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Relationship History of Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs: From “Bachelor in Paradise” and Beyond

Finally! Becca Kufrin found love on reality TV with Thomas Jacobs.

The former Bachelorette, who was engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garrett Yrigoyen, returns to Bachelor Nation in 2021.

After two failed engagements, Kufrin landed on the beach five days into filming. While it wasn’t love at first sight, she fell for Jacobs in season 17 of The Bachelorette.

The Bourdon founder recounted meeting Jacobs for the first time on the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast in October 2021. “He was attempting to flirt and be funny, but it backfired.”

The duo overcame their uneasy initial meeting and bonded while filming in Mexico. After a breakup at the show’s finale, the two started dating off-camera.

“We had to explore that on our own away from the cameras, but that moment [on the beach during the finale] was game-changing for me,” Kufrin said. “I’ve never had someone struggle so hard to keep a relationship with me.”

The “Bachelor Happy Hour” cohost told her mom how much she liked Jacobs after meeting him.

She informed podcast listeners in October 2021, “Mom, I think I want to marry this guy.” “I’ve never stated that aloud.”

Jacobs has texted Kufrin “many times” about the style of ring she wants when he proposes. “We’ve discussed it,” he remarked. “I mean, I don’t want anyone else.”

The lovebirds didn’t say when they reunited after leaving Mexico, but both acknowledged it following the show’s October 2021 finale.

“I trust you. As if nothing could go wrong,” the broker remarked on Instagram. “Thank you for being someone I can trust, who won’t damage me or us.”

Relive the Bachelor in Paradise alum’s relationship highs and lows:

who is becca kufrin dating

Prior to ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’

Kufrin first appeared on The Bachelor season 22. Luyendyk Jr. proposed to the former public relations specialist during the season finale, but later called it off and moved on with runner-up Lauren Burnham. The race car driver married Burnham in 2019, and they have three children: Alessi, Senna, and Lux.

Kufrin, for her part, was named the Bachelorette during season 14, which aired in May 2018. She became engaged to Yrigoyen during the finale, but they divorced in September 2020.

June 2021

Jacobs became a member of Bachelor Nation during season 17 of The Bachelorette. The males in the home branded him as a villain, and Katie Thurston fired him for reportedly being there for “the wrong reasons.” Before meeting him on Bachelor in Paradise, Kufrin didn’t know much about the San Diego, California, native.

“I had just seen, I guess, the first two episodes of Katie’s season — it was before things got terrible for him,” she stated on the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast in October 2021. “It was like this odd mental [f—k], if you will because I was getting to know him for him on that beach and seeing how he connected with everyone and how everyone got along extremely well.” And then, as I watched the show, I’d think to myself, ‘This isn’t what I’m seeing, what’s going on here?’ It was really like a strange distortion in my thoughts.”

who is becca kufrin dating

Summer of 2021

The former college athlete made an appearance in the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise season 7, which was broadcast in August 2021 but was taped earlier that summer. One week later, Kufrin made her Paradise debut. Although Jacobs first pursued Tammy Ly, sparks immediately sparked between the Minnesota native and him.

Summer of 2021

Despite having a tremendous connection with her boyfriend during BiP, Kufrin ended their relationship at the show’s finale, which aired in October. Kufrin expressed her worries about Jacobs’ genuineness at the time. “I feel like you’re so wonderful at being supportive, upbeat, and surprising me in the greatest ways, but I sometimes feel like it’s too good to be true, and that terrifies me,” she stated. “I’ve been here twice before, and I couldn’t leave here feeling good about leaving with someone I didn’t know completely.” “Everything inside of me screams that I’m falling in love with you,” Jacobs sought to soothe her, to which Kufrin answered, “But I haven’t seen any of it.”

Following the broadcast of their breakup, ABC revealed that the couple had reconciled. At the end of the episode, the title card said, “They are happy and in love.”

who is becca kufrin dating

Summer of 2021

“We chatted until, like, three or four a.m. some nights and just talked about anything and everything,” Kufrin revealed of the couple’s off-camera reunion during an October 2021 interview on the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast. “I suppose he grabbed me up and kissed me the second I saw him — because I flew back to L.A. and then drove out to San Diego — and then we just had infinite time to explore what this could be.”

October 20, 2021

“You know how people say… “Third time’s a charm,” the B the Label designer captioned a video compilation of her happiest moments with Jacobs, suggesting their relationship is still going strong despite momentarily calling it quits on the BiP finale. “I’m sorry for breaking up with you on national television, Tommy, but I’ll use every opportunity to make amends.” Thank you for making my heart grin more than it ever has before. Now it’s time to get this real life started, @thomasajacobs.”

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