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Here Is All You Need To Know About Invincible Season 2

when is invincible season 2

Season 2 of Invincible is coming, but we won’t know much about it for a long time. The next episode of the popular R-rated superhero series on Prime Video is being made, but we don’t know much about how far along the process it is.

When it came out in April 2021, the first season of the hit Prime Video show wowed both fans and critics. The show’s fans, who liked both the TV version and the original graphic novels, are eager to hear more about when the second season of Invincible will come out.

But there’s a lot more to talk about than the fact that Invincible’s first season was nominated for the 2022 Saturn Awards for Best Animated Series (according to Deadline). The last official piece of information we had was that lead actor Steven Yeun was back in the recording studio, but that was months ago. The only other thing we know is that work is being done on seasons 2 and 3. Showrunner Simon Racioppa told us this in March.

So, what do we know about season 2 of Invincible? Below, we’ve put together everything we know about the show’s return to Prime Video. That includes when it might come out, which cast members (other than Yeun) are likely to come back, what storylines season 2 needs to pick up (and either wrap up or set back in motion), and more.

Invincible Season 2 Release Date: What We Know

Amazon Studios hasn’t said when season 2 of Invincible will be out.

The second season of Invincible was announced on April 29, 2021, along with the third season (opens in new tab). And head writer Simon Racioppa says that the two seasons have been in the works for longer than fans might think.

Racioppa told TechRadar that the second season of Invincible has been in the works for a while. “We’re working very hard on it. Basically, every day that Robert Kirkman, who helped make Invincible, works on it, I work on it, too. We talk about it, and the process is well under way. I don’t think people realise how long we’ve been working on it, but it takes a while. A lot is going on.”

Steven Yeun, who plays the main character on the show, Mark Grayson/Invincible, told Collider in January 2022 that he hadn’t started to record lines for the second season of Invincible yet.

We now know, though, that things have changed. Yeun can be seen starting to record his lines for season 2 of Invincible in a video that was posted on the official Twitter account for the show. We’re even more excited for the next episode of the show.

The Cast of Invincible Season 2

We only know for sure that Yeun and Simmons will be back, but we expect the following actors to be back for season 2 of Invincible:

It’s possible that other actors will also come back.

In season 1, Zachary Quinto was Robot’s voice, but it’s not clear if he’ll be needed again. As the first season showed, Robot was an artificial body that Rudy Conners used to live in. Due to genetic problems, Rudy couldn’t live outside of his saltwater tank at first. In episode 7, Rudy’s mind was moved into his new clone body. Since then, Ross Marquand has been Rudy’s voice actor.

So we have no idea if Quinto will come back. In the comics, Robot plays a big part, but we don’t know if those events will happen in Invincible season 2, season 3, or later.

What About Invincible Season 2 Plot

Spoilers for the animated show and graphic novels are coming up.

The comic book series is fun but sometimes hard to follow. Invincible season 2 could go in many different ways, but we already have an idea of what the next episode might be about. This is based on the last episode of the first season and some clues from the official Twitter account for the show.

First, let’s talk about the end of season 1 of Invincible. Omni-Man was supposed to take over Earth for the Viltrumite Empire, but when he realised he couldn’t kill Mark and enslave people for his people, he broke down in tears and flew off into space, not knowing where he was going.

This storyline should continue in Season 2. Mark will be in charge of protecting Earth from the Viltrumites who want to take over. He will also have to help the Coalition of Planets stop the Viltrumites from expanding across the universe.

Allen the Alien has already told Mark that a fleet is coming. Since Allen will be more important in the comics from now on, we can expect their friendship to grow in season 2.

Also, we should find out where Nolan/Omni-Man has gone. In the comics, Nolan takes off to invade another planet, which he hopes will make up for him leaving his job on Earth. He does this with the Viltrum Empire. The TV show has a lot more to say about Mark and Nolan’s relationship, which is also being talked about in depth in the comics.

We could talk about this father-son relationship for a long time, so for now we’ll just say that we hope to see more of Simmons’ Nolan next season.

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