Where to Watch the 2021 Film “OLD”: A Movie That  Blends Philosophical Themes With Horror? 



The philosophical themes of life, death and time are known to every human. But when all these themes are mixed and painted on a HORROR canvas, we get a cinematic masterpiece movie OLD. This movie is perfect for this Halloween season, and you will get a taste of a genre never covered before.

The unique and intriguing plot earned a spot for the film in Netflix’s ENTER IF YOU DARE collection. The category is HORROR REIMAGINED. In this article we will share every info with you and where you can watch it. So, buckle up for plot, casts and much more.

Quick Highlights

Genre Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Cast Gael Garcia Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Swell, Alex Wollf and many more.
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Running Time 109 minutes
Released on 23 July 2021  (US)
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Where to Stream? Netflix

Scroll down the page and find the compelling storyline and the movie squad information you are looking for. Still want more doses of shivers, then Welcome The Shivers In The Modern Horror Classics on Netflix. 

Plot Of The Movie

A family of four arrives at a luxurious resort for one last family vacation. They are joined by 3 other families at a secluded beach, where they are taken by the resort manager. Everything seems perfect, but they soon realize that the beach is ageing them. The time at the beach runs at a very fast pace, making them age one year in just 30 minutes.

8 year old Maddox and 6 year old Trent are teenagers now. At Least one member from each family suffers from a disease. As the time passes, everyone is getting old and are engulfed by death. Only Maddox and Trent are left. If you are a Flanagan fan, then explore where you can watch THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER.

They found a diary of a previous victim and realized that they are under surveillance. They tried one last attempt for survival. The beach is a research ground for a pharmaceutical company and the resort provides them with the research subjects in the form of tourists. The company intends to complete the life-long trial on those subjects.

Where to Watch the 2021 Film “old” A Movie That  Blends Philosophical Themes With Horror

Will they be able to escape the deadly beach? Will the dark secrets of the company and resort ever come to light? Find out by yourself by streaming OLD only on Netflix. This movie is based on a novel named Sandcastle which ends without explaining why the beach ages its guests.

Cast And Ensemble

The success of “Old” can be attributed in part to its talented cast. The movie has several stars as characters have their whole life span in the movie. Many actors play a single character but at different ages of the character. Check out Netflix Cheat Sheet for Hidden Codes.

Let’s take the character Trent Cappa. Adult Trent is played by Emun Elliott while teenage Trent is Alex Wolff. 6 year old Trent is played by Nolan River, and 11 year old Trent is Luca Faustino Rodriguez.

Main casts include-

  • Gael García Bernal as Guy Cappa, an actuary married to Prisca.
  • Vicky Krieps as Prisca Cappa, a museum curator who is married to Guy.
  • Thomasin McKenzie as Maddox Cappa, Guy and Prisca’s daughter.
  • Embeth Davidtz as adult Maddox Cappa.
  • Alexa Swinton as Maddox Cappa (age 11).
  • Rufus Sewell as Charles, a schizophrenia-battling surgeon married to Chrystal.
  • Abbey Lee as Chrystal, Charles’s wife.

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Where to Watch?

This movie can be streamed on Netflix. Go to the HORROR REIMAGINED category in the Enter if you dare collection and you will stumble upon OLD. If you want to dive deep into the original collection. Read THE COMPLETE ROADMAP FOR THE ENTER IF YOU DARE COLLECTION ON NETFLIX for more detailed info.

Is It Worth Watching?

You might be wondering if this movie is worth your time and attention? Let me get some facts straight. The film challenges our understanding of mortality and forces us to confront our fears, making it a thought-provoking experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

Public Reception and Ratings

The movie was made during the Covid-19 pandemic era. It was finally released on July 23  in 2021. The film was critically acclaimed for both the storyline and visuals. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an average rating of 5.6/10. Viewers’ poll at CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “C+” on an A+ to F scale.

Metacritic assigned the film a score of 55 out of 100 based on the weighted review. If you want serial killer vibes with extremely disturbing plot then visit THE RESURGENCE OF TERROR: WHERE TO WATCH TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE for added goosebumps.


With its compelling storyline, exceptional performances, and philosophical depth, the film invites us to ponder life’s mysteries and embrace the unknown. Shyamalan’s innovative storytelling, coupled with building tension and unravelling the plot’s layers one by one, keeps the viewers hooked, making “Old” a rollercoaster ride of emotions from start to finish.

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