Who is Charlie Brown? Who Is Charlie Brown’s Best Friend?


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The late 1800s, was the time period when comic strips were most prevalent in America. The most popular comic strips of that time were “Hogan’s Alley”, “Katzenjammer Kids”, “Newlyweds”, and “Mutt and Jeff” including “Peanuts”, the longest story with 17897 strips in total ever told by a human being.

This comic strip was written by Charles M. Schulz and ran for a period of around 50 years from 1950-2000. According to Wikipedia, “It was translated into 21 languages and made a sale of more than $1 billion”.

So let’s move on to grab the details of Peanut’s main character Charlie Brown and his friends.

What is the Series About?

The lovable and fictional character Charlie Brown is taken from American Comic Strip Peanuts. It is a humorous comic book that revolves around a group of small children.

The protagonist of the comic strip is Charlie Brown who is a weak and nervous boy and lacks in doing pretty small activities like winning a baseball game, being unable to fly a kite, and more. The philosophical comedy with a mixture of psychological and sociological tones prevalent in the 1950s was well-loved by the readers.

Who is Charlie Brown?

Who Is Charlie Brown’s Best Friend (1)

One of the most loved and highest-sold comic book Peanut’s main character is Charlie Brown. He is a loser but is well-loved by the readers. He lacks self-confidence and feels insecure in whatever task he starts whether it is flying kite, or winning a baseball game, or kicking a football.

He is even unable to express her love to her crush Heather, the little red-haired girl. Paradoxically, his friends also believe that with the leadership of Charlie, they will never be able to win the Baseball league.

Who is Charlie Brown’s Best Friend?

Who Is Charlie Brown’s Best Friend (1)

Linus Van Pelt, the most charming and delightful character is the best friend of Charlie Brown. He is the older brother of  Rerun and the younger brother of  Lucy Van Pelt who always teases her for sucking his thumb and holding his blanket wherever he goes.

The most loving part of this character is that whenever any fight or misunderstanding arises between the gang, he is always there to smooth it out.

In many comic strips like “Be My Valentine”, and “The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show,” he is shown having a crush on his teacher and other girls. He is the 2nd most appealing character in Tv specials and movies after Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Friends of Charlie Brown

Snoopy The central character of Peanut
Sally Brown Charlie Brown’s Sister
Pig-Pen A character who is always dirty
Lucy Quick-tempered elder sister of Linus
Rerun The younger brother of Linus


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