When ‘I’m by Myself’, Emma Roberts Watches Aunt Julia Roberts’ Classics for Comfort


Donna Mack

The actress from “American Horror Story” went on to say that the two individuals have the same aspiration of working together at some time in their respective professions.

When Emma Roberts watches her aunt’s films, she is able to find comfort and calm.

In a recent interview with Variety that was published on Friday, July 5, the niece of Julia Roberts, who is 33 years old, disclosed that when she has time to herself, she relaxes by watching Julia’s masterpieces again. How much Emma Roberts Earn?

This revelation was made by the former member of Scream Queens in response to a question about whether or not the two could ever collaborate on a film.

“I would love to find the perfect project for me and my aunt, and I know that there will be something. But it’s never been the right thing,” she told the publication. “She’s the best, and I want to do something with her. We send each other books and talk about stuff but it hasn’t been right.”

Simply appreciating the work of her aunt, who won an Academy Award, is sufficient for Emma till the arrival of her dream project.

“I watch her movies when I’m on location and I’m by myself. I have movies of hers downloaded on my computer that I watch for comfort. My Best Friend’s Wedding and America’s Sweethearts are my safe movies,” she said.

In both of these romantic comedies, Julia plays the role of the main character.

Emma Roberts, who is the daughter of Julia’s older brother Eric Roberts, has discussed her relationship with the veteran actress in previous interviews. She has consistently maintained that there is no pressure to match up to Julia’s accomplishments.

When 'I'm by Myself', Emma Roberts Watches Aunt Julia Roberts' Classics for Comfort

“I never aspired to be [my aunt],” Emma told Tatler in the magazine’s March 2022 cover story. “I love her so much, I love her work, but I’m just doing my own thing.”

In an interview with Variety, she discussed her own work and described how she is able to completely ignore the criticism that she may occasionally receive.

As the protagonist of her most recent film, Space Cadet, Emma plays the role of a party girl from Florida who becomes the sole hope for a space program run by NASA.

“It’s earnest,” she told Variety of the Prime Video rom-com. “And people are probably going to make fun of that, but it’s like, you know what, whatever.”

Emma did not allow the doubters to bring her down because she had a genuine passion for the project. She recalled how she felt “so in love” with the writing.

“I felt like it really just reminded me of all the movies that I loved as a kid and a teen, and it felt super fresh, but at the same time really nostalgic. Everything I had been reading was so dark and depressing and felt very kind of small, and I just wanted to do something that felt inspiring and fun and light, and this was that for me,” Emma said.

Furthermore, Emma had no reservations about being cast in the role, despite the fact that one of her most recent projects, Madame Web, which was released in February, did not achieve success at the box office.

When 'I'm by Myself', Emma Roberts Watches Aunt Julia Roberts' Classics for Comfort

“I’m not intimidated by failure, and I’m not intimidated by people having negative thoughts about something. I personally really loved Madame Web. I really enjoyed the movie.”

“If it wasn’t for internet culture and everything being made into a joke, I think that the reception would’ve been different,” Emma said, adding, “People just make such a joke out of everything now.”

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