Where to Watch ‘Chucky’ Tv Series? All Info About Season 3 and Also Take a Plunge Into the Past



Chucky, the doll is back, and he’s ready to play. Are you?

Chucky, the red-haired, freckled-faced doll with a penchant for chaos, has returned once again to haunt our screens and our dreams in the all-new “Chucky” TV series. This American horror TV series is the brainchild of Don Mancini. The series serves as a sequel to Cult of Chucky in the Child’s Play film franchise.  The series is back once again with season 3.

Let us delve into the CHUCKY TV series for its cast, plot and where to watch Chucky Season 3 as the Halloween season approaches. This series serves as a perfect binge watch this spooky season.

Quick Info About Chucky Tv Series

Genre Drama, Horror, Slasher
Cast Zackery Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and many more.
Seasons 3
Total episodes 19 released; Total 24.
Created by  Don Mancini
Released on 12 October 2021
Status Ongoing 
Where to Stream? SyFy, Peacock

Hop on the ride with me as I introduce you to the faces that have come together to create CHUCKY 

Chucky Season 3: Playtime Over, Nightmares Started

The 3rd season of CHUCKY premiered on SyFy and USA networks on October 4, 2023. All the new episodes are also available on Peacock after a day of release. Season 3 will have eight episodes in total. Initial four episodes will be released in 2023 and next four will premiere in 2024.


As we dive  into the chilling narrative of CHUCKY, be ready to confront the darkness within. The series is set in the city of Hackensack, New Jersey. The series shows the events after 3 weeks of CULT OF CHUCKY. Jake Wheeler, a 14 year old teen, brought home a doll from a yard sale for his art project. The doll is none other than Chucky.

The doll is possessed by the evil spirit of a notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Jake discovers the truth that the doll is a form of pure evil. A series of eerie events happens in the neighbourhood and Jake becomes the prime suspect. Jake’s friends are also linked to these events in some way or another. The doll has unleashed chain killings in the town.

Chucky convinced Jake to kill his dad. Another target of Chucky is Lexy. She is a school bully and torments Jake but she later becomes friends with Jake and Devon. Jake is head and heels over Devon, who hosts a crime podcast. The series explores Jake’s struggle with the homicidal thoughts prompted by the doll as well as the stigma of being gay in unacceptable surroundings.

Jake’s crush (later boyfriend) Devon and Lexy join hands with Jake to take down Chucky. Will Jake be able to banish Chucky? Find all the answers in CHUCKY. Looking for more, then explore  WHERE TO WATCH THE TIMELESS TALE OF FEAR AND FAITH : THE EXORCIST BEGINNING ?

Cast of Chucky: His Innocent Playmates in 3rd Season

Behind every gripping narrative, there lies a talented cast that transforms scripts into captivating stories. The cast of CHUCKY mostly comprises young (teenage) actors–

  • Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler, a teenager who is menaced by Chucky.
  • Björgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Jake’s boyfriend.
  • Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, Jake’s classmate.
  • Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky / Charles Lee Ray, a notorious serial killer. He had transferred his soul into a “Good Guy” doll before dying.
  • Rachelle Casseus as Kim Evans (season 1), Devon’s mother, and a Hackensack detective who is suspicious of Jake, but later comes around to him after he begins dating Devon. She died in season 2.
  • Jennifer Tilly as:
    • Tiffany Valentine, Chucky’s lover and partner in crime who possessed the body of actress Jennifer Tilly. Tilly also voices her doll form that originated in Bride of Chucky.
    • Herself (voice, season 2), an actress whose body Tiffany has possessed, whose soul was transferred into a doll
  • James Collins (main season 3), the President of the United States.

The series had several guest appearances. Many recurring casts are shown throughout the series that are related to the films of Chucky franchise.

Where to Watch Chucky Season 3?

Where to Watch ‘Chucky’ Tv Series

The first two seasons can be streamed on Amazon Prime. The first season has a total of 8 episodes. The second season has another set of 8 episodes. The 3rd season of CHUCKY can be streamed on SyFy and the next day on Peacock. These are the original networks of the production and release of CHUCKY.

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Public Reception and Ratings of Previous Seasons

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has an impressive rating of  7/10. This rating is based on the approval rating of 91% by 34 critic reviews. Metacritic gave the 1st season of the series a weighted average score of 70/100, indicating “generally favorable reviews”.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has an approval rating of 91% based on 11 reviews, with an average rating of 7/10. The third season holds an approval rating of 100% based on 9 reviews, with an average rating of 8.2/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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CHUCKY is a funny, absurd series that provokes sympathy as well as shock. The three seasons of the series creates a spine-tingling experience for viewers that lingers long after the credits roll.  The series takes a deep plunge  into the realms of fear, exploring themes of possession, identity, and blurs the lines between reality and nightmare.

The “Chucky” TV series rekindles the lost love for classic horror while embracing the evolution of the genre in a very unique way. The remaining episodes of 3rd season have created a row of suspense, igniting all sorts of imagination. We can just wait for the upcoming episodes. The last 4 episodes of the 3rd season will be released in 2024. A long wait indeed. 

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