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Where Is James Debarge Now? The Facts Behind His Disappearance!

A&E and Lifestyle’s simply named narrative series ‘Janet Jackson’ and James DeBarge has an obvious objective — to dive into the singer-songwriter’s exceptional story as straightforwardly and honestly as possible.

All things considered, told through the eyes of the amusement sensation herself, it covers her life as a youngster and professional experiences as well as her bombed marriages and never-floundering ambitions.

Amongst that is, of course, her controversial relationship with her first husband James DeBarge, so presently, assuming you wish to find out about the same, alongside its strange fallout, we have the details for you.

Janet Jackson and James DeBarge’s Relationship Timeline

Brought into the world on August 22, 1963, as the seventh youngster to Robert DeBarge Sr. what’s more, Etterlene Abney DeBarge, James Curtis DeBarge also hails from a musical family that became famous in the early 1980s.

That is allegedly around the same time the Michigan natives migrated to California to extend their career as the DeBarge bunch and went over the Jacksons.

Since both James and Janet were the shy ones of their respective families, they sort of chose to stick together, which soon prompted them getting to know each other and starting a relationship when the last option was just 16.

About two years after the fact, in September 1984, the couple ran off, just for the 18-year-old to realize that her currently husband couldn’t shake his medication propensity. In the narrative, Janet confessed that James was “a sweet person,” yet on their wedding night, when they “returned to the inn, he said, ‘alright, I’ll be right back.’

where is james debarge now

And I’m sitting in the lodging in Fantastic Rapids, Michigan without anyone else, just 18, and for three hours, he never returned.” Over the long run, the five-time Grammy champ added, she attempted to assist by conversing with him or in any event, flushing his pills down the latrine, yet nothing worked.

Aside from spending numerous nights searching the streets for James, Janet would also get into genuine disputes with him for his prosperity. “We would be rolling on the floor battling for [the drugs]. What’s more, that is not a life for anybody,” she said. “I sit and I say, ‘Were you stupid, were you moronic?‘ Yet it wasn’t so much that.

I really focused so much on him, and I saw the positive qualities in him as well and I just believed that should outweigh everything else as opposed to this ugliness. ‘Cause I realize that he really wanted assistance. Yet, I wasn’t the assistance that he wanted.” Thus, they dissolved their marriage after just a year — in November 1985.

Where Could James Debarge Currently Be?

As far as we can see, in spite of the fact that James DeBarge has never re-married, he does have three kids: Kristinia (conceived 1990), James Jr. (conceived 1998), and Tori (conceived 2001).

Despite that, however, the R&B soul singer has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a dangerous weapon and suspicion of narcotics possession several times between 2010-2014, for which he even served brief stints in the slammer. Be that as it may, maybe the Los Angeles, California, local is giving a valiant effort to stay away from the public eye these days.

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James’ last enormous public appearance was on ‘Growing Up Hip-Bounce‘ in 2016 when he added fuel to a durable gossip by charging that he and Janet have a secret kid together. Nonetheless, in the docuseries, the actress at long last shut down this case by stating, “Some time ago, they were saying that I had a kid, and I kept quiet.

where is james debarge now

I would never get a youngster far from James. How is it that I could keep a kid from their dad? I would never do that; there’s something off about that.” Janet proceeded, “A great deal of the kids thought I was pregnant, ’cause I had put on weight… So that talk started going around.”

He Had a Relationship with Janet Jackson

James stood out as truly newsworthy after he married Janet Jackson in 1984, when he was 21 and she was just 18. The couple dated for a long time preceding marrying.

At that point, Janet had just released her second solo collection Dream Street, which followed her self named debut in 1982. The marriage was considered a demonstration of defiance by a teen Janet against her controlling dad, the late Joe Jackson. The relationship was repealed in 1985 because of his supposed illicit drug use.

Rumors have persisted throughout the long term that the pair had a secret kid together, which James discussed on the series Growing Up Hip-Bounce back in 2016.

“I’m worn out on the secrecy,” he said to his girl on a clasp from the show. “I’m worn out on reality not approaching, and individuals being a defeatist with regards to it. Also, I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed.”

where is james debarge now

He Is a Singer

Outside of his marriage to Janet, James DeBarge is best known for his musical career best known for singing alongside his famous family, who went by bunch name James DeBarge.

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The gathering initially incorporated his brothers El, Imprint, Randy, and Rabbit, as well as Bobby and Chico at various times. DeBarge had some enormous hits during the 80s, such as “Beat of the Evening,” “Who’s Holding Donna Now,” “This Affection” and “Love Me in a Special Way.”

He’s from Detroit

James was brought into the world on August 22, 1963 as the seventh youngster to Robert DeBarge Sr. furthermore, Etterlene Abney DeBarge. He was raised in Detroit, Michigan, until he migrated to California for his career.

He Has Youngsters

James is the dad of three youngsters, including girl Kristina, presently 31, brought into the world in Walk 1990, with Christine Mcdonald.

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He is also father to son James, Jr., who was brought into the world in 1998, and girl Tori. Kristina also emulated her fathers’ example and contended on series American Jr.

where is james debarge now

He Was in Prison

James was arrested in 2012 for drug charges, as well as assault with a lethal weapon. He spent three years in a correctional facility prior to being released in 2015.


Janet was 18 when she stole away with singer DeBarge, yet their partnership didn’t last lengthy.

A&M record leader John McClain accepted the marriage would adversely influence her career.

Individuals cited him as saying at that point: “I attempted to persuade her that she’s a high schooler symbol and individuals just wouldn’t acknowledge it.”

Following eight months, he persuaded her to revoke the relationship.

At that point, Jackson didn’t say how she had an outlook on the decision, yet she was unsure whether the pair could at any point reunite and said she couldn’t help DeBarge.

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