Where to Watch Ouija Origin of Evil



Where to Watch “Ouija Origin of Evil”? Mike Flanagan’s Supernatural Sensation

Spirit board summons souls but this time complete evil appears in front of a mourning family.

Mike Flanagan’s love for spine-tingling narrative is not a secret. His skills and chilling narratives are fan favorites around the globe. OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL released in 2016 serves as a strong testimony for this. This American horror story traces its roots from WW2.

It knits a story that looms over the different eras. NETFLIX ADDED OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL IN THE ENTER IF YOU DARE COLLECTION FOR THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON. If you want to stream it, browse through the category of TEEN SCREAMS. Be ready for horror as we explore the cast, plot and where to watch OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL in this article.

Quick Highlights of “Ouija: Origin of Evil”

Genre Supernatural and Horror
Cast Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalisa Basso, Henry Thomas, and many more.
Directed by Mike Flanagan
Running time 99 minutes
Released on 21 October, 2016 (US)
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Where to Stream? Netflix

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Plot of “Ouija: Origin of Evil”

Brace yourself and hold your wits as we dive deep in the chilling narrative of OUIJA ORIGIN OF EVIL.  Alice Zander, a young widow, operates as a psychic medium out of her suburban home with the help of her daughters, Paulina “Lina,” 15, and Doris, 9.

The sudden passing of Roger, Alice’s husband and the children’s father, has left the family in a state of shock. Alice uses a Ouija board in her readings at Lina’s recommendation. Unknowingly connecting with a spirit by the name of Marcus while using the board, she causes Doris to become possessed. Mike Flanagan’s another horror smasher THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER premeired on Netflix.

She asked for financial help and the spirit helped her. The family of three is delighted assuming that their father is helping them. Lina’s principal at school, Father Tom, comes to them for a session. A series of events disclose that the house they are living in was a confinement for a Polish soldier on whom experiments were conducted by a doctor.

Where to Watch Ouija Origin of Evil

Many other spirits were watching the family from day one. Tom, Alice all are killed by the spirits. Doris unites with her father in the spirit realm. Lina is in a mental health facility. 47 years later, Lina is approached by spirit claiming herself to be Lina’s niece. If you want an entirely different trope in the horror genre, then explore WHERE TO WATCH THE TIMELESS TALE OF FEAR AND FAITH : THE EXORCIST BEGINNING ?

Cast and Characters of “Ouija: Origin of Evil”

The film boasts a cast ensemble that has enliven the characters. The cast ensemble includes

  • Elizabeth Reaser played the role of Alice Zander, mother of two and a grieving widow.
  • Annalise Basso was casted as Paulina Zander, Alice’s eldest daughter.
  • Lulu Wilson portrayed the character of Doris Zander, younger daughter who becomes possessed.
  • Henry Thomas as Father Thomas “Tom” Hogan.
  • Micheal Weaver as Roger Zander, Alice’ dead husband.
  • Doug Jones appeared as ghoul Marcus in the film.

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Where to Watch “Ouija: Origin of Evil”?

OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL can be streamed on Netflix. Browse through the category titled TEEN SCREAMS. Go to Netflix’s 2023 Halloween collection Enter If You Dare and you will find the film there. If you want more information about the original collection, read THE COMPLETE ROADMAP FOR THE ENTER IF YOU DARE COLLECTION ON NETFLIX.

Public Reception and Ratings

The film premiered on the silver screens on 21 October 2016 in the United States. Adam Dileo of IGN said “Ouija: Origin of Evil may just be the latest entrant into that small category of sequels and prequels that manage to improve upon their predecessors in every way.” Want Anime dose of horror? Check out Jujutsu Kaisan which also feature in the Netflix Halloween collection. 

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an average rating of 6.4/10 based on 126 critics’ reviews. On Metacritic  the series has a weighted average score of 65 out of 100, indicating generally favourable reviews. The horror and supernatural film has scored a “C” grading on CinemaScore viewers’ poll.


Ouija: Origin of Evil is a supernatural masterpiece that added one more gem to MIKE FLANAGAN’s crown. The film knits a story of love, grief and supernatural connections, and leaves no stone unturned to evoke a keen sense of questioning human behaviour. This film will serve a full course menu of horror, served best with chilled supernatural entities to you. So, make sure to watch Ouija: Origin of Evil only on Netflix. 

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