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The official trailer for the White Bird: A Wonder Story has been released. Fans were expecting the movie to happen for a long time. As the official trailer is finally here, fans are wondering what could happen in the film. It should be noted that this film is a sequel to Stephen Chbosky’s 2017 film Wonder, which was again a masterpiece and received positive ratings from the audience. 

Though this film has already attracted a huge crowd and the movie is already finalizing its final set-up, the viewers have already speculated its details from the online platform. 

If you are someone who wants to know everything about this movie then don’t worry. In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the upcoming movie in detail. Continue reading the article to find out everything.

White Bird: A Wonder Story – Everything You need to Know!

White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date

White Bird: A Wonder Story is an upcoming film that is adapted from 2017’s film Wonder. The upcoming film is a coming-to-age war drama. Lionsgate has already released the video, showcasing some of the glimpses from the movie series. 

Adapted from the 2017’s movie, Wonder which starred Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts as the main lead. The story focus on a young boy who has an uncommon facial expression. The film centers around the boy who started to went to elementary into high school and moves around his life. The main idea behind the move was to portray the message that physical differences among people are common and neither you nor I should judge someone according to them. It was a great social film with an amazing message and centers the world around them to think about their behavior towards the people. 

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Coming back to the sequel of Wonder, the movie follows Julian, a young teenager who was expelled from school after his ill-treatment by August Pullman. Now, he is struggling to get into the new school because of his old school’s problems. 

In the official trailer, the movie shows that Julian has been trying hard to adjust to the new school. Along with this, Helen Mirren plays the role of Julian’s grandmother who is teaching him why he was expelled from the college. We will see how her grandmother will teach her own story over time. 

It seems like the creators are again trying to portray the social evils of society. Bullying has always been ill-treatment by people toward others. There will be a lot of things to see in the upcoming movie. 

White Bird: A Wonder Story – When is it going to Release?

With the official trailer being released, fans are wondering about the release date of the movie. The officials have finally revealed the release date for the upcoming movie. It should be noted that White Bird: A wonder story is officially confirmed to release on 14 October 2022. 

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The movie is scheduled to release on the given date. There are no updates on the movie to release on streaming platforms. It’s been seen that the movie gets the OTT platform once they are done premiering in the theater. 

White Bird: A Wonder Story – What is it About?
White Bird: A Wonder Story

The movie follows Julian, a young boy who has been trying to get over his past. White Bird: A wonder story follows the sequel of ‘Wonder’ which featured August, a physically disturbed kid. Julian was expelled from the school for his ill behavior in August. After being expelled from the school. He tried to go to the new place where things were not the same for him because of what he had done earlier. 

Her grandmother has also played a huge role. In the trailer, we have seen glimpses of how she is trying to tell him about his own mistakes. The film will feature Julian and his story to find the right. The movie will take you along to the Hitler era, where a young Jewish girl has faced problems because of her Jewish Heritage. 

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Furthermore, Her struggles were beyond the imagination of the young kid. Julian’s grandmother will tell her story of how she survived in the Era and how her schoolmates used to bully her because of her Jewish nature. The movie suddenly drops the World War II era when things were more fascinating. It shows how one should never leave kindness from their heart.

In the upcoming film, we are going to see how the movie will play an important role for Julian and how it will teach a lesson to him.  Written by Mark Bomback, the movie has beautifully written every single story for the viewers so that they can see what mankind is. Human nature and kindness are all about. Just like Wonder, this movie will be inspiring and have multiple things that the viewers can see. This shows that anyone can leave a great impression on someone’s mind. 

The official synopsis says, “A girl in Nazi-occupied France goes into hiding with help from a schoolmate — a young man who risks everything to give her the chance to survive. Together, they find beauty and love in the secret world of their creation.” 

White Bird: A Wonder Story Cast: Who is in it?

White Bird: A Wonder Story Cast

Directed by Marc Forster, the upcoming movie has already confirmed its cast. The show will feature Ariella Glaser as younger Sara and will take you along to her life back in world war II. Along with her, we’ll be going to see Helen Mirren as Grandmère / Older Sara. Orlando Schwerdt will be going to play Julian I, Bryce Gheisar as Julian Albans, Gillian Anderson as Vivienne, and Jo Stone-Fewings

Is there any official Trailer to watch?

Thankfully, the official trailer has already been released. Since the release date for the show has already dropped, there is no wonder that the officials would have released the trailer. If by any chance you have missed the trailer then don’t worry, here is the official trailer of the upcoming movie. 

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