Where Is Rand Gauthier Now? Where Is Rand Gauthier After the Occasions of ‘Pam and Tommy’?


Saloni Singh

Way before Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian had intercourse tapes, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had their own confidential tape taken and released for distribution especially Rand Gauthier.

It was a gigantic — enormous — embarrassment when it happened, harking back to the ’90s. What’s more, the new Hulu miniseries Pam and Tommy takes you through the entire thing, told in the debut episode from the POV of Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen.

In the miniseries, and in real life, Rand Gauthier was an electrical technician that Tommy recruited who got ticked off after not being paid for quite a long time of work. Rand Gauthier was at last terminated in the wake of confronting Tommy. Furthermore, when he attempted to get his instruments back, Tommy undermined him with a firearm.

Thus, Gauthier chose to get back at Tommy by taking the Mötley Crüe drummer’s protected. Inside was the sex tape — alongside firearms and gems Gauthier wanted to offer to recover the cash that Tommy owed him.

Gauthier thought of the plan to sell the tape on the web — and the rest is history.

Be that as it may, what has been going on with Rand Gauthier? Did he go to prison? What’s he up to now? This is the very thing that you want to know to find out the latest on recent developments.

where is rand gauthier now

Where Is Rand Gauthier Now?

Evidently, Gauthier doesn’t precisely feel terrible for uncovering Tommy and Pam’s sexual coexistence to the world, because he basically expressed so in a 2014 Drifter interview. In it, Gauthier said that he thought the tape was “charming.” He proceeded, “They’re enamored and a couple and they’re simply playing around with one another, and I feel that is perfect.”

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Gauthier additionally said that he was “envious,” adding, “I wish I had something like that.” Gauthier said that he some of the time tells individuals he took the scandalous sex tape, yet no one really trusts him.

Rand is now in his 60s, living in St Nick Rosa, Calif., and developing pot out of his carport, as per Drifter. He actually runs an electrical administrations organization, and it is likely he has a moderately humble way of life.

What Amount Did He Make Off the Sex Tape?

Notwithstanding a concise bonus, it seems like practically all the cash Rand procured from selling the initial not many duplicates of the big name sex tape immediately evaporated, per The Cinemaholic.

It is additionally muddled assuming he even got his reasonable part for the tapes that were sold. However the genuine deals of the video purportedly crossed $77 million in the main year alone, a large portion of the cash went to Seth Warshavsky’s Internet Diversion Gathering, as per the Cinemaholic.

where is rand gauthier now

Did Rand Gauthier Go to Prison?

In reality, no. After Gauthier posted the sex tape on the web, peddlers took duplicates and began to generally course them. He was unable to sue the smugglers, since he took the tape in any case and didn’t possess the copyright.

Gauthier needed to acquire cash from horde manager Louis “Butchie” Peraino, who needed his advance back. In this way, Gauthier needed to repay his obligation by working for the crowd, per Drifter.

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Gauthier now drives a position of safety life — he doesn’t have a public web-based entertainment record and there are no new photographs of him on the web.

What’s His Net Worth?

Rand Gauthier’s net worth is assessed to be around $200,000, as indicated by The Cinemaholic.

Hulu’s ‘Pam and Tommy’ rolled out a few improvements to the real-life character.

At the point when Rand Gauthier (played by Seth Rogen in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy) shopped the video around Hollywood — a recording he took from previous business (and Mötley Crüe drummer) Tommy Lee’s home, showing Lee and love bird Pamela Anderson engaging in sexual relations — he needed to obliterate Lee.

where is rand gauthier now

All things being equal, the inverse appeared to happen. Lee seemed unflinching by the break, which helped his demigod big name status as well as gave him feed and exposure for future material, including a journal. “I made his career, happened,” Gauthier told Drifter just about 20 years after the fact.

At the hour of that interview in 2014, Gauthier was as yet a circuit tester, and he was developing cannabis out of his California carport. He was 57.

That story, retold in Pam and Tommy, is real. Yet, while the succession of occasions remains for the most part exact (or possibly, with regards to the records from Gauthier, who likely misrepresented a few subtleties of the Lee heist), its members are a piece unique.

The Electrical Technician’s Decision Changingly Affected the Big Names.

Disney+ and Hulu’s new series Pam and Tommy has everything – sex, medications and rock’n’roll… More than anything, it’s based around the sex.

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Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen in the series, is a disgruntled circuit repairman whose one decision for vengeance would have a decades-in length influence on individuals included. Anything you consider that sex tape, you could not have possibly known about it by any stretch of the imagination if not for Gauthier.

where is rand gauthier now

Be that as it may, how did this general no one in the two focal famous people’s reality try and get hold of the tape, and where on earth is he now after he released it onto the world back in 1995?

Well… turns out the now 65-year-old is still in California, developing pot and carrying on with a typical life in the suburb of St Nick Rosa.

He likewise has a fairly rose-colored vision of the tape, telling Drifter back in 2014 he was happy that he had contributed something to the world.

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