Who is Alexandria Herring Dating, Was She Cheating Him Ned Fulmer, and Much More


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At 2nd Try Guys, Alexandria Herring works as an assistant producer. She is half of The Food Babies, a Try Guys’ Food challenge team. She has lately made headlines for an alleged relationship with actor Ned Fulmer from “The Try Guys,” who is already married and the father of two children. For two months, she served as Lock & Valentine LLC’s production coordinator. She held positions with a number of different companies, including DNA Inc., Stardust, Preetybird, Good Egg HQ, O Positive Films, Entertainment Delivery Group, Partizan, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Gilly Hicks. You may find out all the information about Alexandria Herring’s husband, family, wiki, ethnicity, and blog in this blog.

Who is the Fiancee of Alexandria Herring?

She is not married, however, she is engaged to Will Thayer. The good news is that they have been together for close to ten years. Prior to this, Ned, a member of Try Guys, had cheated her. When Will Thayer realized he knew everything about Ned, he slightly turned his Instagram profile private. Please read the sections that follow if you’re interested in learning more information about Alexandria Herring’s height and other information.

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Over the years, Alex and Will Thayer have shared a number of photos. Her Instagram is flooded with images of them having a blast together. According to a 2017 post in which she wished her boyfriend Will a happy 26th birthday, he will be 31 in 2022. Women Wear Wedding Dresses For The First Time featured an upset Alexandria trying on a wedding gown and even sharing information about her love with boyfriend Will in a February 2022 YouTube video on the Try Guys channel. The producer said 10 years when wondered how long she and her fiance had been together.

Alexandra Herring

We eventually did long-distance while he was at college, and I eventually moved out there to Hawaii and ended up attending the same college, the producer claimed. “When we met, I was so young, like neither of us was seeking a romance,” she said. As a result, we are now aware that Alex and Will attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo. We also know that Will played baseball in college because of Alex’s Instagram. In 2016, they commemorated their five-year union. The couple’s frequent travels together are evident on her Instagram, where she often posts photos of them in stunning locations including South Lake Tahoe, California; Sunset Cliffs, San Diego; New York City; Tunnels Beach, Kauai; and more

Was Alexendria Herring Cheating Her Partner?

When a clubgoer witnessed Ned Fulmer having sex with producer Alexandria Herring, who also appears on the YouTube show Food Babies, in a New York City club, it became public knowledge that Fulmer was cheating on his wife.

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The clubgoer spoke with Will Thayer, a Reddit member who appears to be Herring’s fiancé. He later published the messages he had obtained to show that Herring and Fulmer were having an affair. I got to Niagara the club last night and saw her kissing Ned from the try guys,” the accuser essentially wrote in messages to Thayer. If you require a video, I have it.

When Thayer followed up by asking the subject where it occurred, they responded, “when they were making out,” He was interacting with her and touching her. Food Babies viewers also observed that Herring’s fiancé Will Thayer deleted all of their Instagram images together and shortly after that made his account private. YB, the senior editor of the Food Babies, reportedly quit following Herring and Fulmer on Instagram, according to a tweet from @camitwomeyy.

How Did Alexandria Herring Begin Her Career?

At the production company 2nd Try LLC for the Try Guys, Alexandria is an assistant producer. According to her Linkedin profile, the former Buzzfeed employee has been employed by her new business for the past four years, beginning as a Production Manager. Alexandria was the production manager for BuzzFeed before joining The Try Guys.

The inhabitant of Los Angeles, California has extensive professional experience and has held positions as a personal assistant, production assistant, and office production assistant. Alexandria has never stated how old she is, however according to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated in 2014. She should therefore be around 30 years old in 2022 if she was between the ages of 22 and 24 at the time, which is the typical age of recent college graduates.

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She graduated with a BA in Communications and Media Studies from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Alexandria who has appeared in many Try Guys videos has become a popular face among their fans. Thanks to her coveted job, she has acquired over 66,000 followers on Instagram.2019 saw the launch of the Try Guys spinoff series Food Babies, with Alex and video editor YB Chang serving as its faces. In their Food Babies videos, Alex and YB frequently take on intriguing food challenges with the Try Guys. In some of their videos, they take on challenges like the “400 Chicken Nugget Challenge” and the “60 oz. Tomahawk Steak Challenge,” while in others, they explore new foods.