Who exactly is Jayson Tatum’s spouse? Learn About the Dating Life of Each Player on the Boston Celtics


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Who exactly is Jayson Tatum’s spouse? Learn About the Dating Life of Each Player on the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics are consistently positioned near the top of the list at the top of the eastern conference rankings in the NBA these days.

This is something you will notice if you look at the rankings. This is primarily due to players like Jayson Tatum, who is still relatively young but already a superstar and has completely taken over the league.

Tatum may be young, but he acts much more experienced than his years would indicate on the court. Let’s investigate whether or not Jayson Tatum is married, and if he is, who is the happy couple’s name?

Is Jayson Tatum Already a Family Man?

The correct response is “No” Jayson Tatum has not tied the knot as of yet. His devoted followers are eagerly anticipating his wedding and want to know when it will take place as well as who will be his happy wife. He has been romantically involved with the same woman for a significant amount of time.

He was born in the state of Missouri twenty-one years ago. The athlete has a sibling named Kayden, as well as a brother named Jaycob Tatum. Because he was involved in sports while he was in high school, the Boston Celtics drafted him to be a member of their professional team.

After being selected in the NBA Draft, the club made the decision to sign him two years ago. As a first-year player for the Celtics, Jayson Christopher Tatum notched 20 points, and he was the first player in franchise history to reach 25 points in a playoff game. The Celtics would not have qualified for the 2018 NBA playoffs without Jayson’s assistance.

In 2015, the athlete competed for the United States of America in both the FIBA U19 and FIBA U17 tournaments.

Wife of Jayson Tatum

Because Jayson Tatum has not yet tied the knot, he does not currently have a partner to share his life with. The fact that many professional athletes in the NFL and NBA marry at a young age is one of the most interesting aspects of their careers.

During their time in college, many athletes date the women who have been there for them throughout their athletic careers, whether they were in high school, college, or the professional ranks. Even though Jayson Tatum is not married at the moment, he has been in a relationship with a woman for quite some time.

The Relationships of Jayson: He Has a Large Amount of Female Admirers

Even though Jayson Christopher Tatum is not currently in a relationship, there are persistent rumors that he is romantically interested in the singer Ella Mai. Jayson Tatum is said to have flown to Ella Mai’s concert in Baltimore at one point, according to a source.

Even though they have not publicly acknowledged that they are a couple, the presence of one of them at the other’s performances has raised eyebrows. On the basketball court, Jayson Christopher Tatum is a legend for his heroic play.

This diverts attention away from the other sexual orientation. Because Jayson has a history of being involved with more than one woman at the same time, there has been a lot of conflict with his previous girlfriends and his son’s mother.

When Jayson first met his ex-girlfriend, Samie Amos, they were both students at the same university. She was in her second year at the time. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out, and Samie went on to play volleyball at Duke. In 2018, she discussed their separation in an Instagram post in which she tagged Jayson Christopher Tatum.

She made the following statement: “You think you played me?” Who did not win in the end? What, exactly, have I got to be sad about?

She didn’t sugarcoat anything when it came to her post or Jayson’s betrayal. A number of days after the initial post, Amos removed the photo from his Instagram account.

Toriah Lachelle’s connection to the relationship

“A young man who did not value what I had accomplished.” That was a portion of the infamous post that was made on Instagram. Even in an interview, Sami explained the reasoning behind why she makes comments on Instagram.

Toriah Lachelle and Jayson Tatum are parents to a child together. The two began dating after Jayson Tatum broke up with his previous girlfriend, Samie Amos.

Jayson Tatum has had a relationship with Toriah Lachell, his girlfriend, ever since they were in high school together. Both during Jayson’s time as an undergraduate at Duke and his transition into the NBA, they have remained close friends despite the time that has passed since they first met in high school.

Who exactly is the mother of Jayson Tatum’s son?

Jayson Tatum, the athlete, is a father to a child. Jayson Tatum Junior is the name of the child. Even though they are not married, Jayson Tatum and his girlfriend Toriah are already parents to one child together.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. was born on December 7, 2017, the same day that his father, Jayson Christopher Tatum, Sr., led the Celtics to victory over the Mavericks with a double-double performance.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Junior was born on December 6, 2017, and he will turn four years old in December 2022. Toriah gave birth to their son on December 6, 2017, and his name is Jayson Christopher Tatum Junior. Jayson is a responsible and caring parent who lives up to his responsibilities.

There have also been rumors that he dumped his former girlfriend Samie Amos for his baby mom Toriah Lechelle. Samie Amos is the woman who gave birth to his child.


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On her various social media accounts, his son’s mother has shared a number of glowing comments about her son, who is named Jayson. She compliments him on the fact that he is a responsible father.

Jayson Christopher Tatum is so devoted to the image of his son that he even has it permanently etched on his body. She published an article on Father’s Day, and she and her partner were both present at the dedication of their new child.