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Where Is Bank of Dave Filmed? Locations And Sets!

A Burnley Genuine Story!

A vibe decent show, based on the genuine educational encounters of vehicle seller Dave Fishwick, Bank of Dave is accessible to stream on NETFLIX now.

After huge monetary establishments bomb individuals in his unassuming community, common Burnley man and independent mogul Dave Fishwick battled to set up a local area bank. Featuring Rory Kinnear (The Impersonation Game), Joel Fry (Cruella), Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Nunnery).

Set in Burnley, Bank of Dave was delivered by Yorkshire-based Wharfs Storm and Karl Corridor, for Rhythm Creations and a significant part of the recording occurred in Yorkshire, with extra scenes filmed in Lancashire where the story is set. The screenplay was composed by Wharfs Ashworth and coordinated by Chris Foggin.

Yorkshire Shooting Locations!

You will detect a ton of Yorkshire locations in this vibe great component, which shot generally across the district with locations and maintaining support from Screen Yorkshire's Film Office.

Yorkshire shooting locations incorporate a huge number of Leeds locations, including: Park Square, The Duck and Drake Bar, The Pullover Arms Bar, Association Coffee House, Dakota Inn, Security Court, Kendell's Bistro, Focal Square, Wellington Road, Bowcliffe Corridor in Bramham and Sanctuary of Blast.

Where is Bank Of Dave Filmed? Locations & Sets

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, Bank of Dave filmed at Bradford City Corridor, Creation Park in Wakefield, and Harrogate Town Center. The creation group was based at Prime Studios in Leeds. Bradford Film Office, Leeds City Committee and Harrogate District Board additionally upheld Bank of Dave to film in their territory.

Where Was Bank of Dave Filmed?

Bank of Dave was filmed in Burnley, Colne, Sabden and Leeds at the Dakota Lodging, Burnley Manchester Street, Focal Square, Duck and Drake, Burnley Magistrates Court and Burnley FC's arena.

Netflix's new British film is based on a genuine story. Composed by Blithe Soul's and Fisherman's Companions Docks Ashworth and coordinated by Chris Foggin, it follows a Lancashire man who began a bank to help his neighborhood local area after the last part of the 2000s monetary crash. And indeed, Dave Fishwick's Burnley Investment funds and Advances actually works right up to the present day!

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In 2012, the real Dave Fishwick was highlighted in a Channel 4 narrative and released a book named “Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks”. And presently he's back The 2023 film Bank of Dave debuted in Burney on fifteenth January 2023, preceding spilling on Netflix from January sixteenth 2023.

Bank of Dave Locations List!

Duck and Drake Bar

Bank of Dave‘s Duck and Drake bar location is the real Duck and Drake in Leeds at 43 Kirkgate. In the Netflix film, the Duck and Drake bar is shown as a feature of Burnley. In the biopic, this is where Dave Fishwick first strikes on opening his own neighborhood bank.

Where is Bank Of Dave Filmed? Locations & Sets

Dave is seen outside discussing the thought with his significant other (Jo Hartley). Later in the Netflix film, Dave celebrates in the bar before Burnley FC standards. And we see the Kirkgate location in another scene as Dave hammers out a thrilling agreement at the Duck and Drake.

The Shard and Canary Wharf

The Netflix Bank of Dave film's London scenes are set around the City of London and Canary Wharf. Landmarks like the Shard and Pinnacle Extension overwhelm establishing shots as Hugh visits banking specialists to win Dave his banking permit. However truth be told, the office scenes were filmed in Leeds.

The London Bar

Hugh gets together with Megan at Salon Privé in Leeds. In the scene, she asks Hugh about his outing toward the North, thinking he implies North London. Salon Privé is on Greek Road in the downtown area. It's on the principal floor of the Dakota Lodging, giving the setting its glass-walled roof porch that could easily fit in on Canary Wharf.

Taxi Scene

Hugh helps his companion Megan into a taxi outside the Dakota Lodging, in the very fabricating that houses Salon Privé. The shop inn is located at 8 Russell Road in Leeds Downtown area, and positions #1 out of north of 80 Leeds lodgings on Tripadvisor.

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Burnley Roads

Hugh stops to ask for bearings on Walsden Woods close to the side of Carholme Road. It's one of the primary Burnley scenes, and shows the real Lancashire location not too far off as the London legal counselor shows up.

David Fishwick Engines

Did you detect the real David Fishwick Engines location in Bank of Dave? David Fishwick's minibus deals business in Colne is highlighted in the Netflix film.

The Burnley Express detected the film group setting up at the showroom for the Bank of Dave shoot back in February 2022.

Dave’s House

Shooting for Bank of Dave occurred at the real Dave Fishwick's house in Sabden. It's an unusual component of this Netflix film based on the bank's actual story.

The Lancashire town sits at the foot of Pendle Slope in the Ribble Valley, a short drive from Colne and Burnley.

Burnley Train Station

The train station in Bank of Dave is Burnley Manchester Street station. In the film, Hugh is seen going back to London in the wake of meeting Dave and his customers.

A train from Burnley Manchester Street wouldn't take Hugh straightforwardly to London, yet he could go on an outing to other Northern objections. It associates the Lancashire town with Blackpool and York.

Burnley Magistrates Court

Dave Fishwick's court scene in Bank of Dave was filmed at the real Burnley Magistrates Court. Pay special attention to the outside of the town hall expanding on Parker Path in Burnley.

In the scene, Hugh races from London to help Dave when the banking establishment pushes back against his local area bank thought.

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Monetary Guideline Board

The FRB office location in Bank of Dave is really Focal Square on Wellington Road in Leeds. With contemporary design and a glass outside, envisioning this structure in the City of London is easy.

“We were picked as they needed a structure Leeds that seemed as though it was in Canary Wharf and we fitted the bill. So for one day just we are the offices of the Monetary Guideline Board!”

Where is Bank Of Dave Filmed? Locations & Sets

Focal Square

In the Netflix film, Hugh converses with the Monetary Guideline Board about the chance of issuing another banking permit. He's found in the banquet room as he discusses what is going on.

Turf Field

The Burney Football Club arena shooting location in Bank of Dave is Turf Field – the football club's real arena. Truth be told, there's a long-running association behind this piece of the genuine story.

In reality, Dave Fishwick supported Turf Field's Cricket Field Stand for a very long time, until 2017. He pulled out sponsorship once the club was drawing in another flood of backers and arrangements, yet promised to purchase partakes in his beloved Burnley FC all things considered.


The film was released on Netflix on 16 January 2023 in the Unified Realm right now, and it isn't accessible in some other locale right now. Viewers from other locales can stream the film on Netflix through VPN.

The film is delivered under Rhythm Creations Restricted in organization with Future Artists Entertainment. The series' plot is composed by Wharfs Ashworth, and the astounding cinematography is finished by Mike Harsh.

The center cast of the film incorporates Joel Fry as Hugh, the antagonist of the film who is an upper-cast banker, Phoebe Dynevor as Alexandra, Rory Kinnear as Dave, the protagonist of the film, Hugh Bonneville as Sir Charles, Angus Wright as Clarence, Paul Kaye as Rick Purdey, Jo Hartley as Nicholas Fishwick, Cathy Tyson as Maureen, and Naomi Battrick as Henrietta.

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