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Who is Adele Dating, Is She Engaged and Much More

Do you know who is Adele dating? After releasing her comeback album “30” in November and announcing (then delaying) a residency in Las Vegas, Adele is back in our lives, and her fans can’t wait to see more of their idol. The singer of “Oh My God” opened up a little bit about her love life on the new album, chiefly talking about her divorce from her husband Simon Konecki and dropping hints about her new relationship with sports agent boyfriend Rich Paul. Despite rumors that their romance was in trouble, the couple has so far kept their relationship private, with Adele having to verify on Instagram that they are still together.

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She casually stated in a post confirming her appearance at The BRITs, “Rich sends his love.”Adele stoked engagement rumors shortly after the big meltdown by sporting a massive diamond ring at the BRITs! Months of rumors were put to rest when she revealed that she would adore getting married and having more kids.

Who is Rich Paul whom Adele is Dating

According to People, Rich created Klutch Sports Group, a company that represents professional basketball players. LeBron James, Trae Young, and Ben Simmons are a few of his clients. He has a reputation for being tenacious and excellent at his job. According to a recent New Yorker article, Rich has completed about $2 billion worth of acquisitions since launching his business in 2012.

Rich is “extremely unrelenting in getting his players what they want, and he will utilize all methods available to him to do it,” according to one NBA general manager. Rich is renowned for his dedication to “player empowerment,” or assisting NBA players in establishing fan communities that support them individually rather than merely their teams.

Who is  Adele Dating?

Rich is a well-known sports agent that represents LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Ben Simmons, among others. Since 2022, when he was employed by an artist agency, he has served as a sports agent. Ten years later, he established Klutch Sports Group, his own business.

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The Cleveland, Ohio-born businessman has always had a keen eye for opportunity. According to Sportskeeda, he began his career by peddling vintage sports jerseys from the trunk of his car. LeBron James, whom he met in 2002, is said to have been captivated by a Warren Moon top Paul was wearing at the time. Rich and LeBron became close, with the NBA legend eventually including the aspiring businessman in his inner circle and hiring him to work with him. Rich assisted LeBron’s agent for a few years before launching his own business, Klutch Sports Group, in 2012, and bringing LeBron with him.

Is Adele Engaged to Rich Paul?

When Adele attended The BRIT Awards, she reportedly flashed a massive diamond ring that cost upwards of $2 million, sparking speculation that she was engaged. After a few days, she joined The Graham Norton Show, which only increased rumors that she and her boyfriend Rich were engaged.

who is adele dating

Adele replied when Graham questioned her about the persistent engagement rumors, “If I were, would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?”She sure keeps us all in the dark! Fans speculated that she and Rich might be preparing to settle down after she did, however, acknowledge that she would like to have more kids.

Rich Paul Net Worth

Net worth to over $100 million. Apparently, he helped his clients and their staff negotiate contracts worth over $1 billion.LeBron and Anthony Davis, two LA Lakers players who have been with the organization since 2019 and 2018, respectively, are among his list of clientele.

Rich Paul and Adele Plans On Babies

Adele stated that while she is currently prioritizing her career, she is open to having additional children in the future. I undoubtedly want more children… I’m a matriarch and a housewife, and having a secure existence helps me with my singing,” she said. She continued by saying that the family is remodeling their house with the children in mind. She had previously mentioned expanding her family. Adele said that she is undoubtedly considering having a child when she appeared as a guest on The Graham Norton Show in February. Following the cancellation of her initial residency in Las Vegas, a question about whether she intended to tour this year was answered casually with, “They’re totally happening this year. Yes, thank God. Next year, I want to have a baby.

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Rich, admitted to being a “very young dad” to E! News in June, noting that his daughter is already a junior in college. However, it appears that he is still open to the idea of having more kids in the future. Rich told E! News, “Growing a business was pretty tough as a young dad.” But now that I’m an older father, I’m looking forward to being a different kind of parent if I ever have more children. He continued by saying that he hoped to show more tolerance and involvement. “The kids grow up quickly in a blink of an eye as you’re creating a business, oftentimes, you’re on the go, you’re traveling around.”

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