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When Will Dracula Season 2? Release Date, Cast and Claes Bang


David Mudd

Dracula Season 2

Shows and movies on blood-drinking humans or should we say immortals (Draculas, Vampires, etc.) have always fascinated us, and one such show is Dracula Season 1.
I am not sure whether to call them humans or not because we know they are half dead, right?

But it disheartens viewers when shows are dropped in between, and we’re left with a never-ending desire for what will happen in Season 2. Unfortunately, something similar happened with the viewers of the Dracula 2020 TV series.

Our desired horror-drama mini-series that premiered on January 1, 2020, is one such uncertain blood-drinking fascinating story that is yet to come to a conclusion. It is based on a super-old novel from 1897 with the same title and written by Abraham “Bram” Stoker. With just 3 episodes, it was able to manage fine viewership that the fans are still looking for future answers for Dracula Season 2 making.

Dracula Season 2

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Dracula Season 2: Plot and story so far from Season 1

Jonathan Harker (lead character) visits Count Dracula’s castle for the property purchase finalisation, but during his stay a Dracula becomes young by drinking his blood, making him extremely weak.

Upon searching the castle, Jonathan finds out that several undead people are bitten by the same Dracula, and only a few of them are able to retain the characteristics of a human. Dracula describes them as brides and tries to kill Harker, but he manages to revive himself.

Our hero Harker is then taken to the convent; however, his memory is damaged. After some time, Harker is found by his sister, who is accompanied by his fiance Mina.

Due to the guilt of trying to attack Mina, Harker is disheartened and tries to kill himself using a stake. In search of Harker, Dracula also reaches the convent, and after a verbal confrontation with Van Helsing, Dracula spots Harker.

I believe this great recap from Season 1 should be enough to awaken your desire to watch Dracula Season 2 (if it is ever made) and won’t lead to too many spoilers for the ones who are yet to watch Dracula Season 1.

Dracula Season 2

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Dracula Season 2: Release Date Possibilities on Netflix and BBC

While we have heard conflicting information on the release date of Dracula Season 2, if we go on the official statement of the makers and lead characters of the show, there is no clear update as of June 2021.

Unlike other shows where we either get a final denial from the makers or an update that the show will be continued ahead, this isn’t the case of Dracula Season 2. It has been about 1 and a half years, but there is no official news. When the players of Dracula are asked about season 2, the officials seem to avoid this question or provide a confusing statement.

We have managed to get an official interview of the lead cast Claes Bang premiered on Radio Times, where he is seen being diplomatic to the release date or possible making of Season 2:

Bang is clearly seen expressing his interest in Season 2; however he also stated that he isn’t sure whether Season 2 will ever return. Apart from this, if we go by the very recent speculations, few unofficial sources claim the show has been given the green signal and will premiere in January 2022.

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Wrapping Up

While we have both positive and negative possibilities so far, I am not looking forward to losing hope. The story is far from complete as we saw an epic battle in the final episode of Dracula Season 1, but we didn’t see either the hero or villain dying.

Another reason to wait is that the show itself isn’t years old, and the makers might just be waiting to let the audience base expand before confirming Season 2.

I know how you are feeling about it, but don’t be sad because you can check out and read more news about your favorite series or movie-like Mystery Show 1899, Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough.

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