Who is Asif Aziz Dating? What Happened to Their Marriage Life?


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Asif Aziz was born in Limbe, Malavi, in 1967. Asif Aziz is the founder and CEO of Criterion Capital, a property development and asset management company. He owns several important London monuments, including the London Trocadero and the Criterion Building in Piccadilly Circus.

He founded the Aziz Foundation, a family-based nonprofit that seeks to strengthen Britain’s most vulnerable communities. He is a philanthropist who has given millions of pounds to philanthropic organizations.

Asif Aziz mainly made his money through his property development and asset management company, Criterion Management, with 3.6 billion dollars worth of properties and 15 commercial buildings in the west end of London, the Docklands, and Croydon.

Aziz is also a philanthropist, donating millions of pounds to philanthropic organizations. In 2015, he established the Aziz Foundation, a family-run organization dedicated to empowering Britain’s most vulnerable communities. The foundation awards funds to a wide range of organizations working in fields such as education, healthcare, and social welfare.

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Asif Aziz’s Biography

Asif Aziz was born in Limbe, Malawi, in 1967. Asif Aziz shifted to London for schooling at Emanuel School, which is a private school in London. After school, Asif studied economics at the University of Bristol.

Asif aziz Dating

After completing his studies at University, Asif worked as a consultant at McKinsey and Company. In 1990, Asif founded his own company,  Criterion Capital, an asset management and property development company with a portfolio of $3.6 billion worth of property.

Full Name Asif Aziz
  1. Businessman
  2. Philanthropist
Age 56 Years
Education Emanuel School, Wandsworth
Title CEO
Children 4
Website Aziz Foundation
Nationality British
Citizenship London
Net Worth $3.6 billion, approx

Darija Zivni is Asif Aziz’s girlfriend?

According to the latest research, Darija Zivni is Asif Aziz’s girlfriend. Darija is a known partner of the entrepreneur Aziz Asif. Both couples have been sharing pictures of their relationship since 2021. Both are business partners as well as romantic partners.

Darijia is a leader of the Design Team and Criterion Capital, and she has a huge involvement in the profit of Criterion Capital.

Her background in design and events, as well as a real love of interiors, have made her a vital member of the Criterion team. Her dedication to each job is undeniable, and it can be seen in every project she works on.

Asif and Darija like constructing cutting-edge stays and living environments and are eager to welcome guests to come and experience them. They question the norm as a group, thinking well and truly beyond the box. This has allowed them to develop some of the capital’s most distinctive hotel brands over the past decade. Zedwell is an excellent illustration of this. This conception, concept, and idea, together with extensive investigation, came to actualization in February 2020.

What happened to their married life?

Asif Aziz has a past relationship with Sheema Aziz; they were married, and although they also have four children, Sheema Aziz was the founder of the Aziz Foundation, Sheema Aziz is the CEO of Criterion Capital, which was founded by her husband Asif Aziz.

She graduated from the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School. She also has 20 years of work experience in the financial services sector. She is passionate about using her skills to help others, she is also a trustee of the Aziz Foundation and is actively involved in the work to help others. She is also a member of many charitable institutions.

Sheema Aziz is a role model for every woman in business. She is committed to creating a different image of women in society. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more upcoming updates.