When The Weather Is Fine Season 2: What is the Potential Release Date?



One of the major reasons why people are obsessed with K-dramas or majorly because of how your storyline or contact and to the point get allowed the audience to remain hits up with the story told the last. In recent time, a lot of new K-drama series has already been released among people including Bitch X Rich Season 2, Squid Games Season 3, and Tomorrow Season 2.

However, in today’s article, we will be going to shower you with another popular Korean drama series that has become a matter of talk among netizens. When The Weather Is Fine is undoubtedly one of the recently released dramas that have become humongous after the release of its first season.

When The Weather Is Fine Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

We feel that it is super soon for the officials to talk about the renewal status of it. The Asian drama series majorly comprises one season however, the trend is changing.

If you guys are wondering about the show’s renewal status and thinking that it will get renewed super soon, unfortunately, you are wrong. The officials have not renewed the second season of the show.

When The Weather Is Fine Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to Release?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing the showrunner has not released any statement concerning the release date of the show. We Are currently working on the show and if there will be any updates regarding the series, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

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If you ask us regarding our prediction, we feel that When The Weather Is Fine will be released, once the official will confirm the future of the show. The most predicted date for the drama would be 2024.

When The Weather Is Fine Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Are you looking for the cast of the upcoming season? I know many people want to learn about the cast for the second installment of the series.

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So one can find all the major characters who appeared in the first season in the upcoming part of the show. In the next few lines, we had details about the cast and their role in the show.

  • Park Min-young as Mok Hae-won (“Irene”)
  • Seo Kang-joon as Im Eun-seob / Kim Jin-ho,
  • Ok Chan-yu as young Jin-ho.
  • Moon Jeong-hee as Shim Myeong-yeo,
  • Lee Young-ran as Yoon Hye-ja, Hae-won’s grandmother,
  • Jin Hee-kyung as Shim Myung-joo
  • Jeon Yoo-rim as young Myeong-joo.
  • Seo Tae-hwa as Mok Joo-hong,
  • Kim Hwan-hee as Im Hwi,
  • Nam Gi-ae as Yoon Yeo-jeong,
  • Kang Shin-il as Im Jong-pil,
  • Kang Jin-hwi as Kim Gil,
  • Kang Jin-hwi as Kim Gil-dong,
  • Lee Jae-wook as Lee Jang-woo,
  • Oh Ja-hun as young Jang-woo.
  • Kim Young-dae as Oh Young-woo,
  • Yang Hye-ji as Ji Eun-shil,
  • Kim Bo Young as Im Se Mi,
  • Park Han-sol as Joo-hee,
  • Lee Tae-hyung as Bae Geun-sang
  • Lee Seon-hee as Choi Soo-Jung
  • Chu Ye-jin as Kwon Hyun-ji, Hwi’s friend.
  • Han Chang-min as Jung Seung-ho

Along with that, there will be cast like Lee Young-seok as Jung Gil-bok, Ahn Dong-goo as Young Cha Yoon-take, Lee Bong-ryun as Jang Ha-nim, Kim Dae-geon as Kim Yeong-soo, Yoon Sang-hwa as Park Hin-dol, Hwang Gun as Cha Yoon-tank, Noh Jae-hoon as Jung Hee, Seo Tae-hwa as Mok Joo-hong, and Lee Seo-an as Jang-woo’s blind date.

When The Weather Is Fine Season 2 Plot: What to Expect with it?

The official synopsis reads, “A story about forgiveness, healing, and love taking place around a small bookstore in the countryside. Hae Won is an ordinary woman with good character. She has played the cello since she was a child. Hae Won began her social life with her ability to play the cello, but during that time, she was hurt emotionally by others.

Due to that, Hae Won does not trust people, and she has closed her heart to others. Hae Won becomes sick and tired of her life in Seoul and decides to move back to her hometown Bookhyun Village. There, Hae Won meets Eun Seob, who runs a bookshop named “Goodnight Bookstore.” Eun Seob’s daily life is simple; wake up, drink coffee, read a book, and write on his blog. However, Eun Seob’s daily life begins to change after he meets Hae Won”

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In the second season of the show, the story is likely to move around the same person and we will see how their story continues to come with a lot of things. At the time of writing, we are working on the updates of the series and if there will be any news, we will make sure to let you know.

When The Weather Is Fine Season 2 Official Trailer

I know that a lot of people want to watch the official trailer of the series but unfortunately, there are new updates on the matter. It is because we have often seen the official trailer for the release of the show once the production of the show is concluded.

As a show has not been renewed by the official, it is super hard to get it. So this series has neither an official trailer nor a teaser video. Till then watch the official trailer for the first season.

Where to Watch the Show?

If you want to watch this k-drama then it is exclusively available on Netflix to stream. You guys can find the show on the platform and stream it there.

Along with that, there are tons of shows on the platform including Barbecue Showdown Season 3, Kaleidoscope Season 2Ginny And Georgia Season 4, and Let’s Get Divorced.

Final Verdict

With a compelling storyline and well-developed plot, the series became a smash hit among the people. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the popular series and its plans. The fans have already watched the first installment of the season and loved everything that has been presented to them.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. I appreciate your time in energy with us. If you want to know about the renewal status of more tv shows or want to get the latest updates then continue reading articles from our website, Trending News Buzz, and get all the latest updates about the upcoming event happening in the entertainment community.