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White House Announces No Further Trump Public Appearances


David Mudd

White House says no Trump public appearances Sunday, ending speculation he’d give television address

The White House

The White House announced on Sunday, that is, the 31st of May, that President Donald Trump would not appear on camera today.

They apparently ended all talk that he might address the nation regarding the protests seen across the country.

Television news hosts had suggested a speech by the president might be in the cards.

Although, soon after, in the morning, the White House declared that the president was not going to be seen on camera.

There had been no public events scheduled for the president, they went on to suggest.

Trump’s Remarks

Democrats, of course, but also one Republican governor criticized Trump’s language on the entire scene regarding George Floyd.

There were violent protests in various cities of America and huge unrest could be seen.

Plenty of hosts, TV personalities, celebrities and anchors have come out to shut Trump up because he only makes matters worse.

The U.S. would undeniably label the anti-fascist movement known as Antifa as a terrorist organization, he said.

The National Guard troops called up by the Democratic governor of Minnesota had done a great job, he added.

Donald Trump

Trump’s Rescuer

Then came to Trump’s rescue, a White House national-security adviser named Robert O’Brien.

He described criticism of Trump’s response to the protests as misplaced.

Robert went on to say that the president is with the peaceful protesters. How? I have the same question.

He said that the tweet posted by Trump about the protesters going to come face-to-face with  “ominous weapons” and “vicious dogs,” wasn’t a threat.

He also defended Trump’s ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ remark.

Robert said it was just an effort by the president to vividly de-escalate violence.