Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?


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Loved ones of Jonathan Groups, who passed on from a lethal discharge twisted to his heart in February 2014, suspect that his then-girlfriend Brenda Lazaro shot the 27-year-old in an attack of jealousy subsequent to giving him a final proposal.

They accept Lazaro then, at that point, required 30 minutes to call 911 and report the occurrence to specialists, charging that her boyfriend shot himself in a foolish endeavor to “demonstrate” his love for her.

Teams’ family, dissatisfied with Lazaro’s record and the police’s examination concerning the shooting episode, documented an improper passing claim and won the common claim in September 2022, with a jury concluding that the 27-year-old was likely killed by his girlfriend of 90 days back in 2014. She stays a suspect according to the casualty’s family and certain companions however has never been charged.

NBC’s Dateline is scheduled to revisit the mysterious shooting demise of Jonathan Teams in an all-new episode, named Behind Entryway 813. The synopsis states:

“Following 27-year-old Jonathan Groups bites the dust mysteriously in his Texas condo, his family assumes control over issues with an end goal to track down replies.”

The two-hour episode will air on Friday, April 7, 2023, at 9 pm ET.

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?

Jonathan Teams’ Family Suspect His Then-Girlfriend Brenda Lazaro’s Association in the Shooting Demise!

Brenda Lazaro, Jonathan Teams’ girlfriend of 90 days, was on the scene at his Coppell, Texas, loft the evening of February 2, 2014, when the 27-year-old passed on from a discharge wound.

Notwithstanding, Teams’ mother Pam and his family were unconvinced that he ended it all and refuse to accept that he unintentionally shot himself given his expertise in guns wellbeing. They accept he was killed and, surprisingly, sent off their own examination concerning the shooting demise after police neglected to give replies.

Pam accepted Lazaro was furious when Jonathan cut off their friendship after she gave him a final proposal to pick either her and his companion Emily. Then, at that point, in an attack of jealousy, she killed him. The emergency call Lazaro made that evening showed that she held off calling experts for 30 minutes after Jonathan was shot. She likewise neglected to go to his memorial service.

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More than nine years have passed since Jonathan Groups was found dead of a solitary yet lethal gunfire twisted to his heart in his condo on February 2, 2014, which was Super Bowl Sunday. He was shot with his own SIG Sauer 9mm.

Teams was tracked down in bed, laying on his back, when paramedics showed up at the scene. His arms were outstretched and the weapon was viewed as close to him on top of the cover. The cause of death was announced “unsure” after specialists guaranteed they didn’t have adequate proof to make certain about what happened.

Jonathan Groups’ Family Won the Unjust Demise Claim Last September, Getting a Measure of $206 Million!

Jonathan Teams’ family documented an unjust passing claim in 2016 against Brenda Lazaro, charging that she shot and killed the 27-year-old. The casualty’s mother Pam disclosed a few stunning subtleties which were uncovered during the family’s own examination and a broad list of weaknesses which drove police to establish that there was “insufficient proof” to charge Lazaro.

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?

This included essential data hid from the clinical inspector who managed Jonathan’s demise “unsure,” witnesses who were rarely addressed, and legal tests that were considered “excessively costly” to be performed.

Two years after a Coppell police examination neglected to decide if Jonathan Groups’ passing on February 2, 2014, was a crime or the consequence of a self-caused discharge wound, his family recorded the common claim which demonstrated productive in September 2022, when a jury, following a three-day preliminary, concluded that Brenda Lazaro, now Brenda Kelly, was in all likelihood answerable for Jonathan Teams’ demise.

The claim accused Lazaro of homicide and making up a record about Groups shooting himself. They refered to her incongruous assertions to companions as proof. Reports express that a companion guaranteed she let him know that Groups shot himself in the head, while another expressed that she told her that he shot himself in the chest. Lazaro, be that as it may, keeps up with her honesty and has not been charged to date.

Who is Brenda Lazaro?

Brenda Lazaro turned out to be notable because of her status as Jonathan’s girlfriend’s soul mate. He was killed in his own home. The main clear observer to the shooting was Lazaro, who was available. As she dialed 911, dispatchers heard her wailing and communicating shock.

The dispatcher attempted to quiet Lazaro down and get some data from her, however she proceeded to shout and just give dubious portrayals of what had happened.

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The discussion occurred at around 11:30 p.m. on February 2, 2014. The Teams family at first felt that Groups had committed suicide, yet later discovered that he had really been killed.

As Jonathan’s passing was uncovered, Brenda normally turned into the great suspect. After Jonathan’s alleged self destruction, his family documented an unfair passing activity against his girlfriend, guaranteeing she killed him out of jealousy and asserting he committed suicide.

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?

Where is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?

Since being married, Brenda Lazaro has changed her name to Brenda Kelly. After Jonathan’s passing, the Teams family sent off a common activity against Kelly, accusing her of killing Jonathan out of jealousy.

As indicated by Axios’ report, Brenda wasn’t even accused of a wrongdoing. Yet, anything she vouched for in the common preliminary may be used against her in the criminal arraignment. In 2022, Kelly refused to respond to any inquiries from the advice addressing the Groups family, refering to her Fifth Alteration security against self-implication.

It was asserted that Kelly had jealousy issues over the course of their time together. Groups’ lawful group allegedly asserts that the day preceding he kicked the bucket, Teams let his buddies know that he planned to get together Kelly’s stuff and conclusion the friendship.

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On February 2, 2014, Groups was discovered dead in his bed subsequent to being shot. Kelly said after Teams’ self destruction that he did it to display his love for her.


Brenda Lazaro was accused of killing Jonathan Groups in 2014 in Coppell, Texas. The Groups family at first thought he had committed suicide, however later discovered that he had really been killed. Lazaro turned into the great suspect and her family recorded an unjust passing activity against her, guaranteeing she killed him out of jealousy and asserting he committed suicide.

Since being married, she has changed her name to Brenda Kelly. The Groups family sent off a common activity against Brenda Kelly, accusing her of killing Jonathan out of jealousy.

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