical age-contrast with spouse, Miya Dickey.

On February 17, 2023, Twitter user @/AjElDios shared a photograph of Houston and Dickey with their little girl Zara. The inscription on the picture said that the pair celebrated three years of marriage and 10 years of harmony and denoted Houston’s age as 40 and Dickey’s age 22.

The photograph became a web sensation after virtual entertainment users addressed on the off chance that the couple had supposedly been together since Dickey was just 12 years of age while Houston was a developed grown-up.

Soon after, Twitter user @/PaigeChristieUK shared a screen capture from the Public Data set for Missing Teens that upheld an old case expressing Miya Dickey was pronounced missing in Oregon in 2016 when she was 15.

Before condemning, Stokes was offered a chance to address the court.

“Don’t have any idea what on earth came over me. Awakened and just had blood at the forefront of my thoughts. Something just wasn’t going right. It was, I don’t have any idea,” Stokes said.

“The reality is, I can’t take it back. I did a definitive sin… I should be secured. I merit everything I get. I’m not requesting no mercy or that’s what anything like. I merit it. Nobody on the planet ought to have done what I did.”

Examiners said two emergency calls rolled in from Stokes the morning of April 27, who said, “Um, I just slaughtered my whole family. The weapon is still higher up with the bodies,” and, “I just killed my whole family with my Mossberg.”

Who is Chris Stokes?

The two calls came in at 10:38 a.m. also, 10:44 a.m., as per the criminal protest. Investigators said Stokes recognized himself by name and said he was sitting external the house on the means. That is where officials tracked down him when they answered. An official asked Stokes assuming that he heard any shots, to which he answered, “No doubt, I didn’t hear them. I did them,” the protest said.

Examiners tracked down a 12-measure Mossberg shotgun on the floor of a room in the upper unit, alongside a 25-count box of shells, with 12 unfired shells remaining.

Family said Tuesday’s sentence is just a little piece of justice, as nothing can bring their five relatives back. Four of those killed were just teens and all were loved by the local area.

In Court, Tuesday Stokes’ Sister Had an Inquiry!

“I really want you to express something to me, Chris. If it’s not too much trouble. It doesn’t really matter to me what it is. Just say something. Say something. Why? Why? Why, Chris, why?” she said.

The for what reason was something Stokes couldn’t give them.

“It’s like, why? I continue to ask myself that. Why? I don’t have the foggiest idea,” said Stokes. “I don’t have the foggiest idea what compelled me make it happen, and Please accept my apologies.”

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The statement of regret wasn’t sufficient, as the family attempts to recuperate.

“Losing those many individuals all at once, including him, disdain is a terrible word, however we really disdain him for that,” said Rosemary Turner. “We actually love him because he’s our uncle, yet might we at any point excuse him for what he did? No, we can’t. Do we grasp it? No, we don’t. It’s like, we just got to take it daily at a time.”

Family Said the Greatest Sentence Is Just a Single Move Toward Conclusion!

“It could be something to him, yet it’s not nothing to us,” said Turner. “We can’t bring them back. We’re actually left with broken hearts, so just got to stay together.”

Who is Chris Stokes?

Stokes’ lawyer had requested just a 35-year sentence. He said Stokes searched out emotional wellness treatment in early March 2020, yet the meetings had changed to via telephone once the coronavirus pandemic hit. Stokes went through treatment connected with his emotional well-being last June, however he was subsequently seen as skilled for preliminary.

Other Than Being a Vocalist, Chris Stokes Is Likewise an Essayist, Director, and Maker!

Chris Stokes is a previous record leader, high-profile director, maker, multi-instrumentalist, screenwriter, and producer. He is the child of entertainer Irene Stokes and the more established sibling of vocalist Juanita Stokes.

The musician was brought into the world on July 21, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Stokes supposedly begun singing when he was 12 years of age yet didn’t make his leap forward a valuable open door until 1995 when he assisted produce With disapproving Blown.

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Stokes rose to additional notoriety in the wake of establishing the A definitive Gathering record mark in 2000. He turned into the brains behind the formation of famous R&B bunches B2K and Juvenile/IMx also finding gifts like Omarion, Marques Houston, Jhene Aiko, NLT, Kevin McHale and Sevyn Streeter, among others.

The supervisor additionally delivered material for artists like Fate’s Child, Bell Biv DeVoe, Debelah Morgan, Shanice and that’s just the beginning. Stokes in the end moved to screenwriting and coordinating and acquired impressive appreciation for his work in 2004’s You Got Served.

He is additionally referred to for his work as the essayist, chief, and maker of House Party 4, Someone Help Me, Front line America, and The Partner, among numerous others. Chris Stokes likewise established a clothing line called the Christopher Brian Assortment in 2007.

What Were Raz-B’s Claims Against Chris Stokes?

Back in 2007, musician Raz-B accused his more established cousin, previous director and B2K maker Chris Stokes of abusing him and his sibling as children. The vocalist released a YouTube video enumerating the supposed abuse, however Stokes denied the accusations in a proclamation gave to MTV:

“Every one of the claims they made are bogus. I’m not g*y. What’s more, I’m married. What’s more, I have four children. I’ve been with my significant other for a very long time. What’s more, I’m not a child m*lester. So those are bogus claims. I will sue them. Also, I owe that to my significant other and kids, period. It’s ridiculous.”

Who is Chris Stokes?

In spite of the fact that Raz-B at last withdrawn his words, he made similar charges against Stokes in 2010. He likewise recorded a discussion with one more claimed Stokes casualty, Quindon Tarver, where the two of them shared subtleties of their shocking encounters.

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Stokes kept on denying the accusations and said Raz-B was vexed because he decided to quit giving him monetary help. The vocalist later posted an Instagram video showing that individuals are endeavoring to quiet him through orders to stop all activities.


Raz-B likewise encouraged every elaborate party, including Stokes, Houston and himself, to take a polygraph test. The musician additionally did an interview with Hollywood Opened’s Jason Lee discussing the charges, however Fox Soul refused to air something similar.

Soon after, Raz-B showed up on an Instagram Live with Moniece Butcher and said the he would “spend each dollar” to ensure he gets the justice he merits.

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