Where To Watch The Outwaters On Streaming Channel? Buzz  About The Story of The Outwaters!


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Looking for Where To Watch The Outwaters on streaming channel? Check out this guide to find out how to stream or rent the horror film, featuring a group of friends who venture into it. The movie “The Outwaters” is presently playing in some cinemas, but some people might decide to wait to watch it there so that no one else sees their horrifying breakdown when the fight-or-flight reactions kick in.

How To Stream The Outwaters?

Friday, February 17, 2023, “The Outwaters” will only be accessible on Screambox, a prominent digital streaming service that also hosts “Terrifier 2” This horror-focused site was created by Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting and features a large library of horror content, including carefully chosen new releases and limited-edition titles that are unavailable on other streaming services.

You can access Screambox through Amazon Prime Video, which is currently offering a free 7-day trial, followed by a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. Screambox can also be accessed through YouTube or The Roku Channel. If you prefer to rent the movie instead, you can find it on Google Play Movies and Apple TV for $5.99, while Vudu is charging $9.99.On VOD, you may also purchase and rent the movie.

where to watch the outwaters streaming channel

It’s important to note that the film is currently not available for streaming in the UK, but a release date may be announced soon, with late March or April 2023 being a possible time frame

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With a tiered pricing structure that includes an ad-supported subscription for just $2.25 a month and a premium subscription for $4.99 per month, Screambox is an affordable choice for horror fans. Screambox is a platform that shouldn’t be disregarded if you’re a fan of horror and are looking for a broad and comprehensive collection of horror content.

Trailer of The Outwaters

The disappearance of four vacationers during a camping trip in the hot sun. The four are sent on an insane journey of relentless fear into a world of darkness that no human was ever supposed to experience one night, and everything changes.

This is just a trailer, and you will get goosebumps. Just wait and watch what will the movie do to you. Go and tell your friends about this movie who are horror lovers.

Buzz  About The Story of The Outwaters

“The Outwaters” follows a group of friends, including Robbie (played by Banfitch), his brother Scott (Scott Schamell), Ange (Angela Basolis), and Michelle (Michelle May), as they venture into the Mojave Desert to shoot a music video.

However, things quickly take a dark turn, as indicated by a disturbing 911 call at the start of the film. The majority of the movie is presented as found footage captured by Robbie’s camera, which documents the events leading up to the group’s ill-fated journey

Cast of The Outwaters

“The Outwaters” will feature real-life mother and son duo Leslie Ann Banfitch and Robbie Banfitch playing the roles of Leslie and Robbie Zagorac, respectively. The two have previously worked together on the film “White Light” in 2007 and will also appear in two other upcoming movies, “Tinsman Road” and “Exvallis.”

where to watch the outlander streaming

In addition to his acting role, Robbie Banfitch is also credited as the executive producer, writer, and director of “The Outwaters,” as well as the other films mentioned. The rest of the cast includes Scott Schamell as Scott Zagorac, Angela Basolis as Ange Bocuzzi, and Michelle May as Michelle August.

Who Are  Makers of The Outwaters?

The production businesses behind all of Robbie Banfitch’s other endeavors, including 5100 Pictures and Fathom Films, are part of the Outwaters. The Outwaters will eventually be streamable on the SCREAMBOX platform because it was just revealed that it is a SCREAMBOX original. All North American rights to The Outwaters are owned collectively by SCREAMBOX, Bloody Disgusting, and Cinedigm.

The Outwaters Review

Fans of the horror genre have been given another spooky experience with Robbie Banfitch’s “The Outwaters” following the release of Kyle Edward Ball’s unsettling analog horror film “Skinamarink.” The film is compared to the well-known “Blair Witch Project,” but it also stands out as a distinct and individual work of filmmaking, according to a review by Lex Brisuco at /Film.

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The movie has a unique take on the cosmic terror that occasionally even feels dangerous. It is compelling and spine-tingling. It’s the kind of discovered video movie that could hold your attention for hours, much as how preteens around the turn of the millennium were morbidly fascinated by surfing unrestricted online forums.

Rating Of The Outwaters

On Rotten Tomatoes, it presently has a 77% rating, and the critics who like it, really enjoy it. The Daily Beast called it “an amazingly fresh take on The Blair Witch Project,” while iHORROR called it “the most unsettling film of the year” and the “next cult horror movie.”

Best Ride For Horror Lovers

“The Outwaters” is a horror film that follows a group of friends on a camping trip that quickly takes a dark turn. The movie is currently playing in cinemas but can also be streamed on Screambox, a horror-focused digital streaming service that offers a wide range of horror content. Overall, “The Outwaters” has received positive reviews and is considered a fresh take on found footage horror, making it a must-watch for horror fans.

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