Where Is ‘Supernatural’ Filmed? Here Are the Exact Locations and How They Were Transformed!


Saloni Singh

Supernatural is right now the longest-running awfulness series on television. It’s 15 and last season will debut one month from now on The CW.

Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam on the series, is already in converses with continue on toward another show with the chance he might star in a Walker, Texas Officer reboot. It really is practically the conclusion of a significant time period.

Coming to 15 seasons is not an easy accomplishment in the ebb and flow television environment. With in excess of 300 episodes under their assembled, Supernatural has filmed in a wide range of better places across Canada, and at times past. Here are a few fun realities you probably won’t be familiar with the series’ many shooting locations.

Supernatural Is Essentially Filmed in Vancouver!

It’s generally expected information that most CW series film in British Columbia in Canada. However, for a series that predicates itself on being an excursion experience between two brothers, you could expect that they would film at a bigger assortment of locations.

Supernatural does film at a many better places yet generally they are undeniably contained to Vancouver. Notwithstanding the way that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both Texas young men, they have to relocate the entire way to the cold of Canada to film their show consistently.

Where is ‘Supernatural’ Filmed? Locations

In Season 12 They Filmed at the Popular Cecil Green Park House!

In season 12, it was filmed at the popular Cecil Green Park House in Canada. A delightful spot sits up in the precipices and disregards the Waterway of Georgia. Assuming the spot looked recognizable to you while watching it’s likely because you’ve seen one of the many other television shows that have filmed at this equivalent location.

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Many of the spots that Supernatural movies have been used by other popular shows. The Flash, Enchanted, iZombie, Lucifer, and all the more completely filmed at the Cecil Green Park House. Aside from being a remarkable wedding scene, it is used often for film shoots.

Season 14 Included a Real Historic Rare Cinema!

In the event that you’ve heard of the Crossridge Church in Surrey, it could seem like a certified church. In reality, it is a one of a kind cinema. You can see it in the season 14 episode, “Genuine serenity,” where Sam and Senior member travel to a probably completely flawless humble community in Arkansas.

The usage of the Crossridge Church region to show the one of a kind theater is an extraordinary method for causing it to seem like they really are shooting in the unspoiled humble community as is the energy endeavored by the episode.

How many seasons of “The Supernatural” are created so far and what secrets they hold within?

They’ve Even Filmed at a Real Dental Office!

In that equivalent episode referenced above, “True serenity,” Supernatural momentarily filmed by a real dentist office basically known as Dental Office, located in midtown Surrey. It could surprise you to know how many ordinary areas the location group has found and reused into something entirely unexpected.

Where is ‘Supernatural’ Filmed? Locations

In this case, the office is intended to seem to be a bowling alley, which you’ll see addressed in the scene being referred to. It’s intriguing to realize that a casual businessowner could out of nowhere be approached to check whether their work environment could be used as a scenery for an episode of television.

The Majority of the Cemeteries They Film at Supernatural Are Real!

Because of the premise of Supernatural , two men venturing to every part of the nation hunting beasts, it appears to be legit why they would regularly go over cemeteries. Sam and Senior member often have to go to various burial grounds to uncover bodies and salt and consume unresolved issues fretful spirits at ease. This location actually had the scene in which Charlie Died!

It’s not the very most glamorous aspect of their responsibilities yet it has to get done. You could feel that many of these cemeteries are on a set or are built for creation, yet in reality they truly do visit real cemeteries more often than not.

Assuming you find that you remember one, that is the reason. They even film in them around evening time now and again. How’s that for real panics on a phony show?

Portions of the Pilot Episode Were Shot on the Arrangement of the O.C!

In the first pilot episode of Powerful, the DVD accompanies a unique discourse with Eric Kripke himself alongside other makers of the series. They notice that one of the early scenes in the show was really shot on the arrangement of The O.C., another popular show focused on a young high schooler segment. Also, what do you think about the season 15 end? Did it go well or it was just a hassle altoughter?

When shooting a pilot, makers don’t have a very remarkable opportunity to gather things together. They’re on a significant time crunch. So they were fortunate to have the option to use a functioning set that was accessible to them and assuming that you really love The O.C. it’s sort of cool that two of your number one shows got a smaller than normal hybrid that way.

Where is ‘Supernatural’ Filmed? Locations

A Few Locations Are Reused!

Assuming that you start to see that a few locations look natural, it very well may be because they have already showed up on the series previously, however as something else. For example, in the season 2 debut, the clinic was really a similar set as the asylum in the season 1 episode, “Asylum.”

It was absolutely reused obviously, and casual viewers would most likely not notice. Yet, that isn’t the main time locations have been reused.

The series has been on for just about 15 years currently, it isn’t so much that surprising they would end up expecting to use similar places at least a time or two for further seasons of Supernatural. In any case, after the creation group and set plan team snags it, you usually can’t tell.

The Series Could Have a Bigger Number of Locations Than Some Other Show!

During the episode discourse of the season 1 episode, “Ghost Explorer,” Jensen and Jared both remarked on how many locations Supernatural uses to film the series. They both commented that the series could use a bigger number of locations than some other show, to some degree out of all the series they’ve dealt with.

It must have been a great deal especially for Jared Padalecki. Preceding Otherworldly, his most striking job was on another WB series, Gilmore Young ladies. That show fundamentally shot on similar set for quite a long time. Advancing to a series with heaps of various locations must have been an altogether different encounter for Jared.

There Is Just Such a Lot of Control Creation Has Over External Powers!

When you ponder television series, you can’t resist the urge to envision a specific level of force and eminence when they’re out in reality. You wouldn’t feel that a series would have to fight with creation issues like overbooking, development noises, or random passerby. However, that is not really the situation.

Where is ‘Supernatural’ Filmed? Locations

Creation just has such a lot of command over the components and they can film in specific spots for assigned measures of time contingent upon the arrangements they make to lease spaces especially when we talk about the season 15 ending. Often times they film in real businesses and they can close down for such a long time.

On another episode analysis, the young men discussed continually slicing because of development noises nearby. They couldn’t make a difference either way! Stars, they’re just like us.


A larger part of the spots where Supernatural movies are real businesses, bars, inns, or just gorgeous vistas out in nature. You can really go visit the majority of these areas assuming you like. Many fans have coordinated travels to attempt to catch up with as many Supernatural locations as conceivable.

Obviously, you could likewise go on a street outing to the imaginary spots they go to in the series, well fictitious in the sense they don’t really film there yet Sam and Senior member truly do truly travel all around the country.

Sadly, if you would like to visit the recording locations, you’ll have to anticipate remaining in Canada for a brief period which probably won’t be easy on the off chance that you’re not a resident.

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