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Where Are the Coldest places in the US at This Moment?



As the temperature continues to Plummet in the United States, they are known as the title of coldest places in the United States in the view of fact that winter tightens its icy grip in the United States. However, It should be considered that the widespread chill across all the regions emerges as champions of coldness.

Through this exploration, I have delved into all the insights that are associated with the current temperature readings of various locations in the United States but also the factors that contribute to the bone-chilling coldness experienced in these regions. Let’s take a deep dive into this post and discover the Coldest places in the United States right now.

What Locations in the United States Are Currently Experiencing the Lowest Temperatures?

Here are some locations which are currently experiencing the lowest temperatures. These places should be taken into consideration, take a look at this belowmentioned information below which is given in the following subsequent pharaohs so far.

Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Population: 32,702
  • Minimum average temperature: Minus 16.9 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowest recorded temperature: Minus 66 degrees Fahrenheit

The average minimum temperature of Fairbanks, Alaska is about minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit that’s why it is one of the coldest places in the United States. In the past recent years, It has broken the record of reaching the coldest temperature of minus 66 degrees.

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The reason behind its coldest temperature is that it sits below sea level in the Tanana Valley. It is low low-lying location, through which only there is limited access of sunlight to the city as well as little warmth from the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska. On the contrary, the cold air remains at the bottom only.

Coldest Spots

Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • Population: 58,781
  • Average minimum temperature: Minus 3.1 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowest recorded temperature: Minus 43 degrees Fahrenheit

The next one is Grand Forks which is considered as next coldest place in the United States with an average coldest temperature of minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit. However, It should be taken into consideration that, it rarely gets zero degrees in in past January which is the coldest month of the year.

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The landscape of this region is flat and arid. Moreover, it isn’t near any mountain ranges or bodies of water. That’s the predominant reason behind the extreme cold and wind temperature of Grand Forks.

If you want to visit that place then take care of the fact that Grand Forks sees highs in the high 70s and low 80s between June and September. On the other hand, moderate temperatures in April. Before proceeding further, take a look at Discover Top 10 Dangerous Cities to Live in Texas!

Williston, North Dakota

  • Population: 27,332
  • Minimum average temperature: 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowest recorded temperature: Minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Most of the time, Williston which is at the location of Directly west of Grand Forks holds almost equally cold temperatures. It goes to the minimum average temperature of around zero degrees. However, with average temperatures of between 5 and 23 degrees, It is coldest in January.

Turning to more such details, the temperature of Williston is noted to stay around 85 degrees in July while December and January’s temperatures rarely creep over 20 degrees. Do not miss out on reading, In Tokyo, Taylor Swift’s Dancing Through a Seductive Choreography Error.

Aberdeen, South Dakota

  • Population:28,324
  • Minimum average temperature:1.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowest recorded temperature: Minus 46 degrees Fahrenheit

Aberdeen, situated in the northeastern region of the state, bears similarities to other cities in North Dakota, featuring a dry, desolate landscape without mountains or significant bodies of water. Positioned near the heart of the continent, South Dakota experiences the influence of warm air originating from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air primarily from Canada.

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Coldest Spots

Consequently, numerous communities in North Dakota and the northern cities of South Dakota contend with exceptionally harsh and frigid climatic conditions. If you are deciding to visit that place then take care of some factors, Low temperatures may begin to reach the 30s in September and October. Therefore, moderate between May and October.

Fargo, North Dakota

  • Population: 126,748
  • Minimum average temperature: 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowest recorded temperature: Minus 39 degrees Fahrenheit

You may watch the recent hit movie Fargo. In this movie, the Coen Brothers play the biggest role in defining a lot about the North Dakota city. You may notice the blanketing snow in the various scenarios of the movie and wonder if the snow may be due to the effect of the green screen or just sheets but this is not true.

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However, the snow is real. The location is Located at the North Dakota and Minnesota border. It is one of the most extremely cold places just because of the wind that sweeps through the Upper Midwest during winter months. You can visit the Fargo place in the summer and fall months. Do not go there until December because the frigid cold begins to take over the city.


To wrap up all the insights and intricacies mentioned in detailed explanation viewpoints are given in the following subsequent paragraphs so far, From the remote villages of Alaska to some places of North Dakota, there are various regions that are contended to have the title of the coldest spot in the United States.

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