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Where is Stacy Carter Now? Why Jerry Lawler Quit WWE After Wife’s Controversial Firing?

Do you know where is Stacy Carter now, the woman for whom Jerry Lawer quit his WWE career? Stacy Carter, who was involved in a WWE storyline at the time, was unexpectedly fired from the company in 2001.

Her release was speculated to be due to her unpopular reputation in the locker room or because she met with Playboy Magazine without WWE's approval. Neither of these, however, were the actual reasons for her dismissal.

What Is Stacy Carter Doing Now?

Stacy Carter is a real estate agent working in Dallas, Texas. Her time as a professional wrestler with the WWE came to an end in 2001 when she was let go. After leaving WWE, she worked for independent wrestling promotions before retiring from the sport entirely. She wrestled briefly again in 2010 before retiring again.


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After her first divorce, Carter obtained her real estate license. She is passionate about animals and frequently posts photos of cats and dogs on her Instagram account. Carter also helps to fund an animal rescue shelter. She is an advocate for veganism and a fan of the National Football League's Cleveland Browns (NFL).

What More We Know About Stacy Carter?

Stacy Carter, also known by her ring name “The Kat,” was a memorable figure during the Attitude Era of the WWE. Although her time as a professional wrestler was short, she gained popularity for her involvement in gimmick matches, particularly those involving swimsuits and gowns.

Despite her brief tenure in the ring, she has experienced considerable success since retiring, even though she is now 52 years old. Stacy's WWE career began in 1999 as a manager. She quickly rose to prominence as a singles competitor, winning the Women's Title at Armageddon in a Four Corners Evening Gown match.

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She went on to defend her title against Tori and Ivory but was defeated in controversial circumstances. At first, Stacy was known as “Miss Kitty,” but changed her nickname to “The Kat” when she became champion.

Stacy Carter and Jerry Lawler's Relationship

Stacy Carter and Jerry Lawler initially crossed paths at a softball game in 1989. At that time, Lawler was married to his second wife, Paula Lawler. However, after Lawler's divorce, he began living with Stacy.

After being in a relationship for almost ten years, Lawler and Carter got married in September 2000. Unfortunately, their union was brief, and they separated sometime in 2001. They ultimately ended their marriage by finalizing their divorce just three years after tying the knot.

Why Did Jerry Lawer Leave WWE?

Lawler left the company after his wife Stacy “The Kat” Carter was fired, but WWE didn't take it seriously. Paul Heyman took over Lawler's commentary duties and worked well with Jim Ross. Lawler refused to return to WWE for several months but eventually came back and stayed.

Where is Stacy Carter Now

His strong stance surprised WWE since he was known to be loyal. Lawler tried to explore new opportunities in wrestling during his time away, but they didn't pan out. The story of Lawler's departure from WWE is captivating and deserves scrutiny.

In the wrestling business, it's common for wrestlers to separate their personal and professional lives. Lawler, who was in his older years, learned this lesson when his wife, Carter, was fired from WWE in early 2001. Rumors circulated that WWE management was unhappy with Carter's backstage behavior and that her storyline with the Right to Censor faction wasn't meeting expectations.

When Lawler heard the news, he immediately quit and left the company with Carter. Although his loyalty to his wife was the main reason for his leave.

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Some people believe that Lawler's ego was also hurt by the fact that Carter was fired without consulting him. Lawler had formed a successful commentary team with Jim Ross during the Attitude Era, and WWE management never expected him to walk away from the job.

Jerry Lawler Returned To WWE

During a short break from WWE, Jerry Lawler, and Stacy Carter's relationship ended. When Lawler returned to WWE in November 2001, the couple had already separated. However, returning to WWE was not easy for Lawler as the company had moved on without him. Paul Heyman had joined the commentary team and had great chemistry with Jim Ross, adding something new to the dynamic.

Where is Stacy Carter Now

Lawler had become too respected by fans to be a true villain, which made it difficult for WWE to have the traditional heel-and-face dynamic on commentary. Heyman could have continued as the color commentator for many years, but WWE felt that he was better suited for other roles, such as being a manager and backstage employee.

This made it easier for Lawler to return to his old position at ringside with Jim Ross. WWE wanted Heyman in other roles, and Lawler's return provided a solution to the commentary team's issue. Despite the challenges, Lawler's return to WWE was successful, and he continued to provide his unique brand of commentary for many years to come. There is a recreation of his and The Rock fight made on Young Rock Finale in 2022.

Controversial Firing of Stacy Carter And Jerry Lawler's Loyalty For Her

Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard speculated that Vince McMahon fired Stacy due to her difficult personality. She frequently clashed with the writers, and after they expressed their dissatisfaction to McMahon, he directed Ross to fire her. In support of his wife, Lawler resigned from WWE. He returned later that year, however, after he and Carter ended their relationship.

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