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When We Will See the Legend of Dragoon Remake


David Mudd

Have you heard about the PS game called Legend of the Dragoon? Are you eagerly waiting for a remake?

Those who have been a part of the journey of this game are very well aware that how adventurous the game is. All of them are waiting for its remake. But the remake is not made yet.

So, let us begin knowing about it from a simple intro.

Introduction to the game:

The Legend of Dragoon is a video game with the role-play ability, which was developed for PlayStation by Japan Studios in Japan in 1999.

It was released in North America in 2000 and Europe in 2001.

Yasuyuki Hasebe is the director and designer, and Shuhei Yoshida is the producer of the game. Satoshi Mamuro is the programmer of the game.

It is played in single-player mode.

It took three years for the development of the game. Initially, it got mixed reviews, and critics were also comparing it with the Final Fantasy series. But then millions of copies were sold worldwide. The game became highly popularized in North America.

Novel and Manga were also released inspired by the game.

When We Will See the Legend of Dragoon Remake

Overview of the Game the Legend of Dragoon:

The story is of Endiness, which is a fictional world. The game is set around the main character named Dart and a group of warriors fighting to save the world from destruction.

Real-time commands and turn-based mechanics are used in the game. 3D character models are used by the player in the game.

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The gameplay of the Legend of Dragoon:

There are three modes to play:

  • The area map
  • The field
  • The battle screen

There are several routes in the 3D map which are to be explored by the player as the game progresses. At the verge of each route, there are different representations of routes in which the player can enter, which includes towns and dungeons as well. More routes are unlocked as the player proceeds.

Navigation of different areas on the world map is possible through the field map.

By talking with characters, roaming in the environment, and advancing the story are also possible here.

When We Will See the Legend of Dragoon Remake

The player can enter the battle screen in field mode, at any particular moment in the story, and at random on the area map. The maximum number of characters used in the battle is 3. There are 4 options available for the player to command for their character on the other party member’s turn and they are:

Attack with a weapon

Guard, so that the health can be recovered

Use items


When the player selects the attack option, activation of a quick time event called “Addition” takes place. In this mechanism, 2 blue squares are seen on the screen. These squares start to converge. The player should press a button as soon as the squares overlap to perform more damage. More advanced additions are rewarded to the player as the game progresses and more damage can be done.

The magic attack option is also available in which the strength of the attack of the player can be increased by pressing a button repeatedly.

A Dragoon Spirit is also available in the game, which appears after collecting spirit points as the story proceeds. Through this, the player transforms itself in a dragoon form during the battle, in which wings are added to the character and start floating in the air. Spirit points can be gained after performing an addition attack successfully. The above-mentioned 4 commands are also replaced by Dragoon Attack and Dragoon Magic. The damage and damage resistance also boosts up.

Dragoon Attack allows the player to increase its number of attacks. This can only be done for a limited period. To increase the time limit, the X button must be pressed by the player before the time gets over as a circle with a line appears on the screen moving in a clockwise direction to tell the time.

When We Will See the Legend of Dragoon Remake

Powerful offensive or defensive spells can be performed by choosing the Dragoon Magic option.

The Dragoon Option can be used for limited turns. One must recharge it to use it again.

The menu screen can also be used while not in a battle to configure other characters’ status, abilities, items, and the game can also be saved here. The addition attack option is also present here.

The Plot of the Fantasy Game Legend of Dragoon:

Humans, Dragons, and Winglies are a part of the Endiness world. Humans are farmers over here, whereas dragons have wings and dragon spirits are possessed by them. WInglies are the ones that are ruling over humans 10.000 years ago before the game starts. They keep humans as their slaves. They are the most aggressive ones. Humans can transform into Dragoon with the help of dragons and fight WInglies.

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Dart is a warrior and the main character who is in search of a Black Monster.

Shana is the childhood friend of Dart

Rose is a warrior who trains Dart to fight as a dragoon

Albert, the king of Basil

Lavitz is the knight

Meru, a dancer

Kangol, the last one left of his species

Miranda, a magician

Haschel, a man in search of his daughter.

The tale of the game Legend of Dragoon:

Dart, when reaches his village after returning from a journey finds that the village has been destroyed and Shana has been kidnapped by the military force of king Doel. He starts the adventure to save Shana during which he comes to know that he has received the powers of the Dragoon. Dragoon was a knight who fought years ago for the safety of humans. Now Dart is the hero and he must save the world now. Shana is also a mysterious part of the game. The final fight is fought between the willies and Dart along with the other dragoons.

When We Will See the Legend of Dragoon Remake

Where We Can Watch the Trailer of the Game

We can watch the trailer of the game on youtube. The graphic and the character are realistic.

Imdb Rating of the Amazing Game Legend of Dragoon:

It gets 8.7 out of 10 in the IMDb rating of the game.

Is There Going to Be a Remake:

We can’t say anything about it with confirmation but we will be happy with a simple remake, reboot, or a newer version of it by launching it on PS4 or PS5, a new updated version. In 2019, many rumors were heard about the remake of the game but it turned out to be false.

That doesn’t mean that we should lose all the hope for a sequel. A petition is revolving all around the internet to launch a newer version. One can sign it to be part of it. Until then, play the older version and enjoy!