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Who Invented Christmas Day? Get to Know the Story Behind the Christmas Day?

what do we know about origin of christmas

Since long back people assume that Christmas has been celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. But Christmas as a festival or holiday did not begin until few years after Jesus Christ’s birth and death. Moreover, the actual day of birth of Lord Jesus is unclear as of now. In this article we are going to reveal some facts about who invented Christmas day? And many more details regarding this.

So guys keep scrolling down and get to know more about favourite Christmas day in this article.

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Who Invented Christmas Day?

Some history and theories says that the Christmas celebrations is related to the Jewish festival of lights and at this time Lord Jesus Christ was born. Several other people relate it with the Roman holiday of Saturnalia and it was a celebration of the births of few roman gods.

As per the catholic theory, Christmas or Mass of Christ was not one of the earliest celebrations of catholic church. But in several places around the holy land, begun in around 200 AD, masses celebrating Jesus Christ’s day of birth became annual festival.

In the 4th century, numerous churches were decided to celebrate 25th December as the Christmas day.

Technically we can say Roman invented the Christmas day, also there is no specific person who would have been credited for the invention of Christmas day.

who invented christmas?

There are numerous theories regarding why 25th December would have been chosen as a Christmas day. One say that it coincide with the winter solstice. It also coincided with ancient Roman pagan midwinter festivals Saturnalia and it honours the Roman god Saturn.

How Christmas Day is Celebrated in America?

In early years, Christmas was a mixed bag in America. Several people with Puritan beliefs banned Christmas due to its pagan origins as well as the raucous nature of the festival. Whereas other immigrants who are arriving from Europe continued with the customs of their homelands.

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When Did Christmas Invented?

Christmas as a holiday officially started more likely around the fourth century. However, lets back up a bit. As per the history channel, winter has always been a time of celebrations even before the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

who invented christmas?

Moreover, Christianity wasn’t first celebrated Christ’s birth because Easter was the main festival of them. The bible didn’t even mentioned the particular birth date of Jesus Christ, however it was thought to have taken place on 6th of January instead of 25th December. And this day still belongs to the Juvenalia holiday.

Why Do We Call 25th December as Christmas Day?

Well, the answer for this question isn’t not much complicated as you might thought of, as per Newsweek, the word Christmas is a combination of two words which are Christ and mass.

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What are the reasons we celebrate Christmas?

who invented christmas?

Celebration of Christmas day is filled with delight, cheerful and worship. People go to church, sing carols and also participate in several religious services, exchange gifts, decorate their homes with lights, followers and get together as a family of Christmas day.

On Christmas eve, churches around the world perform evening services. Plenty of churches perform candle service as midnight.

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