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When is Devious Maids Season 5 coming out?


David Mudd

“We’re maids, and we’re not messing around”, is one of the famous lines said in the devious maids season, which had its season 4 on June 6, 2016. After Season 4, fans are now waiting desperately for Devious Maids season 5.

If you are one of those waiting for season 5, here is some news for you to accept.

Before we reveal the news to you, first, let’s go through what the series is all about and why you should watch it. 

devious maids season 5

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What is the Devious Maid season all about?

Every house has secrets and mysteries going between the family member, but apart from members and the house walls, who knows about these mysteries and secrets?

Can you make a guess?

Wait, I’ll tell you, it is your maid, a maid that is working for your house since a long time knows in and out of your family. 

The same happens in the series as well, where the series revolves around four main characters: Marisol Duarte, Rosie, Falta, Carmen Luna, and Zoila Diaz. All four characters work as maids for their wealthy employers in Beverly Hills.  

They work for the most glamorous and influential citizens of the town. But, though they have wealth, along with wealth, they have some secrets, mysteries and crime drama that the maids are aware of within the boundaries of the house. 

Season 1 starts with the sudden murder of the fellow maid Flora Hernandez in which their employer “Evelyn and Adrian” has a role to play. But amidst all the blunder happening in and around, another person, a young boy named Eddy, who is a false waiter prey to the wrong accusation of killing Flora as he is seen holding the knife, which was the weapon used to kill Flora. 

To save his son “Eddy”, Marisol takes up the job as a maid for Taylor and Michael’s, so that she can get close to the fellow maid of Flora. 

Not only one murder, but there is more murder that takes place to cover the real face of Flora’s killer in the coming seasons.

After airing the Devious Maids Season 4, on June 6 in 2018, fans of Devious Maids have been waiting for Season 5.

But is our wait is going in vain, or will we be able to see season 5?

Let’s find out

devious maids season 5

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What is the Fate of Devious Maids Season 5?

Though the players of the Devious Season had some other plans for Devious Season 5, “Lifetime” chose not to renew the Devious Season 5 

Yes, you read it right, fans of Devious Season 5 will not be able to watch season 5 because Lifetime chose its fate. 

There is much speculation about why such a decision is taken. One of the strong speculations is the fall in viewership till season 4. Though Season 1 gained much traction from the public, season 4 failed to get such love from the viewers. 

There is another speculation regarding the cancellation of Devious Season 5, which is the change in the branding strategy of “Lifetime”. Lifetime channel is coming up with new branding for itself, focusing on women’s empowerment. The Devious Maid was the only season left from the old regime, and Lifetime send this series in the cancellation bucket. 

devious maids season 5

Wrapping up

Do you know what the reaction of the Fans of the Devious Maid series was? 

Fans campaigned to get the Devious Season 5 back, but there was no positive result for it. 

So the final word that we can follow for this series is that it is closed, and we should move on with other series. 

Don’t get disheartened because we have more spicy and interesting information here about more incredible series like Money heist, anime series, and much more. 

If you still have any query don’t hesitate to put them forward in the comment section. 

Till next time stay safe!!