Where Is Bearsun Now? He Is on a Long Walk Currently!


Saloni Singh

He goes by Bearsun. Also, the present moment, he’s walking in excess of 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco with minimal more than his bear suit. While it’s not this life-size teddy bear’s most memorable excursion, it very well might his most test yet.

The man within the outfit is Jesse Larios, a 33-year-old California local who works for an organization that sells medical coverage plans. He has finished one long distance race dressed as Bearsun, a person of his own creation, yet this is his initial 400 or more mile city-to-city walk.

“I’m like a doggy, I presume. I see something, and I pursue it,” Larios said of the excursion, which he chose to do basically because it seemed like a tomfoolery experience.

His excursion to San Francisco, which started in LA’s Little Tokyo the morning of April 12, has already seen a few unforeseen difficulties.

His underlying objective was to walk between 30 to 50 miles every day, except parts of the excursion are through bumpy paths which make that objective surprisingly arduous. Street terminations and the need to reroute just make it more hard for Bearsun to track down his direction to San Francisco.

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While he would have liked to make it there by April 17, presently he hopes to show up by April 21. In any case, for Larios there’s no need to focus on when he arrives, only that he does. Instagram updates follow his advancement.

What’s more, this excursion is an extreme one. Bearsun isn’t remaining in lodgings, he essentially dozes any place he winds up by the day’s end, “setting up camp” however with practically no stuff. He visits service stations for dinners and to tidy up en route.

where is bearsun now

The Introduction of Bearsun

Bearsun was brought into the world in 2016 when Larios made him with the assistance of a companion. His tones were motivated by Larios’ canine, Bear, an Alaskan Malamute. For his “bean” head shape, Larios needed to give him something exceptional and silly, like the particular football-molded top of the primary person of his number one animation, “Hello Arnold!”

Also, the plan addresses Bearsun’s personality, as well. While Larios is the talker, Bearsun is the audience, he said, which is the reason he was planned without a noticeable mouth all over.

Bearsun is exceptionally receptive … he’s more activity than words,” Larios made sense of.

Yet, Bearsun doesn’t have to converse with communicate something specific, Larios said, as his very presence is an icebreaker to beginning any discussion.

Larios’ excursion with Bearsun has been one of unusualness and untold difficulties — however it hasn’t prevented him from pushing forward.

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In 2019, he chose to run a long distance race, and he needed to do it while dressed as Bearsun.

“I had this silly thought of simply getting into the suit and attempting to finish the long distance race while never running a long distance race (previously) — another rash choice that I made,” he said.

It went poorly.

At the 22nd mile, Bearsun could go no further, and he pulled out of the race. Be that as it may, not set in stone to attempt once more a year after the fact in 2020. In the wake of gaining from his past slip-ups, this time Bearsun came to the end goal.

where is bearsun now

Bearsun’s Subsequent Life

These undertakings negatively affect Bearsun’s happy outside – – as soil stains and tears that Larios lines back together all alone.

He knows this ongoing structure for Bearsun won’t endure forever. That is the reason he’s wanting to raise $10,000 on his GoFundMe briefly suit that is of a better, so Bearsun can continue to walk and running.

What’s more, he desires to give the rest of the cash to good cause, despite the fact that he hasn’t distinguished an association yet. Supporting those without parental figures, like more seasoned grown-ups and youngsters, especially motivates him.

Bearsun isn’t on a stupendous mission to influence the world. Larios essentially saw something he needed to do, and precipitously set off on a mission to achieve it. As his movements proceed, he’s been wished “best of luck” and “safe ventures” via virtual entertainment while individuals snap pictures of him to share when they cross his way.

Bearsun even had a little disagreement with the law, as a few local people brought in to the Sheriff’s office to determine the status of him to ensure he was hydrated and not under any “coercion.”

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“This is the very thing that I need to do. I simply need to run long distance races in my bear suit,” he said. “It satisfies others as well, and I’m about chuckling and grins.”

Bearsun — the enormous hearted bear walking crosscountry to raise assets for a noble cause — has at long last come to NYC.

Los Angeles local Jesse Larios, 33, has gone through the beyond 134 days walking in excess of 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York City, bringing issues to light and financing for various worthy missions.

where is bearsun now

Bearsun — the Enormous Hearted Bear Walking Crosscountry to Raise Assets for a Noble Cause — Has at Long Last Come to Nyc.

He has used the walk feature associations like the Public Bosom Malignant growth Establishment and Mental imbalance Society for America, among others, all while wearing a goliath bear suit in view of the Japanese anime-type character he made.

Larios showed up in Times Square on Sunday, to the pleasure of his huge number of virtual entertainment followers, who have followed his everyday advancement all through his excursion.

While Bearsun is most likely taking a genuinely necessary rest now that he’s arrived at his objective, he will not be going into hibernation for a really long time.

“I Won’t Quit Walking until I Get to Barstow,” He Says in His Nightfall Dispatch.

Who is this costumed man? The Times has been not able to arrive at Larios, in the midst of his ongoing trip, to figure out more. However, in April he told CNN he was a California local, 33, and worked for an organization that sold health care coverage plans — not a terrible thing to have while walking crosscountry in exceptional intensity while wearing a goliath bear outfit.

Larios’ most recent journey will envelop in excess of 2,700 miles. By correlation, his walk to San Francisco was more like 400 miles.

He plans to fund-raise for somewhere around five associations, including the Mental imbalance Society of America and the Public Bosom Malignant growth Establishment, as indicated by his site. A GoFundMe account committed to chemical imbalance support has already raised more than $6,000.

where is bearsun now

Reactions to Lariosexcursion via online entertainment range from reverence to worry as he journey such a long ways during the center of a record heat wave.


Last week, a day to day existence estimated teddy bear walked out of Little Toyko.

Jesse Larios made the Bearsun character — a Japanese anime-style teddy bear that has in excess of 71,000 followers on Instagram.

In April, Larios stood out as truly newsworthy when he set out on a fourteen day journey, walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco while gathering gifts for a noble cause.

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