Where to Watch La Viuda Negra?



If you are looking for any series that is full of crime and thriller then you should go watch “La Viuda Negra” (The Black Widow) as it is a must-watch series for all action and crime enthusiasts. It describes the riveting tale of power, passion, and revenge which is enough to captivate the audience around the different corners of the world.

Now, an intriguing question is arising that is: Where to watch La Viuda Negra? Do not worry, If you do not the streaming platforms of this amazing series. You just have to read this article completely to its entirety. Through this post, I have delved into digital avenues and streaming platforms that offer a front-row seat to the compelling saga of a woman who left an indelible mark on the criminal underworld.


Here is the clear and briefly explained basic recapitulation of an overview of the La Viuda Negra series, take a look at this below mention information which is given in tabular format. Maybe this will be helpful for you somewhere.

Genre Telenovela
Created by
  • Yesmer Uribe
  • Gustavo Bolívar
Based on La Patrona de Pablo Escobar: Vida y muerte de Griselda Blanco
by José Guarnizo
Written by
  • Juan José Gaviria
Story by José Guarnizo
Directed by
  • Carlos Cock
  • William González Zafra
  • Alejandro Lozano
  • Alejandro García
Creative director Gabriela Monroy

What is La Viuda Negra About?

 Watch La Viuda Negra

La Viuda Negra (The Black Widow) is a 2014 Spanish-language telenovela series that has two seasons consisting of a total number of 144 episodes which keeps your attention throughout the whole story that is produced by RTI Producciones and Televisa for United States-based television as well as Colombia based television.

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However, it is adopted by the book La Patrona de Pablo Escobar of José Guarnizo based on history from Griselda Blanco. Griselda Blanco is a woman who as a teenager was raped by her stepfather. She told her story to her mom and her mother refused to believe her statements so she decided to leave the home.

Griselda Blanco sought independence by joining a group of outlaws because she viewed it as her final opportunity for autonomy. However, her journey took a dark turn when she fell in love with “Cejas,” the first man to betray her trust. Do not miss out on reading about, Attaway General Season 5! Fans Are Highly Enthusiast to Know About the Future of this Medical Drama.

Where to Watch La Viuda Negra?

If you are searching to watch the La Viuda Negra series the series has found its streaming platform on Prime Video which is a very reputed streaming platform. It should be noted that you have to purchase the subscription plans as it is a paid platform by paying them some amount of money continuously.

However, La Viuda Negra has garnered positive ratings from the masses worldwide. Do not worry, Not only this, but you can watch more such types of series like Truelove Season 2 and Home Invasion Season 2. Take the benefits of watching it today!

Who Are the Leading Faces in La Viuda Negra Series?

Here is the list of both the main characters as well as recurring characters of the cast as this captivating series has two seasons, take a look at these members who dedicate their whole efforts in order to shape the bright and burning future of La Viuda Negra.

 Watch La Viuda Negra

Main Characters

  • Ana Serradilla as Griselda Blanco
  • Julián Román as Richi
  • Ramiro Meneses as Sugar
  • Juan Pablo Gamboa as Norm Jones
  • Eileen Moreno as Young Griselda
  • Lucho Velasco as Robayo
  • Margarita Reyes as Celia
  • Alex Gil as Killer
  • Francisco Bolívar as Agente García
  • Jenni Osorio as Juliana
  • Emilia Ceballos as Katty

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Recurring Characters

  • Fernando Gaviria as General Guzmán
  • Tiaré Scanda as Ana Blanco
  • Viviana Serna as Karla Otálvaro
  • Julián Farietta as Michael Corleone Blanco
  • Yessy García as Silvio
  • Camilo Wilson as Cejas
  • Rodolfo Silva as Coronel Ronderos
  • Ana Soler as Señora Restrepo
  • María José Vargas as Child Griselda
  • Norma Nivia as La Alemana


To wrap up all the intricacies that are given in a detailed manner viewpoints in the article so far, The myriad of streaming platforms offering access to the riveting series, “La Viuda Negra.” However, the options are diverse. you can seamlessly delve into the enthralling world of Griselda Blanco through these above-mentioned platforms.

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