Who Are the Island Boy rappers : Who Are They and Why Are They So Popular?


Saloni Singh

The Island Boys have become all in all a web sensation after their free-form rap melody “Island Boy” exploded on the web. The Florida twins sang a free-form “Ima island boy” acapella in their outside pool and got a huge number of perspectives and preferences on TikTok.

Many individuals have now gone into the test of reproducing the twins’ haircut, tattoos and play out the melody in a manner to impersonate the twins. You actually may be pondering, who are the Island Boys?

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Who Are The Island Boys?

The Island Boys‘ genuine names are Alex and Franky Venegas. They are rappers from Florida who are indistinguishable twins. They were brought into the world on July sixteenth, 2001. They go by rap names Flyysoulja, and Kodiyakredd individually.

who are the island boy rappers

Where Could the Island Boys From be?

The Island Boys are from West Palm Beach, Florida. They were raised by a single parent. Their dad died when they were each main six years of age.

While they went to great schools, they immediately became miscreants. They are not bashful to demonstrate their awful boy notoriety. They’ve even posted recordings via virtual entertainment of the two with house capture wristbands on.

Alex and Franky said they had been captured since they were 13 for thefts and burglaries and even were shipped off independent adolescent habitats.

What Is People’s Take On The Island Boys Songs?

Very much like some other superstars, the well-known tiktok twins have had a decent amount of negative remarks and responses from the general population.

The Island Boys were visitors on Youtuber, Logan Paul’s online web recording, Impaulsive, Episode 305 when a verbal squabble with Paul’s co-have, George Janko caused some pressure among he and the Venegas siblings. The twins strolled off the set and finished the meeting.

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While many individuals are readily getting into the test of reproducing their Island boy tikok, some have scorned the tune’s verses and style.

The Island Boys’ Tune Became a Web Sensation in October 2021 and Turned Into an Image

In October of last year, a brief video of the Venegas siblings singing by a pool became famous online. It was initially presented on October 12 on a TikTok account having a place with Franky where it has been seen very nearly 20 million times.

After two days it was re-transferred to Twitter with the subtitle “Florida ain’t a genuine spot,” where it has gotten north of 10 million perspectives.

In the 1-brief video, the siblings can be heard rapping, “‘Cause I’m an island boy, and I’ve been attempting to make it/Oh, I’m an island boy/Ayy, Imma just island boy, I’m simply island boy.”

This prompted them being named “The Island Boys” by watchers. The shockingly snappy tune and the pair’s unmistakable appearance helped transform the video into an image, and the first strong has now been utilized in more than 100,000 TikTok recordings.

who are the island boy rappers

One More Interpretation of the Melody Was Presented for Alex on October 21 and Has Been Seen 55 Million Times

As indicated by LadBible, the virality of the melody prompted rapper Kodak Black proposing to sign the team to his record name. The siblings likewise delivered a full music video for the track on December 4 which has more than 4 million perspectives.

Yet, their prosperity was fleeting. On November 25, a clasp seeming to show the siblings being booed and pestered while playing out the tune at a Miami club was posted on TikTok and immediately turned into a web sensation, storing up 19.6 million perspectives.

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The Island Boys begin fighting with Jake and Logan Paul in the wake of stomping off Logan’s digital recording in December 2021

On December 14, YouTuber Logan Paul posted episode 305 of his webcast “Impaulsive,” named “The Island Boys Interview.”

Around 30 minutes into the meeting, the pair conflicted with co-have George Janko, who recommended they put their profit in the event that their music vocation didn’t work out. The siblings answered that they didn’t require monetary counsel, with Alex saying, “I presumably get more cash-flow than you.”

The siblings left the recording. Prior to leaving, Alex can heard say, “You know me from Island Boys yet you know I’m thugging, brother, right?”

Paul, Janko, and co-have Mike Majlak proceeded with their discussion. “It’s a shtick, the entire thing’s a fucking shtick,” Paul said.

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A few days after the fact, Logan’s sibling and YouTube star Jake Paul battled proficient fighter Tyron Woodley in a confining match Tampa, Florida. It seemed the Island Boys and Jake were enjoying a positive outlook — the twins even sang a rendition of “Island Boy” called “Fighter Boy” on the side of Jake.

who are the island boy rappers


Are the Island Boys Rappers?

Both Alex and Franky Venegas have a rapper name that they perform rap-like verses under. While the music business likes to consider them a joke, in fact by this definition, they are viewed as rappers.

What Is the Island Boy Song?

The principal music video delivered by the Venegas twins is called ‘I’m an Island Boy’ and is frequently alluded to in mainstream society as the Island Boy Song.

What Are the Island Boy Lyrics?

The Island Boy tune rose to prominence rapidly on account of its rehashed verses, “ima island boy” and “I’m simply an Island boy.” The remainder of the Island Boy verses incorporate loads of discuss weapons, gazing into the sun, and needing to come to the highest point of society.

who are the island boy rappers


Maybe the most questionable figures to emerge from TikTok are two twin siblings referring to themselves as “The Island Boys.”

With various tattoos, particular hairdos, jewel teeth, and tunes about being an “island boy,” 20-year-olds Franky and Alex Venegas immediately circulated around the web as “Kodiyakredd” and “Flyysoulja,” separately.

Today, they have a consolidated TikTok following of over 8.6 million and have fought with virtual entertainment’s unique disputable siblings, Jake and Logan Paul, TikTok star Bryce Hall, and, surprisingly, grabbed the eye of Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, who derided them on their satire exceptional “2021 and Done.”

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