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Who Is Adam Brody Dating? A Walkthrough in Their Relationship Timeline!

May Seth and Blair Live Forever!

It’s a match made in youngster television heaven. Leighton Meester, who played Blair Waldorf on Tattle Young lady, and Adam Brody, who played Seth Cohen on The O.C., were first connected back in 2011.

Fresh insight about their romance sent fans into a craze. From that point forward, they’ve unobtrusively married, co-starred in a couple of films, and have now welcomed their subsequent child, a child, together. Beneath, a rewind on their serene love, including what they’ve said about each other’s notable CW characters.

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen for Eternity!

 Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are the real-life hybrid couple that television has favored Us with.

The Tattle Young lady alum and the former O.C. star started dating in 2013. Although they generally stay quiet about their romance, the pair have shared sweet sentiments about each other throughout the long term.

“I wouldn’t change anything [in the past] because I’m happy where I’m presently,” Meester told PorterEdit in September 2018. “And I imagine that’s one of the many great parts of not just having a child and meeting your soulmate, yet additionally, I feel really fortunate career-wise, really in a place that I want to be.”

The Single Parents star later told Shape magazine in March 2019 that she loves her life at home with Brody and their daughter, Arlo. “I simply don’t trust in balance. I believe that’s unrealistic in the event that you’re a functioning mother — and with single parents, I cannot imagine that,” she said at the time.

Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

“Some days my husband prepares supper and some days I do. Different days, I’m excessively worn out and I eat a bowl of cereal for supper.”

“It’s Simply the Thing We Do To Make It Work!”

Six years later, the StartUp alum gave fans an inside take a gander at the couple’s existence with two children amid the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. “It’s been a pretty — in spite of the state of the world — it has been a really blissful encounter,” Adam Brody told Entertainment This evening in October 2020.

Mid-2000s: Running Into Each Other!

Contrary to popular conviction, Adam Brody and Leighton met some time before they shared the big screen for their 2011 film, The Oranges.

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Josh Schwartz created both [of our] shows and literally whenever we first met, that whole [Gossip Girl] cast was eating at Canter’s — and I inhabited Canter’s for my whole 20s,” Adam Brody told Anna Faris on her “Unqualified” podcast in March 2021. “And I was leaving, and he presented all of us.”

2011: High Profile Co-Stars!

Years after their chance shop meeting, “Sovereign B” and “Cohen” would meet again on the arrangement of The Oranges. “We did this movie together,” Adam Brody told Anna Faris.

Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

While he was admittedly into his costar (“I was extremely attracted to her from [the] jump. She’s a heavenly creature. I thought she was gorgeous.”), their timing wasn’t exactly correct. “I was seeing someone at the time,” Adam Brody explained. “We didn’t get together [until] about a year after that movie when I was single.”

February 2013: Out of the Companion Zone!

By February 2013, the actors had gone from pals to something more. Their blossoming romance seemed to all yet be confirmed when Adam Brody was photographed leaving the Country Solid star’s L.A. abode.

June 26, 2013: PDA Galore!

There was no mistaking that the two were an item by June 2013. They ventured out together for their most memorable public occasion: the premiere of the drummer’s movie Some Girl(s) — arm-in-arm.

November 2013: She Says “Yes”!

It didn’t take long for the young couple to realize that they were made for each other. Individuals let it be known just a little ways off of the holidays that the actor had placed a ring on it — and Leighton said “yes!”

February 2014: Going Unnoticed!

In a move that would make Blair herself glad, Leighton and Adam Brody said their “I do’s” with a mystery wedding ceremony for the ages. Adam confirmed the news himself in a paparazzi video that month, supposedly answering, “Yeah,” when a photographer asked in the event that he had, without a doubt, sealed the deal.

Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

April 18, 2014: Dynamic Team!

The team’s second shared film, Soul mates, which they filmed together several months ahead of their nuptials, was officially released in April.

June 8, 2014: Picture Great!

The love birds were all smiles while attending the 68th annual Tony Awards together on the side of Leighton’s 2014 play, Of Mice and Men.

August 4, 2015: A Developing Brood!

Individuals detailed that the ultra-private stars welcomed a daughter named Arlo Day on August 4, 2015, whom Adam would later spout over to GQ.

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“She’s the thing I’m most pleased with and gives me the most bliss,” he said in 2019. “She’s simply so dang awesome. It simply gives you another viewpoint in the most effective way — something to zero in on that’s greater and more important than yourself.”

April 2020: Bump Alert!

By April 2020, there was no rejecting that Leighton was carrying several’s subsequent child, as photographs of her baby bump were leaked by The Daily Mail.

September 2020: Enjoying an Amazing Existence!

Adam let the cat out of the bag that his family had gained a fourth member via Jerk in September 2020. “I have another youngster. Since last I played, I have another youngster,” he supposedly said. “I have a kid, and he’s a dream. Adam Brody’s a dream kid.

December 21, 2020: Getting New Side Interests!

Disregard quarantine baking — according to Adam, he and his better half became beach bums in 2020. “A major part of our quarantine life is that my better half and I have been riding our brains out,” he told the Wall Road Journal in December 2020. “Truly, we’re simply beach bums.”

The star said his family also got into some heavy gaming competition. “Go Fish was huge for some time. We’ve ventured it up to Monopoly Junior. A little piano, a little karaoke, and a ton of walks through the area.”

Who Is Adam Brody Dating?

March 29, 2021: Graceful Event It Was!

Adam Brody couldn’t praise his significant other enough while chatting with Anna Faris on her “Unqualified” podcast in March 2021. Apparently, Leighton’s caring nature initially overwhelmed him. “I had no idea regardless of whether she was a decent individual.

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And, in fact, sort of assumed she probably wasn’t for the principal handful of years that I didn’t have any acquaintance with her, because, I don’t have any idea, Tattle Young lady,” he admitted. Fortunate for him, initial feelings aren’t always accurate. “Come to find out, she’s literally like Joan of Arc,” he yielded.

“She is the most grounded, best individual I know. She is my moral compass and North Star, and I just can’t say an adequate number of beneficial things about her character. It’s crazy.”


Brody offered somewhat inside into the early days of their marriage while on the March 8, 2023, episode of SiriusXM Radio’s The Jess Cagle Show.

“I was never scared of the idea of marriage or children,” Adam Brody said. “It always seemed like a course I would go eventually, and I was excited…when it came together, when I met the perfect individual.”

He realize that Meester was the perfect individual extremely not long after they got together.

“My better half and I actually got married exceptionally fast after we started dating,” Adam Brody explained. “That’s the way kind of easy a decision it was for myself and us.”

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