Where Is Gabby’s Van Now? How Come He Went Missing?


Saloni Singh

INTERNET sleuths guaranteed an “heavenly messenger” was seen floating overhead as Gabby Petito‘s camper van was supposedly spotted progressing.

Pictures show what appears to be the couple’s Portage Transit van on the rear of a truck traveling on the parkway in St Petersburg, Florida.It’s not known when the photos were taken, or where the recuperation truck was going.

Online sleuths guaranteed an “heavenly messenger” was drifting free blue sky above.

One tweeted: “Might we at any point just value the cloud holy messenger that is done with this?”

One more said: “I saw that as well. Like a heavenly messenger looking into the van through the rooftop.”

A Third Web Sleuth Remarked: “Gracious Goodness, That Is Awesome.”

Gabby’s father Joe Petito previously shared a photograph of the vlogger standing before a painting with heavenly messenger wings. The snap was transferred to Instagram moments after the FBI declared last month that they viewed a body accepted as Gabby’s.

Everybody is searching for missing Gabby Petito. The 22-year-old Florida resident and her life partner, Brian Laundrie, 23, supposedly quit their jobs for a cross-country trip, wanting to take in nature and report their adventures on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok.

where is gabby's van now

It sounds ideal until you realize that the hashtag #vanlife has in excess of 11 million posts on Instagram; for some’s purposes, it has turned into a lifestyle. In their posts and videos, Petito and Laundrie said they were downsizing, choosing to live more minimalistic lives, and investigating public parks in their changed over 2012 Portage Associate Transit van.

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Petito’s mom, Nichole Schmidt, announced her little girl missing on September 11. Brian Laundrie got back to the couple’s home in North Point, Florida, on September 1, alone. Laundrie has been staying with his parents in Florida and is a “person of interest” as per North Point police.

Gabby Petito’s Passage Transit Interface Van Has Been a Running Constant in Her Search

A significant part of the focus has been on the 2012 van and the everyday routine she and Brian Laundrie experienced for the weeks in July and August that they voyaged. Prior to jump starting out in their new life, Petito and Laundrie repaired their van for the experience they trusted would be as they must have envisioned.

However, usually, the reality is never as one imagines, especially in that confined Transit van. They did, nonetheless, attempt to change over the vehicle’s inside with custom designs and an eye toward space usage.

Petito also sent off a YouTube channel as a vehicle for reporting two or three’s adventures, called Traveling Statik. She succeeded in posting just a single video, “Van Life | Starting Our Van Life Excursion”, on August 19.

where is gabby's van now

We Carefully Assembled Our Own Small Van-gabby Petito

As Petito described in a subtitle for her video: “We handmade our own small van, a simple 2012 Passage Transit Interface, using space with exceptional designs and features. Making a space for both artistic expression and distance climbing.”

From the photos, it’s clear the van gave minimal living space and was something else for storing their stuff. Sleeping, cooking, and leisure time seem to have occurred outside in open spaces or in their tent.

When Laundrie got back, alone, and Petito’s family documented a missing-person report 10 days after the fact, a large part of the focus has been coordinated on the van’s whereabouts and a timeline of the couple’s excursion.

Reports are shifted, yet Petito and Laundrie were possibly last distinguished together in the van close to the Stupendous Teton Public Park in Wyoming. Different reports said they were spotted in Idaho.

Was Gabby Petito’s Portage Van Found?

Florida police and U.S. authorities seized the van in North Point, Florida. At the point when the van was processed, authorities said “there was some material there.” They’re not saying what that may be, raising a wide range of speculation on the internet.

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The couple started their excursion on July 2 from Blue Point, New York. Their van-life venture was to take them to Portland, Oregon, by Halloween. Between those two dates, they would see what adventures lay ahead. Petito routinely posted and furthermore kept her family educated regarding where the pair were through mid-August.

where is gabby's van now

Then those updates turned out to be less continuous. The last text to her mom came around August 23. Laundrie had driven the van home to Florida as per reports. On September 16, body camera film was released by the Moab City Police Office, taken when the couple was stopped in Moab for possible “domestic disturbance” on August 12.

Days Sooner the Portage Van Was Pulled over in Utah by Police

Police observed the van being driven inconsistently prior to crashing into a check. The two had been contending and there was possibly physical abuse between the pair as indicated by the video. While police suspected plastered driving, Petito and Laundrie said they don’t drink. Interviews at the side of the street by watch officers give a glimpse of the interactions between the two.

The bodycam video shows a clearly distraught Petito responding to her connection with police after they pulled over the white van close to a market in Moab. Officers chose to separate the couple for the night. Laundrie stayed for the time being in an inn while Gabby stayed in the van.

Speculation has arisen surrounding a possible association among Petito and Laundrie’s contention and the case of one more couple who were tracked down killed nearby around the same time.

What Have Police Tracked down Inside the Van?

While the FBI, rangers, volunteers, and Petito’s family search for her in Wyoming and authorities question Laundrie, a careful investigation of the van’s inside and outside will proceed.

where is gabby's van now

Authorities are looking at tips and possible sitings of the van’s whereabouts. Sadly, in this specific case, van life didn’t work out as Petito and Laundrie imagined.

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The FBI’s public hotline for tips on data about Gabby Petito is 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324). They request that anybody with data to connect.


Internet sleuths guarantee a cloud development “heavenly messenger” is drifting overhead in an as of late surfaced photograph of Gabby Petito’s Portage Transit being transported on the rear of a truck in Florida.

“Could we at any point just value the cloud holy messenger that is ready to move on?” one social media user said on Twitter, the Sun detailed.“I saw that as well. Like a holy messenger looking into the van through the rooftop,” one more composed.

A third remarked: “Gracious goodness, that is awesome.“Petito, the 22-year-old Long Island local whose remains were discovered in a Wyoming park on Sept. 19, has been related to angels since her passing, which has been managed a crime.

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