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Who Is Astro’s Rocky Dating? One Side Affirmed It, the Opposite Side Denied It!

Rocky Affirms Dating Actress Park Bo-Yeon!

Singer Rocky, an individual from K-pop kid bunch Astro, is dating entertainer Park Bo-yeon, the singer’s agency Fantagio affirmed.

The agency released an explanation, Monday, admitting media reports that the singer and the entertainer are romantically involved.

“The two initially met through the web series ‘Find Me in the event that You Would be able.’ Then, they developed nearer as partners when Park became involved in Rocky’s music fill in as she loves writing. They as of late grown positive sentiments (toward one another),” it said.

“We lament to share such news in the midst of the public mourning time frame for sympathies and mourning. We request our fans’ understanding concerning the defer in releasing our articulation.”

The bits of gossip about their dating surfaced online when Park was found in the crowd of a melodic that Rocky is starring in, Sunday. The fans additionally pointed out that Park was listed as the co-essayist of Rocky’s independent tune in the gathering’s new collection “Drive to the Brilliant Street.”

In any case, hours before Fantagio’s proclamation emerged, Park’s agency, Management Koo, rejected that the two are dating.

“The two are great associates, working together for ‘Find Me on the off chance that You Would be able,'” the organization said. “(Park) went to the melodic because she was invited. They don’t have a unique relationship.”

Who Is ASTRO’s Rocky Dating

Rocky appeared as an individual from Astro, which consist of MJ, JinJin, Moonbin, Rocky, Sanha, and Cha Eun-charm, with the melody “Spring Up” in 2016. The gathering has released a string of hit tunes, including “Insane Hot Cool,” “Baby” and “Admission.”

He as of late released a self-composed tune, which was essential for the gathering’s third full-length collection “Drive to the Brilliant Street” this May.

Park appeared in 2019 with a web series “One Fine Week,” and is as of now starring in the SBS series “Cheer Up.”

One Side Affirmed It, the Opposite Side Denied It!

ASTRO’s Rocky has affirmed the tales that he is in a relationship with entertainer Park Bo Yeon, however her side has denied the reports.

In an explanation from Rocky’s agency Fantagio to different news sources including Xportnews, Fantagio affirmed the two are in the phases of getting to know one another in a relationship setting.Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are presently in the phases of getting to know one another gradually with positive sentiments.

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The two previously got to know one another through Find Me On the off chance that You Would be able and since then, Park Bo Yeon and Rocky normally drew near and she partook in Rocky’s melodic works. They as of late affirmed their feelings in the wake of working together as partners.

We are sad to express this during the public mourning time frame when we are sharing this trouble together. Therefore, we request your understanding that our announcement was postponed.

Then again, Park Bo Yeon‘s agency Management Koo denied the bits of hearsay in a proclamation to Sports Seoul, saying that the two are simply dear friends.Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are old buddies who cooperated in a similar show.

Who Is ASTRO’s Rocky Dating

Netizens accepted the two were dating after local area reports expressed that the two were spotted together watching the melodic The Three Musketeers. It was likewise pointed out that she was attributed with writing the verses to Rocky’s independent melody “S#1.”

Park Bo Yeon’s Agency Has Answered Bits of Hearsay That the Entertainer Is Dating ASTRO’s Rocky!

Dating bits of hearsay involving the two stars as of late spread on online networks after Park Bo Yeon was spotted attending the melodic “The Three Musketeers” starring Rocky on October 30. It was additionally discovered that Park Bo Yeon co-composed the verses and did the portrayal for Rocky’s performance track “S#1.” on ASTRO’s collection “Drive to the Brilliant Street.”

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Because of the reports, Park Bo Yeon’s agency Management KOO remarked, “We checked [regarding these rumors], and Rocky is only a nearby acquaintance who she worked with on [the web drama] ‘Find Me If possible.'”

Rocky appeared as an individual from ASTRO in 2016, while Park Bo Yeon began her career with the web show “One Fine Week” in 2019. The entertainer is right now starring in the SBS show “Cheer Up.”

While Park Boyun’s agency has denied the entertainer’s supposed relationship with ASTRO’s Rocky, his is not really refuting claims.

Who Is ASTRO’s Rocky Dating

This Is the Reason Fans Are Convinced Astro’s Rocky and Park Bo Yeon Are Dating!

Fans were left confused by Astro’s Rocky and Park Bo Yeon’s relationship status after Rocky’s agency Fantagio affirmed the dating bits of hearsay, while Park Boyeon’s organization Management Koo denied it.

Rocky’s agency had said, “As uncovered through news reports, Rocky and Park Bo Yeon are at present getting to know one another with good feelings.

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The two initially met through ‘Find Me On the off chance that You Would be able,’ and they normally turned out to be close as Park Bo Yeon, who appreciates writing, normally partook in Rocky’s music creation. Subsequent to spending time as acquaintances, they as of late evolved good feelings for one another.”

Presently aficionados of the pair have volunteered to find proof. Fans accept that they found confirmation that Rocky had sent a food truck to Stop Bo Yeon for the filming of her most recent show.

In the photographs, there was the truck with espresso mug sleeves saying, “Bo Yeon, I love you.” Rocky didn’t indicate who the espresso truck was from yet the screen on the front highlighted film from the show ‘Find Me On the off chance that You Would be able’, which Rocky and Park Bo Yeon co-featured in.

Who Is ASTRO’s Rocky Dating


The organizations of ASTRO part Rocky and entertainer Park Bo-yeon have released conflicting proclamations after the two big names became entangled in dating tales.

Fans likewise discovered that Park had helped pen verses and played out a portrayal on Rocky’s performance track ‘S#1’ from ASTRO’s May studio collection ‘Drive To The Brilliant Street’, sparking reports of the pair’s supposed relationship.

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