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White House Press Secretary Defends Trump


David Mudd

Who is Kayleigh McEnany – and why is she saying nice things about Donald Trump?

Who Is Kayleigh McEnany?

For all those who have no clue about Kayleigh McEnany, well, she’s the current press secretary of the White House.

The daughter of a contractor, McEnany had moved to Washington after her college, and studied politics for a year at Oxford, post which she served an internship in the Bush White House.

Her Media Game (White House)

Kayleigh had apparently said in February, how she’d not let Coronavirus or any disastrous disease of that sort, enter America.

On being asked by the reporters, whether or not, she’d like to take that false prediction back, she grinned and said she has similar questions to ask the media herself.

She left quite after, avoiding all the questions and shouts of protests and reverberations from the reporters.

Probably knowing she had failed, probably still not accepting her baseless prognosis.

White House

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Her Enigma (White House)

What’s amusing about her is how polish she is. A staunch Christian, who is stunningly devote to Trump, knows her deal and is manageable in every field at the ripe age of just 32.

She’s confident, stares right into the camera and is anything but edgy. She exudes confidence, one of the reasons why believing her comes off pretty naturally.

What The Critics Had To Say

Ann Coulter, a media-pundit and author, tweeted about McEany, saying she was the gorgeous, conservative Christian who was delineate by nature to infuriate every MSNBC viewer.

Critics, on the other hand, go on to say that McEany tries too hard to elucidate what clearly can’t be described. She basically apologizes for every wrong that Trump had committed, without actually apologizing.

They went on to say she’s only a go-getter and doesn’t have any faith or a specific ideology whatsoever.

They even said that being a Christian, she defends someone who’s racist and patriarchal and if this isn’t the worst of all sin, then there’s nothing at all.

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