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White House Coronavirus Cases Could Lead To Trump’s Downfall


David Mudd

White House COVID cases contradict Trump’s message on opening

The Impact Of The Pandemic

For those of you who have no clue whatsoever, President Trump, in a recent speech, spoke about a few things related to Coronavirus.

First and foremost was that every state could reopen and kickstart their degraded economy now.

The second was about the unsolicited assertion that diagnostic testing is of little to no importance at this hour.

Pay attention when I say this, three TOP health officers, who were a member of the White House are quarantining.

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Procession About Health Demise

I’m sure you know why, by now. This was after Trump’s valet and a few other dignitaries tested positive.

So now the real question arises, that if those men who work in such safe sophistry can infect themselves THIS easily, how can the rest of the countrymen resume working?

How are the other humans expected to resume going to the workplace when the situation is still a mess?

Trump had himself spoken of wearing masks all the darn time and not wanting to be around any single one who hasn’t been tested.

What does he have to say now, we can’t help but wonder. What about the fact that the closest to him were infected and he was so breezy initially, regarding all this?

And although researchers have time and again talked about the importance of testing so as to make sense of the penetration of the virus, President Trump had very easily announced how limited the need of diagnostic testing is.

If At All The Situation Can Be Managed

What’s distressing and amusing at the same time, is how the White House members came to be known to have tested positive right when Trump and his administration were cutting loose on all the necessary precautions.
In the middle of the worst public health attack, the Trump administration has turned out to be an ‘absolute chaotic disaster’ for real.