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When Will Between Season 3 Come?

Don’t you know how important science is? I’m sure you all are familiar with this and may be searching for any series based on science fiction. If your searching matches to my imagination then let me tell you one thing that now your search is complete.

Between is one such series which is a Canadian Science Fiction drama television series. It is debuted on Citytv on 21st May 2015. Between follows the main character named Wiley Day who is the pregnant daughter of a minister. She is living in a small town. In that town, there are various serious diseases that killed so many people above 22.


Have you enjoyed the previous seasons of Between? If you haven’t seen then you should know the IMDb Rating of the series which is given below. This might help you to know about the popularity of the series…….

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After the premiere of the 2nd Season, all the fans (including me) are eagerly waiting for the next installment i.e. Between Season 3. Don’t you feel excited? Give your preference in the comment box……..

Here is everything you would like to know about the series like what happens in it, names of the casting characters, when it will come, is there any trailer and more………..

Between Season 3

As I told you earlier that Between Season 3 is nothing else but a Science Fiction drama TV series. It is created by Michael McGowan. The main character of the series is Wiley Day who plays the role of Jennette McCurdy.

Between Season 3 is a co-production between Citytv and Netflix. The 2nd Season of the series was renewed on 8th July 2015 and premiered on 30th June 2016. The last episode of Between 2 aired on 4th August 2016.

After reading the overview, I’m sure you all (Ok, not all most of you) really want to know the story of the series.

What can we expect from the 3rd of Between?| The Plotline

The story of Between Season 3 is about a small town named Pretty Lake. It surrounds a rural area under siege with very serious diseases. These diseases killed everybody over the age 22.


The series reveals various themes like the power vacuum. This results when the government follows 10 square mile zone. This leaves all the people to save them. People want to escape and try to ignore the serious diseases of the whole earth. The young adult form a force for the whole community.

What are the names of the Casting Characters of Between Season 3?

  • Jennette McCurdy as Wiley Day
  • Jesse Carere as Adam Jones
  • Ryan Allen as Gord
  • Justin Kelly as Chuck Lott Jr
  • Kyle Mac as Ronnie Creeker
  • Jack Murray as Mark
  • Brooke Palsson as Melissa Day
  • Stephen Bogaert as Charles Lott Sr
  • Samantha Munro as Stacey
  • Rick Roberts as Clarence Jones, father of Adam
  • Steven Grayhm as Liam Cullen
  • Percy Hynes White as Harrison
  • Mercedes Morris as Renee Tofoli
  • Shailyn Pierre-Dixon as Frances
  • Jordan Todosey as Tracey Creeker
  • Rosemary Dunsmore as Minister Miller
  • Pascal Langdale as Dexter Crane

The above mentioned are the names of the leading characters that made the 3rd Season of Between heart touching for all the viewers.

When will Between Season 3 premiere?| The Release Date

The premiere date of Between Season 3 is not out yet. At present, the series hasn’t been canceled but it is not announced that it will premiere on hiatus.


All the lovers of Between have to wait for some time to get the news of the renewal of the 3rd Season. As the 3rd Season is neither canceled nor got any announcement of renewal yet.

Is there any Trailer of Between Season 3?

As mentioned above that at present the release date of the 3rd Season is not out yet. So there is no official trailer of Between Season 3 now. But if you haven’t seen the 2nd Season of the series then the official trailer is given here:

What is the IMDb Rating of Between Season 3?

The IMDb rating of Between is only 6 out of 10 with 8,375 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did the series ‘Between’ get Cancelled?

Officially the series hasn’t been canceled and there is no release date for the next season i.e. the 3rd Season.

What is Between Season 3 and Will there be a season 3 of between?

Between Season 3 is a Canadian science-fiction drama television series. Right now, there is no release date for the 3rd Season.

Final Words

Between Season 3 is an interesting Science fiction TV series. It is based on the story of a small town in which so many people died due to some hazardous diseases that are present in that town. The disappointing news for the fans is that the upcoming date of this season is not out yet so all the fans (including me) have to wait for any official announcement.

Stay tuned with us, I will update as soon as I will get any official statement regarding the premiere date of Between Season 3.

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