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Who Is Brad Pitt Dating Now? Dating History, Girlfriends, Relationships and More!

Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and split from Angelina Jolie, with whom he shares six children, in 2016. The actor has most lately been linked to model Emily Ratajkowski.As one of the most handsome and notorious men on the earth, Brad Pitt has quite the A-list courting history.

The Oscar Winner Counts Several Hollywood Stars as His Spouses, Including Former Women

 Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, former fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow andex-girlfriends including Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate and further.

Pitt himself has claimed that utmost rumors about his particular life as a total are false, especially when it comes to his connections. He told The New York Times Magazine in December 2019,” I stopped reading all press about 2004. Not just reviews. I mean any magazine in the croaker ‘s office,” he said.

” Because some of it would bounce around like a rat in the cranium. It would stay there, and it would inform some of my opinions and choices in work, in life, and I did not find any of it helpful.”

 Ahead, a complete look at Brad Pitt’s courting history, from his reported fling with songster Sinitta in the’80s to his most recent connection with model Emily Ratajkowski.

Brad Pitt and Sinitta

 Pitt and songster Sinitta reportedly dated from 1986 to 1988. The British pop star told her castmates on I am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Then! in 2011( via Marie Claire UK) that Pitt was” beautiful with the most amazing body,” adding,” I saw him for two times. He was delightful, he was youthful and veritably sweet. Some hot addict gave me a poke when I came out of a supermarket over that relationship.”

who is brad pitt dating now

 She added,” It was before he made Thelma & Louise, but indeed I saw that movie and study,” Oh my God, what have I done?'”

 Jill Schoelen

 Pitt dated actress Jill Schoelen in the late 1980s after they met on the set of the horror movie Cutting Class.

Brad Pitt and E.G. Daily

 In Pitt’s E! True Hollywood Story, voice actress Elizabeth“E.G.” Daily revealed that she had a answer love with the star after he and Schoelen resolve. Daily described Pitt as” deep- souled” and” super cute” and said they connected in colorful ways.

” I suppose he was really violent about his work,” Daily said.” When you saw him, it was more like seething in him under. What I could feel from him was a really strong, visceral drive towards commodity really big.”

 After Daily and Pitt called it quits on their brief love, they remained musketeers.

 Robin Givens

Pitt and Robin Givens were costars on Head of the Class and grew near when she and also- disgruntled hubby Mike Tyson separated. Tyson contended in his bio Undisputed verity that he pulled into his and Givens‘ driveway and saw her in a auto with Pitt; he also claimed to have caught the brace in bed while Tyson and Givens were still together.

 In a 2019 interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Givens denied an affair with Pitt.

” Pulling up in the driveway, that part is true,” Givens said at the time.” I did not read the book, but I was told he says he caught us in bed, which noway happed. noway, ever, ever happened.”

who is brad pitt dating now

 As for why she and Pitt were in the auto together, Givens said,” We were coming from like a webbing or commodity.”

Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate

 Christina Applegate formerly recalled that Pitt and his former roommate, 90210 star Jason Priestley, would come to feasts on the set of Married With Children when she was a teen.

She and Pitt were mugged getting cozy several times( including then at an Amnesty International event in 1988), and Pitt was her date to the 1989 MTV Movie Awards — until she dumped him for another joe.

 During a” maintain the Fifth” member on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2015, Applegate wouldn’t reveal the identity of the riddle man, but did note that she and Pitt did not date after the incident — nor did she date the man for whom she left him.

 Juliette Lewis

 Pitt and Juliette Lewis dated from late 1989 to 1993 and the brace costarred in Kalifornia and Too Young to Die.

Two times after their bifurcation, Pitt told Vanity Fair of Lewis,” I still love the woman. There is some real genius there. I had a great time with her It was one of the topmost connections I have ever been in.” He added,” The problem is, we grow up with this vision that love conquers all, and that is just not so, is it?”

 Though they remain friendly and each look back on the time fondly, Lewis is not too keen on being asked about her megastar partner.

In 2014, Lewis told PEOPLE that utmost press about her when she was youngish was” generally about Brad Pitt or medicine dependence , which hasn’t been me since I was 22. I am 40. I quit all my bulls — at 22. There’s growth. Get out of the history.”

who is brad pitt dating now

Brad Pitt and Jitka Pohlodek

 Pitt brought model Jitka Pohlodek as his date to the premiere of Legends of the Fall in November 1994, but neither has spoken intimately about their brief love. still, Pohlodek did latterly partake one regard into her connection with the actor, telling PEOPLE in 2000,” The man glows.”

 Gwyneth Paltrow

 Pitt met Gwyneth Paltrow when she played his woman in the 1995 suspenser Se7en. Pitt called Paltrow his” angel” and the” love of( his) life” in his 1996 Golden Globes acceptance speech for Stylish Supporting Actor in 12 Monkeys, and the brace got engaged that December.

Still, they resolve in June 1997 before ever making it down the aisle, and the Goop author latterly recalled that her father, Bruce Paltrow, was particularly devastated because he adored Pitt.

Gwyneth and Pitt remained close, still, with Pitt telling her in a June 2022 discussion,” It’s lovely to have you as a friend now.”

 Jennifer Aniston

 Pitt met Jennifer Aniston in 1998. He proposed to the musketeers star in 1999, and the couple married in Malibu on July 29, 2000.

The marriage featured some 200 guests,,000 flowers, four bands, a philosophy chorus and fireworks.” Jennifer looked beautiful,” her father, Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston told PEOPLE after convoying his son down the aisle.” It was a spectacular marriage.”

who is brad pitt dating now

 In January 2005, Pitt and Aniston shocked the world when they blazoned their split.


They ’re not Bratajkowski just yet but “ stay tuned.

 Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski have been out a many times together, sources confirm to runner Six simply, but the brace aren’t officially dating.

There has been enterprise online that Pitt and Ratajkowski who filed for divorce from her estranged hubby, Sebastian Bear- McClard, before this month have been “ intimately dating. ”

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