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Which Are The Top 10 VIN Diesel Movies?

From the iconic Dom in Fast and furious to the cute Groot in Guardians of the galaxy, we have chosen which are the top 10 best movies by Vin Diesel. So check out the further article and gets to know more about it.

Now, Vin Diesel is back on the big screen with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder on 8th July 2022. Though Vin hasn’t actually been seen as Groot it is so much loved by the audience. Vin has plenty of other movies in his list of credits.

VIN is best associated with the Fast and furious series so this one inevitably dominates in the list of top movies of Vin Diesel. He is also well known for his certain other movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and many more.

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Riddick (2013)

This movie is a stream on HBO max.

Well, it is quite confusing to choose which is the best movie between Riddick and The Chronicles of Riddick.

The third part features the same horror element than is enjoyed by fans. The movie sees the titular protagonist stranded on a scorched planet where he has to contend with alien predators and mercenaries.

top 10 vin diesel movies

In fast and Furious Vin portrayed Dominic Toretto plenty of times at the time of the release of Riddick. So fans are excited to see him once again play his iconic roles.

The dark atmosphere of Riddick might not be for everyone but the enthusiasts of the series get exactly what they needed.


Pitch Black

This movie is streaming on Peacock.

Before becoming famous worldwide, Pitch Black served as one of his first leading roles. It sees Richard B. Riddick attempting to come up with a plan with the surviving crew of a crashed spaceship to survive the hostile environment of a desert planet.

This movie used heavy horror elements in it and the actor showed his acting skills very well. Although, this movie didn’t set critical opinion alight. This movie is connected with the film audience and it continues as Vin’s most watched movie by fans.

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The Chronicle of Riddick (2004)

The sequel to Pitch Black veered into action territory, with Riddick going up against an invading army that plans to invade a planet to kill all its population.

The Chronicles of Riddick boasted a bigger budget than the original and a PG-13 rating to attract younger viewers, which didn’t work too well at the box office.


Guardians of The Galaxy (2014)

This movie is streaming on Disney +

In this movie, the audience were not able to see Vin but he is loved by them. Vin is present in the movie by giving voice to Groot.

top 10 vin diesel movies

In this movie, Groot was the bravest among the group of Guardians of the galaxy. He is also notable as a funny and adorable member of the group and eventually, he sacrifices his life to save his friends.

This film has received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics as well as the audience.


Furious 7 (2015)

This movie is streaming on Fubo TV. This was a memorable send-off to Paul Walker which gathered a lot of hype for Furious 7. This was a final adventure for Walker’s character  Brian O’Conner.

Obviously, the lead character in this movie is Diesel’s Dominic Toretto who goes on a globetrotting mission with his crew to fight against Deckard Shaw.

top 10 vin diesel movies

This movie is hugely appreciated for its final scene where Dom and Brian say their final Goodbye which was really hearted whelming for fast and furious fans. The film did not like much as other movies of Fast & Furious do.


Fast & Furious (2009)

This movie is streaming on Peacock.

The fourth instalment in the Fast & Furious series saw the reunion of Dom and Brian, both of whom hadn’t shared the screen since the first part. It still features car chases as its primary form of entertainment as in the previous three instalments, but Fast & Furious also packs in notable fight sequences.

This movie is all about Dom and Brian’s pursuit of the people responsible for the death of Dom’s girlfriend and her name is Letty.

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F9 (2021)

Well, there are very few cheesy scenes present in F9. It is something that Fast and Furious series fans looking forwards to. This movie reveals Dom’s brother Jakob who is on a mission to place a deadly device in space.

top 10 vin diesel movies

In this movie, they have shown the brother’s conflict.


Fast and Furious 6(2013)

The sixth instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise is where things started going off the rails. It sees Dom reassembling his crew to stop Owen Shaw’s team, along with his mission of reuniting with the amnesiac Letty who’s working for Shaw. Fast & Furious 6’s plot isn’t the most logical, which helps in keeping the focus on the action.

From Dom leaping over a bridge and saving Letty in midair to the crew taking down an entire plane using their cars, Fast & Furious 6 is pure high-octane entertainment. Fans like to keep it for their rewatching of the series, as the film carries a fast-paced atmosphere filled with Dom’s trademark stoicism and one-liners.


Fast Five (2011)

This movie is streaming on Peacock.

This always ranks the best movie among all other Vin Diesel movies. Dom took things to a great stage in this movie.

Fast Five opened up the series to be more accessible to mainstream audiences and the introduction of The Rock as Luke Hobbs brought in millions of viewers. It still represents a peak for the series where both critical and fan reviews are concerned, remaining very watchable over a decade later.

Check out the trailer of this incredible movie below


The Fast and Furious (2001)

This movie always stays top in the list of fans because it stayed forever in the hearts of viewers of this movie. The friendship of Dom and Brian in this movie is something that feels heart-touching.

This movie is all about Brian’s infiltration into Dom’s crew to find out all the illegal dealing but ultimately he becomes part of the crew. The performance of the cast is incredible.

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These are the Top 10 best movies by Vin Diesel. Of course, it will change as more Vin’s movies arrive in upcoming years. But for now, these are the best movies of VIN which have touched the hearts of fans. So they always eagerly wait for Vin Diesel’s movie. And his movies always bang the theatres.

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