Which Streaming Services Provide Access to “Shining Vale”?



In this realm world of the entertainment industry on the landscape of darkly comedic genre series, Nowadays, one of the most anticipated and popular series is speculated and being rumored on various social media platforms named Shinning Vale. Masses have found this series captivating given its intriguing narrative and the hard-working performance of cast members who portray their roles with all efforts and time.

If you are a fan of horror comedy films and series then I am pretty much sure about the fact that you will love watching Shinning Vale. It should be highly recommended that you should have to give it a try at least once. You will find it captivating and enthralling.

Through this exploration, I have delved into exploring the various platforms offering this thrilling series, ensuring an immersive viewing experience filled with laughs, chills, and unexpected twists. Let’s take a deep dive into all the platforms where it is currently streaming without wasting much time and effort.


Here is the clear and basic briefly explained recapitulation of an overall view of Shinning Vale, take a look at the below-mentioned information which is given in a detailed manner. Maybe this will be helpful for you somewhere.

Genre Comedy horror
Created by
  • Jeff Astrof
  • Sharon Horgan
  • Courteney Cox
  • Greg Kinnear
  • Gus Birney
  • Merrin Dungey
  • Dylan Gage
  • Mira Sorvino
Composer Tim Phillips
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 16

What is Shining Vale About?

Shinning Vale is one of the most popular American satirical comedy horror streaming television series which is created by Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan. All thanks to the stars of the series who made their biggest contribution in producing the series including Courteney Cox, Greg Kinnear, Sherilyn Fenn, Mira Sorvino, Merrin Dungey, and Judith Light.

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"Shining Vale" available on

However, it was first premiered on March 6, 2022. Masses were eagerly waiting for the second season of this particular series and it was renewed for a second installment which was already released on October 13, 2023. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, the series was canceled for its third installment.

It can be vividly seen that now it has only two seasons and it is officially discontinued by the directors as well as producers of the series. Do not get disappointed watch more such types of series including Management of a Novice Alchemist Season 2  and Futoku no Guild Season 2! When they are Going to Renew their Second Season?

Where to watch Shining Vale?

Shining Vale series has found its streaming home on a well-reputed streaming platform named Amazon Prime Video. It is worth watching a series of all the time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to watch because of its unique storyline and narrative which make the series captivating all the time.

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It should be kept in mind that this above-mentioned streaming platform is paid so you should have to pay some amount of money to it to have access to this series. Do not worry about your money spent on it. It will be worth everything because you can watch more such types of series that are already included in their subscription plans such as Sankarea Season 2 and My Daughter Left the Next Season 2.

What is the Storyline of Shining Vale?

Following a scandal involving infidelity, Patricia “Pat” Phelps, a once-prominent author celebrated for her bold feminist novels, relocates her troubled family to a remote countryside. Their new home harbors a dark history, stirring Pat’s suspicions of eerie occurrences, and leading her to question her sanity.

Despite 16 years of sobriety, Pat grapples with inner emptiness, stalled creativity, marital strain, and alienation from her growing children. Before proceeding further, take a look at, Will Tokyo in April Find Its Place on Screens for its Season 2? Check Everything!

Who Are the Cast and Characters of Shining Vale?

Here is the list of all those casting individuals as well as characters who put their whole efforts and time into building each scene of the series so that it grabbed the attention of the masses and kept captivating them all the time for a successful and bright future of the Shinning Vale, take a look at these below mentioned talented and high profile celebrities,


  • Courteney Cox as Patricia “Pat” Phelps
  • Greg Kinnear as Terry Phelps
  • Gus Birney as Gaynor Phelps
  • Dylan Gage as Jake Phelps
  • Merrin Dungey as Kam
  • Mira Sorvino as Rosemary Wellingham / Ruth Levin / Nellie Burke

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"Shining Vale" available on


  • Sherilyn Fenn as Robyn Court
  • Judith Light as Joan
  • Alysia Reiner as Kathryn
  • Susan Park as Valerie He (S1)
  • Derek Luh as Ryan He (S1)
  • Parvesh Cheena as Laird
  • James M. Connor as Dr. Berg
  • Ellie Grace Pomeroy as Daisy Wellingham
  • Benjamin Steinberg as Neil
  • Allison Tolman as Principal Woodcock (S2)
  • Alberto Frezza as Ennio (S2)

What Are the Current Ratings of Shining Vale?

The Shining Vale series has received positive ratings on various well-reputed platforms including 7 out of 10 on IMDB as well as 71% of Rotten Tomatoes. There is no doubt that the popularity of the series but just because of some other reasons, this series was discontinued after the release of two successful seasons.


In conclusion, summarizing all the above-mentioned perspectives, The Shinning Vale series is canceled for its third installment so there are only two seasons that are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Grab your popcorn and watch this series today if you are a die-hard fan of dark comedy.

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