Who Dakota Johnson Dating? All Secrets Relating to the Dating History Revealed!


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Dakota Johnson is notorious for a many effects Her amusement in pictures like Netflix’s Persuasion, Fifty tones of Grey and Cha Cha Real Smooth; her parents( Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson); calling out Ellen DeGeneres on her own show; lying about enjoying limes and, to a lower degree, her love life.

 As one of the truly, putatively painlessly cool girls of the Nepotism Baby generation, Johnson’s particular life is largely under the radar, indeed though she’s presently dating anA-lister. Find out Dakota Johnson’s courting history and the verity about some of the rumors about her romantic life.

 Did Cara Delevingne Date Dakota Johnson?

 Cara Delevingne has been bruited to be involved, at one point or another, with everyone from Harry Styles to Rita Ora and Selena Gomez, and openly dated Michelle Rodriguez and Ashley Benson but there is little suggestion she’s ever been romantically involved with Dakota Johnson.

 They spent Johnson’s 27th birthday together in October 2016 and they hung out with Taylor Swift a bunch during the same period, but it’s hard to tell if there was actually anything beyond platonic fellowship going on or if everyone in the world was just hopeless to have two It Girls together.

who dakota johnson dating

 How Long Has Dakota Johnson Dated Chris Martin?

 Dakota Johnson and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin have been dating since 2017, clocking in at nearly five times together as of this jotting.

 “ We ’ve been together for quite a while, ” Johnson told Elle UK of their love. “ And we go out occasionally but we both work so much that it’s nice to be at home and be cozy and private. utmost of the partying takes place inside my house. ”

 How Numerous times Has Dakota Johnson Been Married?

 Dakota Johnson has noway been married. She has, still, been in long- term connections with Jordan Masterson, Matthew Hitt and presently Chris Martin.

 Who’s Dakota Johnson’s Love Interest?

 Dakota Johnson’s current real- life mate is Chris Martin. Her onscreen love interests, still, have included Jamie Dornan, Cosmo Jarvis, Henry Golding, Nicholas Braun, Anders Holm, Paul Mescal, Oliver Jackson- Cohen, Jason Segel, Dominic Cooper, Matthias Schoenaerts, Raúl Castillo and further.

 How Long Did Dakota Johnson Date Jordan Masterson?

 Dakota Johnson and Jordan Masterson dated for about two times. In September 2013, it was reported they’d been together for roughly a time.

In an interview for the March 2014 issue of Elle, Johnson gushed about Masterson’s Christmas present for her” He gave me double cesspools! He did it himself. I suppose double cesspools are the key to any relationship.”

who dakota johnson dating

 January 2021 Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Move into a Home in Malibu Together

 By early 2021, Johnson and Martin moved into a participated home in Malibu. Shortly after their move, a source told PEOPLE that while Johnson” sounded like further of a megacity girl” in the early days of their relationship, she was enjoying life in Malibu.

” She seems to enjoy it as much as Chris does,” the source said.” They both love the outside and frequently take sand ambles. They also support original caffs .”

July 2021 Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin go on a romantic Spain flight

 In July 2021, Martin and Johnson were seen in Palma de Mallorca during a summer holiday . The brace were spotted walking arm in arm and taking a boat lift off the seacoast.

 October 2021 Chris Martin Dedicates a Coldplay Song to Dakota Johnson

 While Martin infrequently speaks intimately about his relationship with Johnson, during a Coldplay musicale in London in 2021, the songster gave his gal a touching cry out.

 In a videotape captured by a addict, Martin introduced the song” My Universe” by saying,” This is about my macrocosm, and she’s then.” Johnson can also be seen dancing in the frontal row of the deck.

 November 2021 Dakota Johnson‘s father opens up about his son’s relationship with Chris Martin

 While Don Johnson may have been reluctant about his son’s relationship with Martin in its early days, by November 2021, he appeared to be a big addict of her mate.

 When asked about the rumors of an engagement on Good Day New York, he said,” Oh god. I do not suppose much further than about the coming seven or eight seconds.”

who dakota johnson dating

” But hear, if she’s happy, I’ll be happy, and he is a lovely joe,” he continued.” And if she decides to get wedded, I would imagine that there would be grandchildren not too far out for that. I’d be enough agitated about that part.”

 December 2021 Dakota Johnson Talks about Her Life with Chris Martin

 In December 2021, Johnson opened up about their day- to- day lives in an interview with Elle.

 For the utmost part, she explained, her and Martin’s diurnal routine is enough quiet.” We have been together for quite a while, and we go out occasionally, but we both work so much that it’s nice to be at home and be cozy and private,” she said.” utmost of the partying takes place inside my house.”

 In an interview with The Hollywood journalist one month previous, Johnson revealed that she and Martin were spending a lot of their time staying in and carousing Squid Game.

 January 2022 Chris Martin Crashes Dakota Johnson’s Zoom Event

 In January 2022, Johnson and Martin handed another regard into their relationship when Martin compactly crashed a Sundance Film Festival Zoom event.

 During a drone interview for the film Cha Cha Real Smooth, Johnson gabbled with canvasser Charlie Sextro, costar Vanessa Burghardt and director and pen Cooper Raiff. When Sextro introduced Johnson to the call, there was a brief moment of silence as she tried to connect.

 A many moments latterly, Johnson’s videotape connected to show her roaring with Martin who had supposedly helped his gal with her specialized difficulties. Martin snappily gave a peace sign and left the room.

 October 16, 2022 Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Are Seen Tromping in Malibu

 Johnson and Martin were seen visiting a Malibu sand, their arms around each other as they walked barefoot through the beach. The 50 tones of Grey actress looked cozy in a white sweater and argentine sweatpants while Martin was mugged in a argentine T- shirt with blue track pants.

who dakota johnson dating

November 2022 Dakota Johnson Dances at a Coldplay Musicale in Argentina

 suckers spotted Johnson, who was casually sheathe in color- block jeans and a tank top, supporting Martin at a Coldplay musicale in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the TikTok videotape, she can be seen dancing and signaling to the crowd.


 It’s “ Us Against the World! ” Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have kept their love fairly private but their story is as sweet as any love song.

Us Weekly simply verified in December 2017 that the Coldplay songster had moved on with the Fifty tones of Grey star lower than two times after his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow was perfected in July 2016. The spouses who partake son Apple and son Moses — blazoned their “ conscious uncoupling ” in March 2014 after a decade of marriage.

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