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When Would A Possible Coronavirus Vaccine Come Out?


David Mudd

Coronavirus: Trump says US reopening, ‘vaccine or no vaccine’

Trump’s Reports

What’s amusing is how even without a vaccine, Donald Trump is all set to make every citizen get back to normalcy.

However, he dubbed a possible vaccine project ‘Operation Warp Speed’. This is related to WWII’s effort to make the first-ever nuclear weapon.

He publicised the hypothesis, comparing it to the Manhattan Project and calling it a single scientific endeavour never seen before.

He gave this responsibility to a frontal healthcare worker and an Army general, in a way to maintain harmony and solidarity.

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What’s To Come

Moncef Slaoui will lead the mission as a healthcare official and Army General Gustave Perna will look at its distribution.

Nonetheless, President Trump being Trump, said he doesn’t want people to rely entirely on the vaccine.

They are going to come back, strong and hard-willed, even if a vaccine doesn’t hit the market anytime soon. Bizarre.

He continued to ramp up the people, saying how in so many flu cases, a vaccine never comes up and the flu automatically goes away after a certain amount of time.

He said the schools and other institutions will be back right after Autumn and life will be back to normal!

A coronavirus taskforce officer recently said that it wouldn’t be very thoughtful to reopen schools post-autumn either.

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There were a few protestants a few blocks outside the White House, raging for neither political agility nor retaliation, but for some issues regarding their wages.

Because of this, people near Trump couldn’t hear each other out.

Our beloved President doesn’t wear a mask for reasons unknown and because of this entire honking of cars, he even went ahead and asked a reporter to remove her mask so she could be heard properly.

In a distressing time, when even a few White House officials have been tested positive, taking extreme precautions is now mandatory. Wonder where is this all leading!

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