Where is Tammy Williams? Theories around Unsolved Mysteries suspect



Unsolved Mysteries has finally released its third season on Netflix. Netflix is already working on the release of some crime documents series. Recently, people have witnessed that Netflix has become more interested in crime documentary series. As the adaption of the 1987’s crime documentary series has landed on Netflix, fans are excited to learn about some harsh and brutal unsolved series. 

The original idea behind the release of these series lies in the involvement of the audience. The original series follows the same things and brings light to some unexceptional cases that leave behind colossal mysteries. As these series are released on the OTT Platform, we are learning more dynamic scenes for the audience. 

The release of the third volume brings more drama to the audience, bringing more dynamic scenes for the audience. We learn how the series features the sudden disappearance of people and resolve some cases. 

In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about the show and follow the incidents that feature it. If you have watched the episodes of the show, you’ll come to learn about a lot of new people. 

As soon as Netflix released its first season, the first episodes sparked views among the people. viewers can’t stop talking about one of the first cases in the season – the murder of Michigan father David Carter, whose body was found dismembered in 2018.

Netflix features the story of Tiffany Valiante, Jim Barrier, and  Marie Elizabeth Spannhake. We came to learn looks Carter’s murder and the main suspect in the case, his girlfriend Tammy Williams, who is currently on the run. There are a lot of questions regarding the case and here is everything you need to learn.

Who is Tammy Williams?

According to Fox, “Tamera ‘Tammy’ Williams is a 43-year-old woman who is currently wanted by the US Department of Justice for “mutilation, dismemberment of a dead body, tampering with evidence, and felony firearm” about David Carter’s death.”

Williams worked at a medical center and was also a travel agent. At the time, he was in a  relationship with David Carter, who worked as a factory worker in Michigan. After 6 months, he was reported missing by the family. 

In the series, we saw Williams had attended the football game of Carter’s son DJ with Carter and his family. On 28th September 2018, they all went for the match, and later we heard Samia Conner telling in the show that “David and Tammy came to the game together, but weren’t together at the game.”

This raises several questions among the people and this creates a huge disturbance among the people. Two days later, DJ said he would visit his father and stay at their place. 

But, he later texted his father, telling him that he is unable to visit them and they have to cancel the plan because of his health. He told his father that he is ill. 

When DJ visited his father’s house to pick up some belongings and reportedly saw Williams taking out the bins. “She ran to the apartment door – like ran,” DJ told the Netflix documentary. “And when I got to my dad’s house, the door was locked. You’d have thought since she saw me, she’d have left it unlocked but I had a key.”

Later, Williams allegedly told DJ that Carter had gone out for a walk. But on 2nd October, Carter’s work friends told his family that he was missing from the job and had not attended work for three days. The family was concerned about him and as he already told them that he was ill, they visited their place. They discover his doors are unlocked as they go to his apartment. 

They were shocked to see a large blood stain underneath the bed and on top of his mattress, which had been punctured with a gunshot hole.

Carter’s sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, told the crime docuseries: “On Tuesday night, after we saw the stain and the bullet hole, I called Tammy and I said, ‘Tammy – I’m going to ask you one more time, where is my brother.’

“And she said, ‘Tasia, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen him since Sunday.’ She showed no concern as to me telling her that he was missing.”

On 5th October 2018, they arrested William and after Carter’s body was found four days prior. Later, she was released because there was no solid evidence of her involvement. 

According to ClickOnDetroit, She fled Detroit in mid-October of that year, after which the authorities began looking for her. Now, the authorities have been looking for her but they are unable to find her anywhere. 

Where is Tammy Williams now?

The US Department of Justice is currently looking for Williams. According to supervisory Deputy US Marshal Aaron Garcia,  “We are going to find you.

He added: “We have been investigating this case for three years and we’ve had very little cooperation at this point.”

He told this to Fox2 in an interview. The US Marshals have offered a $10,000 reward for information about Williams. Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force in Detroit believes that she could be “a dangerous woman”, adding: “The weapon that was used has not been recovered so she’s probably armed and dangerous.”

The main information for the case has been registered. According to Battersby, Williams was seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 16th October 2018. in a report, it was confirmed that she withdrew cash and had dinner at a restaurant.

“She could have short braids, she could be wearing wigs,” Battersby added. “The one thing that’s common on her though – is she has a huge rose tattoo on her left shoulder that goes from the elbow up over the shoulder. That rose bouquet is going to stand out.”