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When Is The Flash Returning on TV?


David Mudd

As fast as The Flash is, even he isn’t immune to the COVID-19 lockdown. As movie theaters and all other sources of entertainment shut store, it’s only natural for us to flock towards streaming and television. But production on almost all popular shows and films has also come to a grinding halt.

There is some good news though! While most of DC’s television slate has suspended filming, several episodes of The Flash had finished filming before the lockdown was enforced. Naturally, the episodes were on account of the pending post-production work. But CW has now confirmed that The Flash will return on April 21 at 8 PM.

This surely ought to cheer up fans, considering there’s no end in sight to this lockdown. Titled “So Long and Goodnight”, the episode is the sixteenth of The Flash’s sixth season. The official synopsis states that the episode will chronicle Barry struggling with losing his speed.

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Flash in the times of Corona

Grant Gustin also tried to comfort the fans in these bleak times, posting a picture of himself in a black Flash suit. And truth be told, I’m digging the new style. Though of course, it’s unlikely that the suit will appear on the show as it was only a trial costume without the actual fabric. But who knows? Maybe the positive reactions on social might just prompt CW to use the suit in another crossover? I mean, Crisis went all out to service their fans. Hell, they even roped in Ezra Miller who plays The Flash in the films.

In other Flash news, Gustin recently posted a tribute to Logan Williams, who portrayed a young Barry Allen. William suddenly passed away at the age of 16 out of unknown complications. Celebs like Mark Hamill along with the co-stars also shared their affection for Williams and how they will miss him.

On the movie side of things, The Flash film hit another snag as the long-delayed film suffered another blow just before the pre-production started. And to make matters worse, Ezra Miller was recently caught up in a controversy. Footage emerged of him assaulting a female fan who had been harassing him whilst he was out drinking. The 15-second footage shows Miller grabbing the fan and putting her down. Though it’s not clear at the moment if they were just play-acting considering the clip seems to cut away abruptly.


Police have stated that Miller is not under any criminal investigation. His reps haven’t yet commented on the situation. Considering how tricky these situations can get, let’s just wait for some context before rushing to conclusions!