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The wedding of Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss took place on April 9 at the Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California, as originally revealed by PEOPLE. The singer, 39, and the WWE star, 30, got married there. The pair sat down with PEOPLE two weeks before the big day to discuss their wedding, which Bliss characterized as being “very non-traditional” and “popstar” themed. It’s really us, said Cabrera. The entire endeavor is intended to highlight our personalities, yet we are anything but average.

What is Inside the Wedding of Alexa Bliss

After dropping by to visit on their route to a “glamping” excursion in the nearby Joshua Tree, Cabrera and Bliss, who began planning their wedding as soon as they became engaged in November 2020, immediately fell in love with the location (owned by a friend). When they later saw their friend who owns the five-acre property again after getting engaged, he recommended that it might make for the “ideal” setting for their wedding. It’s perfectly flawless, we were saying, “Oh my God,” Cabrera recalled. It’s located just sufficiently outside of Los Angeles, too, and is simply stunning. At the bottom, there are vineyards, and beyond the house, there is a lovely lake.

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A huge, illuminated “Welcome to the S—show” sign and a hot pink carpet welcomed their 360-count guest list (which Cabrera claimed he “weeded down” from 608) at the entrance, standing in stark contrast to the estate’s tranquil surroundings. Our wedding has been dubbed “the s— show,” said Cabrera. As guests came, they could fill their own glass of Campo Viejo Cava champagne from the Bubble Tap trailer while listening to Tyler Ward’s singing and Lexie Lowell’s harp playing. Instead of flower ladies, Cabrera and Bliss had someone walk down the aisle handing out shots to guests to “truly set the tone” for the ceremony.

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The bridal and groom party, which included a mix of 16 men and women on each side, then proceeded down the aisle to “Eye-to-Eye” from A Goofy Movie, one of Bliss’ favorite movies, as their families followed them. Cabrera’s song “Worth It,” which he composed for his proposal, was playing as Bliss entered the room. It’s such an acoustic ballad, so I’m just attempting to figure out how I’m going to navigate this, Cabrera added.

We were discussing around saying our vows, and I suggested that perhaps we do it in quiet because I frequently cry. I can’t seem to help it; I’m that guy; it is what it is. I’m emotional, so there will likely be waterworks. I don’t believe that she comprehends. Both Cabrera and Bliss claimed that they had previously drafted their vows. Cabrera claimed, “Mine came to me in a dream. I remember having a dream at around four in the morning when I read the vows to her while sobbing excessively and thought, “Oh, that’s excellent stuff!’ I then awoke in the middle of the night and started writing it down.

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As a result, I kept writing more and more. I’ll continue to make adjustments to the big day, but that’s just the writer in me. alternatively, I might simply abandon it and improvise. Bliss stated, “I’m not a writer — I don’t want to follow his! I want to read my vows first!”In keeping with the unconventional concept, Bliss donned a handcrafted blush dress by Netta BenShabu.She described the top as having a mesh laced bodice with beading and rhinestone appliqué and detachable drapey sleeves made of the lace from the bottom of the garment, which also had the appliqué.

My dress includes four different layers of tulle at the bottom, two of which are blush and one of which is glitter. It’s incredibly whimsical and fairytale-like, with a long train in the rear that is covered in glitter and has a bustle in the back to lift it up so I can dance and do other things. Bliss, whose wedding-day cosmetics were completed by Ian Maxion, claimed that her encounter with BenShabu was just a “mere coincidence.”

She admitted that she didn’t know what she wanted in her clothing, only what she didn’t want. I came discovered Netta BenShabu’s designs while looking through other designers on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms, and immediately loved them, so I realized, “OK, so this is who I’m going to get my dress from.”She said, “Two days later, Ryan just so happened to say, Hey, so I set you up a dress meeting with this store in Los Angeles, Kinsley James, and they genuinely have a designer that wants to design a dress for you. “Oh, I already had a designer in mind, I was like.

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Oh well, at minimum go hear her out, he said. Netta BenShabu is her name, and I was like, “Wait, what? ‘”Bliss claimed that she tried on “a number of different dresses” and selected her favorites from each during her visit with BenShabu.As soon as she put on the outfit she had made herself, she was like, “This is my dress. I became emotional. It was like a snowball of ideas.” When I reveal my clothing, the only thing anyone ever says is, “That’s you.” That is you dressed up.

Previous Relationships of Alexa Bliss

Buddy and Alexa Bliss apparently clicked when they first met while they were both competing in the WWE NXT brand. As opposed to Buddy, whose career took a different turn, Alexa has gone on to become one of the promotion’s biggest stars. He was among a long list of recent WWE firings that confused many fans (viewers aren’t happy about Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and many more decisions).

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In a prior public statement about her relationship with Buddy, Alexa revealed that the two of them parted ways at the beginning of 2018. The two broke off their engagement to get married. A pet pig named Larry-Steve that they had joint custody of tragically lost suddenly on May 25, 2021.